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Chapter 150

Madam Jiang turned her head and looked at Fu Zhen beside her and moved her lips but in the end didn’t say anything. She didn’t experience the suffering that Fu Zhen did so she has no position to say anything for Fu Jianchen nor Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen was the only one could make decisions on this matter.

Fu Jianchen was completely ignored.

He turned his head to look at Fu Zhen and Madam Jiang who were already gone away a little ahead.

Suddenly his eyes were a little wet, the hot sun in the sky was also reflecting the white hair on his head making it more obvious.

During this period of time, he was shifting his burden and power to Fu Ting. He was old and has long need to retire otherwise he would not have made so many confusing and stupid things.

Until Fu Zhen’s figure completely disappeared from Fu Jianchen’s sight, did he took back his sight. He stood in the same place for a long time, and his whole body seemed to melt with the scorching heat.

All the contracts between the Fu family and the Qin family would be terminated by the end of June. He would return all the things Tang Wanwan did to Fu Zhen.

However Qin Zhao used all his strength and resources to protect Tang Wanwan, making Fu Jianchen hard to make move against Tang Wanwan.

Tang Wanwan at this time still did not know what Fu Jianchen was planning, she had been occupied to whether accept peacefully the invitations of “Ridicule Me First”.

She first thought that what she need to do was to prove her strength once again through her acting but found that no one was willing to give her the opportunity to prove her strength.

Tang Wanwan has been in her room for the past two days thinking about many things. The node of all these changes was after Fu Jianchen sent out the confession, so if she could get Fu Jianchen’s forgiveness again, her status in the entertainment industry would return to its peak.

On the other hand, Qin Zhao thought that during this period of time Tang Wanwan does not have to work, they could have a child.

But Tang Wanwan unmercifully refused him, thinking she was still young and this time should solely for themselves. Qin Zhao couldn’t refute her and could only help her.

It’s been a long time since Fu Jianchen sent out his confession on his Weibo, thinking of this Tang Wanwag thinks that Fu Jianchen’s anger should be almost gone now.

Hiding her intentions from Qin Zhao, she went out and set her foot back to the Fu’s house.

The maid opened the door and found out that the person standing at the door was Tang Wanwan, this Tang Wanwan who never returned since her marriage.

Many of the servants of the Fu family have watched Fu Zhen grow. After Tang Wanwan got married, they suddenly came back to their senses, and thinking about the things they did in the past, they couldn’t help but resent Tang Wanwan.

So now seeing Tang Wanwan, they couldn’t have any good expressions.

Seeing that even the servants of the Fu family didn’t show her any face, Tang Wanwan just comforted herself and believe that once she returned to the Fu family she would change all these people.

But the most urgent now was to get back Fu Jianchen’s love for her.

Though that garbage systems still wasn’t responding to her!

Fu Jianchen was sitting on the sofa in the living room, his hand was holding a photo album of Fu Zhen and Fu Ting when they were children.

His fingers slowly stroke over the boy’s face on the photo.

Tang Wanwan came at this time and called him in the side in a low voice.


After a long time, Fu Jianchen raised his head from the photo and looked at Tang Wanwan in front of him and asked indifferently.

“What are you doing here in the Fu family?”

Tang Wanwan felt embarrassed but thinking of her purpose, she could only suppress her desire to escape from this place and asked Fu Jianchen.

“Dad are you still angry with me?”

“Don’t you call me dad.”

Fu Jianchen’s face was so gloomy that it seemed to be dripping with black water. Tang Wanwan couldn’t help but be saddened by the sight, then she heard Fu Jianchen said to her.

“You have nothing to do with the Fu family.”

Tang Wanwan may have used her lifelong acting skills at this moment as her eyes quickly filled with tears while looking at Fu Jianchen who was sitting on the sofa. Her lips were trembling that it was hard for her to make a sound, she questioned Fu Jianchen.

“Dad, even if I’m not your biological daughter, is the past two years of affection all fake? Was the love you once have for me were all fake?”

Fu Jianchen would rather have those feelings fake as he couldn’t help but laughed in mockery. In the past he didn’t know what he was fascinated by.

Even his love for Fu Zhen for 20 years could be regarded as nonexistence, not to mention Tang Wanwan’s two-years affection.

“What are you?”

Fu Jianchen asked Tang Wanwan nonchalantly and rhetorically.

Tang Wanwan froze in place, she did not expect Fu Jianchen would asked such unpleasant question to her. She opened her mouth but could not make a sound, only after a long time, did she found her voice and complained to Fu Jianchen.

“Have you forgotten what you said when you took me back to the Fu family? Have you forgotten that you said you would make me happy for the rest of my life? What are you doing now?”

No matter what Tang Wanwan said, Fu Jianchen didn’t care as he said asked Tang Wanwan calmly.

“The number of the kidnapper who called me for money before was blocked out by you, right?”

Tang Wanwan’s voice stopped instantly, her eyes dodges Fu Jianchen’s gaze but soon looked straight into his eyes. Facing Fu Jianchen’s suspicious gaze she looked very sad as she frowningly asked Fu Jianchen.

“Dad, how could I do such thing?”

Once upon a time, Fu Jianchen was willing to be fooled by Tang Wanan and gave her all his love of a father.

No matter what she did, he always thought that Tang Wanwan was right and good but now he won’t. Fu Jianchen was not a good person, otherwise how could he establish an empire without burying people while climbing up.

Fu Jianchen didn’t want to dwell further with Tang Wanwan, he picked the photo album on the sofa again and said to the butler standing at one side.

“Take Miss Tang—”

Before Fu Jianchen words were finished, he received a phone call from Qin Zhao. In the phone call, Qin Zhao threatened Fu Jianchen that if Tang Wanwan had any injury he would let Fu Zhen pay it back even if he had to pay with everything he had.

Fu Jianchen hung the phone and was silent for a long time before finally looking up and said to the butler.

“Send her off.”

Tang Wanwan alsod did not have the cheek to insist on staying here, except that before leaving he threw a sentence to Fu Jianchen.

“You’ll regret it dad.”

Fu Jianchen gave a bitter laugh, he already regretted everything but no one in this world could give him a chance to start over.



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