ECM 29.2



Chapter 29 (2)

And him?

He was thin, clean-cut and introvert, a presence that would be forgotten at a glance.

It was clear that was not bad looking, and was even considered a superior class in Zhongtian but he was not as good as Cen Feng—how did the executive describe Cen Feng?

Prickly enough, wild enough.

Yin Chang looked down at his thin arms and legs, and absurd thought came to mind.

If he could then why couldn’t he?

Temperament was something that could be changed.

A ready-made model was here, he could just follow the example.

Was it the company’s rule that only Cen Feng could take such route? Why does he have to be good and meek, why couldn’t he be an eye-catching and unique presence?

He was tapped twice on the shoulder and his roommate called him out.

“What are you thinking? Look, it’s the climax the hero is going to take revenge!”

Yin Chang glance at the TV and suddenly stood up.

“I’m going to the company to train.”

The roommate froze.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s not easy to take a vacation, why toss yourself.”

Yin Chang smiled, walked back to his room and quickly changed into a training suit and came out then asked his roommate.

“Where’s you can of muscle-building protein, where is the powder? I’ll make a cup.”

The roommate was happy.

“Why are you drinking that stuff? It’s for your body to bulk up.”

Yin Chang said.’

“I want to try.”

The roommate pointed upstairs.

“My room, take it yourself.”

He quickly mixed up the protein. He came down with the powder and went out with the cup, the two roommates whispered.

“Why is he acting so srange?”

“Probably stimulated by Cen Feng, you see that day Cen Feng beat him he did not have the strength to fight back.”

“That’s the route he took, the company’s green horn. Even if he becomes like Cen Feng he is still called green horn.”

The two spat a few words and went back watching TV after.

The sound outside did not affect Cen Feng, he organized the book and mechanical parts he bought today then sat on his desk and took out his notebook and started reading.

There were many mechanical models on the desk.

Small robots, mechanical dogs, airplane, small tanks and three-section long trains. All of them were made by his hands.

It was his childhood dream to be an engineer.

At that time, they didn’t know that engineer do for living but the neighbor who lived next door to their house was an engineer. His family mad meat every day and their children wore brand new clothes and shoes every day, they also had endless candy and snacks.

Every time people in town talk about their neighbor they all have an envious tone.

“Her husband is an engineer, he is very powerful and could earn a lot of money.”

It was at that time when he was small he thought when he grew up later he also wanted to be an engineer, and earn a lot of money so that he could eat meat every day.

But dreams always run away from reality.

And when he started over again, he has nothing to look forward to in this world but he has no plans of dying again. When the contract expires and leave Zhongtian, nevertheless he needs to live.

He has left school for a long time, and now it was impossible to continue. When the time comes, it would be enough to leave here and be an ordinary person with knowledge about technology to survive and not starve to death in the street.

The desk lamp casts a shadows of varying sizes on the pile of models on the desk.

Cen Feng turned the pen around, and when he looks up his eyes fall on the mechanical dog. After thinking about it, he reached over and unscrewed the button. The mechanical dog wobbled and ran on the table with its limbs and tail looking nimble.

In fact, the mechanical dog given to the little girl today was crudely made. At that time, the condition were limited, and he could assembly it into that look.

But she didn’t mind it at all and was very happy instead.

How can she easily be satisfied?

What was the name of the contest she was talking about?

Cen Feng thought for a while, before reaching out to open his computer and typed the words Paris Fashion Design Competition in his browser.

The page loads up quickly.

Seeing the introduction of the scale of the competition, the eyes that were calm and full of indifference finally had some fluctuation.

Such a big scale competition and international at that, and she took the championship?

He moved his mouse and clicked into the video with the title if the youngest champion designer in history.

The young girls figure appeared in the screen as the judges awarded her. She was smiling happily as she received the microphone and with her innocent and happy face she said a bunch of official words of thanks.

Finally, she looked into the camera and Cen Feng heard her say.

“Thank you for that light of mine, I love you forever.”

Those eyes were warm and bright, it was the exact same eyes they had every time she looked at him.

He clicked the paused and stared fix as the screen for a long time, after a while he smiled like self-deprecating smile. It turned out that it was just the way she looked at the world, he was just fortunate enough to enter her line of sight, thus gaining such warmth.

She would release her kindness and care for him, a stranger and would love that light of hers with equal enthusiasm.

He has never envied.

But at this moment, he sincerely envied the light she was talking about.

Being loved by such wonderful and warm person that person must be very happy.

Cen Feng expressionlessly snapped on his deep thought in front of the computer.



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