Chapter 21

When they all left, Ye Xun was alone in the room.

After a long time he came back to his senses and stretched out his little hands.

Mommy….just hugged me?

Is she happy because she can now make money?

His black grape like eyes flashed with a strong hint of attachment and hidden desire.

In the morning, when Uncle Agent’s car was halfway down the road mommy suddenly asked him to stop at the side of the road and said she was going to the supermarket to buy something special.

She rushed alone, leaving him in the car.

He was almost desperate and thought he was going to be thrown away by his mommy.

As a result, in less than half a minute she came running back from the supermarket door and opened the car door took him as well.

At that moment, he almost threw himself into Ye Susu’s arms and cried bitterly.

At that time he also thought he shouldn’t have had a little temper tantrum this morning.

He knew full well that his mommy was raising him alone, with no money and just hard work.

He should be happy that she didn’t throw him away.

He also knew he was asking so much like wanting her to hug him and treat him good..

He clearly shouldn’t be like this.

However, thinking this way his chest was still stuffy and his eyes were nearly hazy and wet once again.

Ye Xun hung his head and tried to hold it.

“As long as the live broadcast is on fire and the number of fans exceeds one million the next ad will bring in 600,000 or 700,000 yuan..”

“Stick to live broadcasting, money is not even a problem!”

“The probability of success is low, but maybe you can succeed? On that day, the monthly income of one million will be a turnaround!

He couldn’t help but think of what Aunt Ye Wan said to his mommy at that time.

He blinked, spread his little short legs and ran to his small school bag to get his little phone out.

It was an Apple 8, Ye Susu used to use.

There were camera footage.

The number used for the live broadcast was in his phone as well.

Ye Xun opened his phone and it didn’t take long to find a few apps lying inside that he had never used.

Maybe I can make money doing live?

Even the money he could get was small, it does not matter. If he was persistent, day by day and month by month maybe he could earn his own money for food?

That way, it could also reduce a little bit of pressure on his mommy.

Thinking of this, Ye Xu quickened his attempts and installed the aps one by one.

He still don’t know how to read words so he could only guess and when he saw the selfie camera he pressed the keys that could be pressed one by one to see which one had the audience fans.

Ye Xun who was less than five years old was making a live show which the two people in the kitchen in the first floor would never have imagined.

At the moment, Xia Ningmeng was back and was sitting on the dining table while she was forcefully stuffed with fried small yellow croaker by Ye Susu that she had cooked last night.


Xia Ningmeng tilted her head backwards but couldn’t resist Ye Susu’s fast and accurate hand speed.

She wailed as the little dried fish was shoved right into her open mouth.

“This is small dried fish, you can save some food since this could last a month.”

As Ye Susu watched her eat, her own mouth almost watered.

But the portion that as left was for her cub so she had to endure.

When Xie Ningmeng heard that this food was preserve for a month she had goosebumps and wanted to spit it out.

But thinking about Ye Susu being frugal, her heart softened and could not spit out the food and wasting food and hurt her heart.

She closed her eyes on the spot and chew hard a few times before swallowing.

“How was it?”

Ye Susu smiled.


Xia Ningmeng console.

She thought that she couldn’t let her friend feel bad as soon as they met and end up in an awkward mood again.

As a result as she gritted her teeth answering the question she smelled on the tip of her tongue a sweet and fresh scent, filling her whole mouth rippling back and forth in her lips.

Xia Ningmeng suddenly quietened down.

She was still able to taste the little yellow croaker even after swallowing it, the taste doesn’t leave her mouth but instead lingered longer, and the longer it taste the stronger the taste was.

It was delicious and moderately salty.

She pursed her lips, swallowed her saliva and felt a cat’s claw like pain in her heart.

I want to eat more!

Just now she did not fully chew out the taste so she wanted to eat again to taste its real deliciousness.


But when Xia Ningmeng reached out her hand, her hand was slapped by Ye Susu.

“You can’t eat more than that.”

Ye Susu straightened her expression.

“This is a fried snack and it’s bad for your help if you eat more. You should stopped while you’re still not addicted to it.”

Since I didn’t bought that much.

If she ate it all what will my little cub eat?

Also she kept in her mind what the previous shi guan once said to her.

Snacking too much was not okay.

Xia Ningmeng open her mouth, and wanted to say that she was not particularly health conscious and not into losing weight.

But Ye Susu has long tied the bag of dried small fish and did not even leave a little opening for her.

She could only look at the small dried fish in the distance in regret.

Had she known she should have not swallowed it so fast just now.

“Did you bought that?”

Ye Susu told her to wait first and given her the dried fish, so it could be that she purchased it outside.

But the taste was more fragrant than the dried fish she bought, that was even expensive.

“No, I made it myself.”

After saying this, Ye Susu put the dried fish down and put all the porridge rice into the pot.

Xia Ningmeng pinched her ears.


I’m not dreaming.

I heard her right.

Does her BFF really have talent for cooking?

In the past, the black history of burning the bottom of the pot was all temporary setback for the other party to learn cooking skills. And now after all the hard work, her cooking skill have improved into the level of experts?



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