Chapter 32

Lisa was encourage to say what she didn’t dare to say.

“And.. in the eyes of public, Madam Xi and you are both like Cinderella…”

Jian Ruixi nodded with satisfaction.

“That’s the point.”

Lisa was relieved to see that she was not angry, and soon she said with righteous indignation.

“But your father Professor Jian is a famous academic professor in Hong King and Madam Jian’s career is not bad, also you were able to go to private school and madam’s classmates and friends are all rich girls.”

“While Madam Xi’s parents are just white collared people, she herself is not even an only child. How can they say you come from the same background?”

Lisa was silent, thinking about it, if the Fu’s and Xi’s were the kind of students who get full marks in school their wife’s standard should be at least on the level that could could pass their standard.

Madam Xi maybe ten points worse than her since she was overwhelming with full marks but what was the difference between fifty points and sixty points weren’t they all just the same?

“I used to think the same as you.”

Jian Ruixi said, she was talking about Madam Fu’s point of view.

“I always treat myself as a noble which is different from the common people so I hold my own identity everywhere for fear that I don’t look noble and elegant enough. I didn’t know that I am just a commoner in the eyes of the public and now that I thought I have become a phoenix I have become uncaring.”

“But the same commoner, Madam Xi has never forgotten her roots and is close to the people. Passers-by and media always take pictures of her being approachable and she insists on doing charity work—with such example, can the public not resent me?”

“But madam does not mean it like that ah.”

Lisa knows that Jian Ruixi’s analysis was right, but they were getting a good salary so of course she needed to hold the injustice.

“Madam just doesn’t want to be in public and she doesn’t do anything hurtful…”

“What’s the point of talking about it now?”

Jian Ruixi shook her head she told Lisa much information not to complain but to solve the problem. She hated being ridiculed by others all her life, when she was a celebrity she couldn’t stand this kind of grievances so she had work hard and fought back.

Now that she become a wealthy and a noble daughter-in-law, the problem that could be solve with shouldn’t be a problem right?

She concluded.

“I myself am responsible for the current situation but it’s not too late to mend it, isn’t it just getting on the good side? I could do it as well.”

Today was a good opportunity, if the girl in the restaurant send the picture on the internet, she could take the opportunity to stir up and give a white wash.

After all, she was a person who has been involved in the entertainment industry and Jian Ruixi could easily play this game.

Lisa felt embarrassed as she looked at her.

“But if you do this will Old Madam Fu and Old Master Fu have any opinions?”

Those things on the internet were trivial thing, whatever they say they couldn’t affect their status but Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu were different.

Lisa was afraid that they would lose more than they gain.

Jian Ruixi frowned a little as if she was a little concern not at Lisa but the Fu family’s reaction to her “public appearance.”

Speaking of this, Madam Fu was still young and a college graduate so if she wanted to she could find a job for herself. She doesn’t need to be a good wife for her husband and could be a career woman instead, even for the sake of killing time and just realizing her self-worth.

But with all this said and done, the real problem was that even though Madam Fu has to work, she majored in piano. She could only work as a music teacher or a musician but she couldn’t chose between the two jobs.

The former was self-depreciating while the latter was involved in the entertainment industry. And if she work in the company, she don’t have the experience and the talent. Even if she was given a low level position it would only be harmful to the family.

So as the time goes by, Madam Fu was used to being a housewife.

According to this speculation, Lisa’s fear were not just a matter of opinion—Madam Fu was not even allowed to find a job and still wants to “mingle with people” wasn’t that indulging in fantasy?

However with Jian Ruixi’s understanding with President Fu after getting along with him recently she believe that he would support him. He should not care about such trifles like his wife being a little out of the line.

What’s more in the early years, Old Master Fu has not much opinion about her, and the Fu family couldn’t find fault about her.

With this thinking Jian Ruixi was optimistic but she was still careful.

“You just contact some good people and wait for my instruction first, if something happened I will consult Ethan first.”


Lisa nodded without saying anything.

After her boss came back from the capital, Lisa suddenly became more enthusiastic about her work. In addition to keeping pace with her boss’s pace another reason was President Fu.

She didn’t know how her boss got along with President Fu while in the capital but from what she could see now, and the tone of her boss’s mentioning President Fu she could feel that their relationship was getting better.

It could be said that when they just got married, they were not as harmonious as they were before. Now her boss has the support of President Fu making her more confident to speak and do more things for her boss.

Not to mention the relationship between mother and son was developing rapidly, maybe after a certain period of time the young master would also rely on her mother.

This could only be achieved with the support of President Fu, although Lisa was happy with this especially since she trusted President Fu more. So when she heard that Jian Ruixi and President Fu were getting together, she didn’t hesitate for a moment.

I guess madam has the same idea as mine.


Author has something to say: President Fu:  =_=


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