Chapter 17 (3)

Hanging up the phone, Jian Mian was very satisfied with this result so far.

If Shen Shiqing does not appear and the male lead and female lead disgusting her, she wasn’t really planning on taking the role of Director Zhang that much.

But since the female lead wanted to humiliate her that much then this time she would let her taste what it was like once and for all.

The two chose the same role, but she was able to take to the role and Guan Xin became the second female, thinking about this the other party must be very angry now.

She recalled the original plot about the drama, the female lead and the male lead were force to separate but were inseparable with the second female.

In the original plot, Guan Xin’s performance as the heroine of the play was very popular, and has won numerous praise. However, the artist who played the second female was scolded miserably because of her excellent performance which lead to the imbalance of favor from the audience.

She was acting on the same drama but why was Guan Xin well received and popular while she get scolded?

Because of this, the female artist envies Guan Xin and in the later period when her jealousy overflows she sometime trips Guan Xin but she got her karma by one of Guan Xin suitors, not Shen Shiqing.

In other words, either Guan Xin refuse to play the role or if she agree to play the role, the consequences of the female artist on the original plot was the consequences that Guan Xin would face in the future.

However although she female artist was scolded, since she was known by many people with her role, she later had abundant resources. If Guan Xin had not been covered with female lead halo she might not have won the people love.

Zhang Zhixing was a famous director. She one the other hand was a freshman in the film academy but was able to play on one of Director Zhang’s drama which was regarded as good opportunity even if she was not chosen as the female lead, she was still able to get the second female lead.

As long as Guan Xin was not stupid, even if she was angry with all her heart, she would not reject Zhang Zhixin.

Sure enough, Jiang Mian soon received the news that Guan Xin agreed to play the second female.

Shooting was determined half a month later, they went the mountain side to start filming.

Qin Jingrun knew the whole time that Jiang Mian was going to the mountain to shoot, the billionaire tyrant father, and Taoist father did not know about this and Jiang Mian did not intend to tell them.

If her billionaire tyrant father knew that she was going to the mountain in the middle of nowhere he would probably fly in private jet to send a lot of supplies.

As for her Taoist father, he took a big ‘gig’ and went to a provincial capital city and could not return for a short time.

The shooting cycle was long, Jiang Mian had to take a time off from school and it took some effort to successfully approve her leave of absence.

Jiang Mian was going to join the production tomorrow, she was going to pack up her things when she received a WeChat from Professor Jiang asking her to go to his office.

Looking at this WeChat, Jiang Mian was a bit puzzled thinking when did she add Jiang Xunian’s wechat?

According to the original owner’s memory she does not seem to have remember that she added him.

She was full of doubts, but Jiang Mian still came to Jiang Xunian’s office on time.

Jiang Mian pushed open the office door.

“Teacher Jiang, what do you want to see me about?”

Jiang Xunian was sorting out of the documents, seeing her come in he stopped and took out a USB flash disk from the drawer and handed it to her.

“Since you ask for a leave of absence in a month, I put inside the animal stimulation course in this month take a good look at it during you break and contact me if you have any questions.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Professor Jiang, you are a little too dedicated!

“Okay, thank you teacher Jiang.”

Jiang Mian took it and prepared to leave.


Professor Jiang stopped her.

Jiang Mian: “?”

Jiang Xunian seemed to hesitate and after a moment, he slowly said.

“I heard that Gu Qiwen from the director department was beaten by you, is that true?”



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  2. Tatyana Rodriguez Avatar
    Tatyana Rodriguez

    Is he referring to how she shoved the loser away when said loser was harassing her outside of her apartment?


  3. Again!!!..they always use the actress role for the FL tf!!!..is it more dramatic when you become an actress???!!


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