ECM 29.1


Chapter 29 (1)

It probably felt like an intracranial explosion.

As millions of fireworks exploded, scampered up into the sky and then crackled into a bright light.

Hold on! Xu Zhaixing, you have to hold on! You’ve been embarrassed one after another in front of your idol today! This last moment must be cherished first!

She slowly loosened her clenched teeth, imperceptibly spilling the breath held in her heart and then took the mechanical puppy that was handed by Cen Feng with a serious face.

Because of the battery the dog’s tail has been shaking up and down followed by its body shaking, showing the ugly sense of how mechanics move.

Xu Zhaixing carefully held in her hand and looked at it for a long time before she look up and said seriously to Cen Feng.

“Brother, thank you. I like it very much!”

Her tone and look was not like she received a cheap dog assembled by hand but a night pearl of the East China Sea.

Cen Feng’s heart trembled slightly.

He put the rest of the parts back into his bag and stood up with his shoulder bag with his still indifferent expression but his tone was far softer than when they first met.

“It’s good that you like it.”

Xu Zhaixing’s ears were red because of excitement and even her youthful face was tinged with a thin layer of red. She restrained her trembling voice as she whispered.

“Brother, I don’t know when I will meet you again. Seeing you this time, it seems that you have lost some weight, boys actually do not need to be so thin so you need to eat a little more.”

Cen Feng seems to have not expected her to say this, he froze for a moment before nodding his head and saying yes.

Xu Zhaizing smiled, then took two steps back while holding the puppy that was still wagging its tail, and gave a small wave of her hand.

“Goodbye brother.”

Cen Feng also said.


He slung his shoulder bag over and turned away, putting his hat and mask back on. Transforming back into the teenager who does not want to be close with strangers, after walking for while, he glance back.

The little girl was still standing in place, looking at his direction and when she saw him turn around she waved her hand again obediently.

She was too far and was unable to see her face but Cen Feng thought she must be smiling.

Since today was a company holiday, when he returned to his dormitory, his other three roommates were all there huddled on the living room couch watching a gunfight movie. Several people who were joking and laughing suddenly quietened the moment he entered room and the only sound left in the entire living room was the sound of the gunfight fighting in the movie.

Cen Feng didn’t care and went straight back to his room.

Since the last time he almost throw Yin Chang through the window, Yin Chang never made a move against him again, at least not in front of his presence. The other two roommates used to think he was not good to get along with, now they think he was a crazy person– crazy enough to drag you to death with him.

All were a little afraid of him.

However the three of them kept their mouths shut and didn’t say anything about it. Yin Chang felt ashamed, and the other two didn’t want to get in trouble. What if Cen Feng hated them so much that he may went crazy enough to went into their room in the middle of the night and kill them?

People were scared to death just by thinking about this.

As soon as Cen Feng’s door close, the two roommates looked at each other the looked at Yin Chang who has unpleasant face. They lowered their voices as they comfort him.

“It’s okay, as long as you don’t mess with him he won’t care about us.”

Yin Chang reluctantly nodded his head.

One of them said.

“Next year, a new group will be debut if we strive to be elected we don’t have to live with him.”

But the other roommate was not optimistic.

“There are more than a 100 of trainees and there are only 7 position available, we may not be chosen.”

After saying that, he looked like he thought of something as he looked at the tightly closed door of Cen Feng’s room. He added.

“Maybe he will be chosen, then that could also be good since he will move out so the final result is the same.”

Yin Chang on the other hand, had his teeth clenched tightly as wind and tide were surging inside.

Two days ago the bathroom in the training room was clogged so he went upstairs to the executive floor to use the toilet when he overheard that the newly transferred artist supervisor of the company who specialized in debuting trainees was inquiring about Cen Feng.

A greasy middle-aged male voice asked with low chuckle.

“Brother Ma, you like this bite?”

The other party smilingly replied.

“Enough thorns, enough wild if tame up a little you could have a sense of accomplishment, wouldn’t you?”

The two men let out an obscene laughter as Yin Chand stood frozen in the next room not daring to move. He was not young, so of course he understand what those two people mean.

He heard that this circle was not clean, but he did not expect it to come this quickly.

At first he gloated, Cen Feng was targeted by such disgusting people just by thinking about it and knowing how he would end up.

But it wasn’t until just now, when his two roommates brought up about the debut that he realized that such disgusting people were already tugged at their fate.

And this person, looking at Cen Feng whether it was lure or trade as long as Cen Feng nod, a position could be readily given to him.

Would he agree?

No…. he would not, Cen Feng such person knows better so how could  he agree? It could even be good if he doesn’t kill anyone.

But what if?

It was a one in a million debut position.

This would be the first group to be launched since the company signed the trainee contract. It would certainly be provided with the best resources and publicity, once on the road countless flowers and applause, popularity, money, status—such a big temptation would Cen Feng refused?

Once he refused not only was he unable to get out of the way, this would directly offend the senior management and he could no longer mix in Zhongtian.

Yin Chang thought about it on behalf of himself….

If it was him—

If it were him, he couldn’t and wouldn’t have the guts to refuse.

He understands his strengths and in a place where everyone works hard, his effort were just norm and simply not enough to make him stand out.

He does not have the striking face and figure like Cen Feng, not to mention the unique temperament of Cen Feng.

It was like when he first entered the company two years ago, he was like a young man struggling out of the ice but there was still a raging fire in his body, cold and gentle, silent and kind.

And now that fire in his body was out, his aura has changed yet he seems to be more fucking attractive than before???

Why was this person such a maverick no matter what he do? And always the brightest one?



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  3. Thank you for the translation. I just discovered this novel, and am enjoying it quite a bit. With both being reborn…it could be interesting. I love how positive she is, and how energetic about moving the future in the direction she wants.


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