Chapter 40

The originally very relaxed and cheerful atmosphere in the carriage was now very standoffish.

Opposite Chen Fang cast a sharp gaze like a knife and his cold swishing voice was still ringing in the ears.

Making Jiang Liangchan’s entire body wrapped around with the cold air he released.

She pinched the corner of her skirt a little uneasily, wondering how she had upset him.

Obviously he should happy right?

The more Chen Fang looked at her, the angrier he became so he simply turned his head outside of the carriage and shave her out of his sight.

He really didn’t know what Jiang Lianghen was up to today when he drag him out in a blazing outfit.

He has never allow things to happen that was not planned, after all he wants to do things that were big so he don’t allow even a tiny mistakes and any accident.

Moreover Jiang Liangchan and her family were originally in the category of his great disgust.

Even if it was a normal request coming from their mouth he would find it extraordinarily disgusting not to mention the initiative to give them convenience.

However he doesn’t know when it started but it seems he have slowly changed.

It’s not like he didn’t have something else to do this morning.

Shen Xi sent up the results of the investigation, although he dealt it last night but there were sill some minor clues that he was in doubt.

And he was ready to verify it again today.

He was ready to visit the wet nurse place.

If there was still time, he could also find a place where no one was around and practice his kung fu.

But Jiang Liangchan burst in like a gust of wind and did not even explain clearly but just force him to take off his clothes.

If it was before he would have coldly thrown her out, but today when she shoved the clothes in his hand and pushed him in the inner room without any reason he only felt a little helpless thinking,

What she was up to again.

Even when he heard her begging him a low voice at the door he felt inexplicably uncomfortable as if something was scratching his heart and just rushed to agree before she could say another word again and begged him.

What’s more, he also received a cruel torture today. Siting dumbly in the store and endured it the whole morning.

Full morning!

As a result, she’s now telling him that the thing he put up with for so long and breaking the rules for the shopkeeper to sell it to her was something she bought for him to give to Hua Shan?

Chen Fang relaxed his breathing and tried to restrain his temper.

Forget it.

He has experience so many things and has always been able to controls his emotions very well, and he would not break it for such small thing.

Wait a minute.

What did she tell just now?

A token of love?!

He, and Hua Shan, a token of love?

She bought it for him and Hua Shan?!

Realizing the whole scenario, Chen Fang turned his head and stared at Jiang Liangchan as he asked.

“What is that thing on your neck?”

He spoke to her first like he did not just glared at him making Jiang Liangchan unable react for a moment.

After a paused, she felt the thing on her neck and said hesitantly.

“….is the accessory?”


Chen Fang sneered.

“I thought you had a piece of ginger1 on your neck.”

Jiang Liangchan: “……”

I can’t be angry.

He was the male lead, she was the just the cannon fodder. She was at the bottom of the food chain, so she does not dare to get angry with the top of the food chain.

….cannot get angry.. ah! whatever! I’m so pissed ah!

Jiang Liangchan couldn’t help but answered back.

“Are you in any position to talk about me? You don’t even know you already like someone.”

You are the male lead, the plot is almost over and you can’t even recognize your white moonlight you pig head!

You have nothing but crown on your head, don’t you!

Realizing what she had just said, Jiang Liangchan didn’t know who gave her the courage. From the very beginning as the cannon fodder she even dared to be alone with the male lead in the carriage—alone at that.

But she couldn’t help it, she felt wronged.

She didn’t even care to solve her own engagement and just ran back in a hurry instead after seeing Hua Shan with other man early in the morning.

And who she was doing this for?

She even took all of her silver and notes with her.

Wasn’t it just to help him get back Hua Shan?

Knowing that Chen Fang would not cooperate, she even planned over and over again while in the carriage today. Later, she even went to the brothel to find out what to do first and in fear of making a little mistake.

She wanted to redeem Hua Shan back first.

But as Jiang Liangchan inquired the process of redeeming her, it was long and time consuming.

She could use Cheng Feng’s name to redeem Hua Shan but this time it would take too much time, it would be too late and worst Hua Shan could fall in love with someone else.

Therefore in addition to the money needed for redeeming her, she has the backup emergency plan.

She knew that today’s pursuer was gentle and sincere, she was afraid that Chen Fang—this dog man would be thrown out.

So she had to go the brothel to swear sovereignty and knock on the mountain to shake the tiger.

And she even thought about the details, she pretended to be Chen Fang’s maid to help him set off his status and even helped him spent her money everywhere.

In order to produce the effect directly at once, she even thought of covering the cost of the whole brothel for that day.

Only in this way could Chen Fang be quickly package as the mysterious and noble, mega rich man. With this his name would spread all over the capital maker Hua Shan’s suitors cower.



Ginger1–  raw is 姜 which Lianghan’s surname which means ginger

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