Chapter 31

Because the young master was also in the car, Lisa couldn’t talk much and could only hold her belly full of words until they were home.

After taking the young master to a nap, she found the opportunity to talk alone with her.

“Madam I want to confirm again, you want me to contact PR service….”

Finally Jian Ruixi put the energetic child to sleep, although she didn’t really do anything since the child went to wash and rest on his own when they got home making Jian Ruixi felt relieved that she had time to rest.

Once her body relax her mood was obviously relax as well so hearing her assistant’s question she just shrugged her shoulders and nodded humorously.

“Yes, you heard me right.”

Lisa hoped she has heard it wrongly, she silently thought that her boss had changed recently.

Her habits, hobbies and even psychological changes were subtle. Although she also ready herself with this changes, but still unexpectedly she couldn’t keep up with her boss’s thinking.

Hire water army? How can madam have such foreign idea?

I hope it’s just a whim.

Lisa thought so, her face also showed difficulty and incomprehension.

“But I still don’t understand….”

After working with Lisa until today, Jian Ruixi could tell that she was not that smart and capable but she could be considered a full-fledge assistant, at least her with current daily life Lisa alone was enough.

It was also because she was more certain of Lisa ability to work at this time, but seeing the other party showing such a silly expression she couldn’t help but show an expression of caring for the retard.

“In your heart, would I be the kind of person who let people scold me without scolding back?”

“Of course not.”

Lisa denied, though she didn’t quite understand what it had to do with water army.

“Madam, how can someone bully you….”

Hearing this, Jian Ruixi knew that she really didn’t understand. She was too lazy to play riddles and just simply said.

“You should have read all the posts on the internet during this period time, right?”

Lisa did have concerns regarding this, when her boss suddenly went to the capital a few days ago she suspected that it was related to the post in the internet.

So even if she didn’t pay attention to it before, it was time to pay attention to it now. And now that her boss mentioned this topic on her own initiative, Lisa concealed her troubled expression and comforter Jian Ruixi instead.

“Madam there’s a lot of nonsense on the internet so there’s no need to care about them at all…”

Jian Ruixi waved her hand, interrupting a words of comfort as she said indifferently.

“I have also reflected in this period of time, why do I and Madam Xi had big gap of difference online evaluation when were are both daughter-in-law of rich families?”

Lisa was stunned.

“Could it be that Madam Xi has hired a water army?”

Without waiting for Jian Ruixi to answer, she herself shook her head and denied her first thought.

“Impossible, Madam Xi has more exposure than you so many pairs of eyes are watching if she does a thing she will definitely be found out.”

Jian Ruixi suddenly smiled.

“It’s really impossible, but you have just provided me with a new idea. Madam Xi doesn’t need to go to battle herself, she was the only young mistress of the Xi family but also holds an important position in the Xi family.”

“Making her exposure far better than mine, Madam Xi’ image to a certain extend represent the image of the Xi family so its natural for her the Xi family’s PR department to serve her.”

Lisa listened for a moment in silence and asked thoughtfully.

“Madam, then is it possible for the Xi family to elevate their mistress by belittling their family?”

Because it was just a guess, Lisa couldn’t really say that the Xi was the using of their young mistress as the stepping stone.

Jian Ruixi shakes her head. Even if she has a vague enlightenment and speculates that there may be a team behind the heroine but it should not to the point of ridiculing Madam Fu.

In the entertainment industry there were many example of mutual suppression, it seems that it was no difference in wealthy family. The Xi family was a top noble family and so was the Fu family, and using their Mistress as their stepping stone was not something a male and female lead would do.

Lisa also knows that she was thinking too much, and it was not like they were female celebrity. If Madam Xi wanted to stepped on Madam Fu she would only provoke a strong enemy for their company and no advantage which was totally harmful to others.

But Lisa still don’t understand.

“Since no one deliberately guiding the tide of opinions why is there such a big difference in online comments? About you and Madam Xi?”

Because she is the female lead ah.

Was what Jian Ruixi wanted to say and believe, she wanted to be simple and crude but she was now not just inside the novel, but a living being—she was a living character.

She needed to analyse the logical relationship.

“Do you think we have in common with Madam Xi?”

“There is.”

Lisa pondered for a moment, she then said while counting with her fingers.

“Madam Fu and Master Fu, is the same with Madam Xi and Master Xi, you all got married and that was because of love, you also have a happy marriage. Both you’re weddings were known as the century wedding which both cause sensation, plus Master Xi and Master Fu are both from noble and rich families….”

Listening to what Lisa said, Jian Ruixi thinks that none of this were the key points. She looked at Lisa expectantly.

“And anything else?”



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