ECM 28


Chapter 28

Xu Zhaixing lose all her strength and under Cen Fengs’ gaze she stiffly walked over then quickly reach out to the romance novel on Cen Feng’s shopping bad as she awkwardly explained.

“This… this is for my classmate…”


Wahh brother I know you don’t believe me and I don’t blame you. Blame my bad luck for meeting someone I know.

From today onwards I will not share the same fate as Cheng You.

Xu Zhaixing grumbled as she quickly changed the topic.

“Brother are you here to buy books too?”

Cen Feng nodded and picked up a few books on the shopping bag. Xu Zhaixing saw the name of the book were about mechanical design, operating principles and all of them were advance books.

Her idol was actually interested in engineering?

Xu Zhaixing felt like she had just discovered a new continent as she excitedly ask.

“Brother you like mechanical design?”

Her eye glowed as she added.

“Why are you so talented!”

Cen Feng said.

“Feel free to look.”

He went to a locker and took out the black shoulder bag that he had previously stored and put a few books in it.

Xu Zhaixing saw the bag filled with strange mechanical parts, there were also many small unopened boxes, although curious she did not asked anything.

Cen Feng put the shoulder bag on his bag and looked at the sunshine outside, after a while he turned back his head. He asked the little girl who was standing carefully behind him a few steps away.

“Were you done?”

Xu Zhaixing originally wanted to say not yet but worried that her idol may bid goodbye to her but she also didn’t want to admit that she only came here to buy that novel, so for a moment she was stuck on what to say.

Cen Feng waited for a while for her answer and looked at her small face as it changes her expression. Although she did not know if he had guessed something but she saw him smile.

Although the smile was very faint and was quickly hidden with his indifference, but since meeting him again Xu Zhaixing had saw him smile a handful of times and this smile had made her heart beat irregularly.

Regardless of what Cen Feng was thinking, she wanted to say a few more words to amuse him so he immediately said.

“I’m done! This novel is sold out everywhere that’s why I didn’t expect to see it here and buy it immediately and here I met you!”

She then added in a lower tone.

“Is this bookstore some kind of fairy temple that focused on helping people achieve their wishes?”

Cen Feng: “…”

She smiled making her eyes curved like a radiant sun.

“Brother, the weather is getting warmer so let me treat you to an ice cream.”

I’ll come back to you when the weather warms up.

Was what she said before, when she first met Cen Feng and, today the sky was clear and the sun was shining.

The bookstore was located in a busy area and there was an ice cream store right across the street.

Xu Zhaixing was hopping happily as they walked to the store and looked at the menu on the wall, she turned back and asked him happily.

“Bother what flavour do you want to eat?”


Xu Zhaixing was not surprise by his answer, she just turned her head back and said to the shopkeeper.

“Two vanilla flavors!”

The owner quickly made two ice creams, the cone was wrapped in a colourful paper shell and handed it over.

“Come back again next time.”

Xu Zhaixing took one, turned around and ran back to Cen Feng then handed him the most beautifully shaped one.

In fact the season to eat ice cream was still a little early, but Xu Zhaixing was happily eating the ice cream bite by bite though her teeth was shivering with the cold. She took a breath and turned to Cen Feng, who at this time lowered his head to take a bite of the ice cream. His disheveled hair were blown by the wind beautifully together with his sweatshirt that was slightly bulging backwards. His silhouette was like a beautiful man in the anime.

At this moment, she hated that nokia’s pixel were too low to capture the beauty of her beloved idol.

 After walking a few meters they arrived at a commercial square with an artificial fountain in the center, the square had a lot of young boys and girls playing skateboard. Xu Zhaixing thought that after eating the ice cream she would part ways with her idol so she was preparing her farewell line in her mind, but unexpectedly Cen Feng went to the stair and sat down.

Is this…. means that he is inviting me to sit with him, right? Right?

Xi Zhaixing hesitated for a few seconds but the next second she happily walked slowly and sat down.

But she did not dare to get too close and leave a gap that two people could walk pass through. She held her school bag in her arms and under the sun she stared licking her ice cream again, as she quietly tilt her head to look at him.

The sunlight was thinly spilled, making the whole person seems to be caged in a golden light veil with his messy hair.

Ah ah ah my idol is absolutely beautiful!!!!

I wanted to fiddle on my brother’s lashes!

I wanted to fiddle on my brother’s nose bridge!

I want to go back in time and share to my sisters this stunning beauty before my eyes!!!

Perhaps her gaze was too burning that Cen Feng turned his head to look at her, his gaze just landed on her face and his expression suddenly froze. Xu Zhaixing was still lost on her little world, then blinked her eyes.

That’s when she heard Cen Feng stiffly said.

“You have nosebleed.”

She raised her hands to wipe her nose in horror and saw a handful of blood.

I was careless, careless, careless, careless, careless!!! Am I a stupid pervert??? I actually got a nosebleed watching my idol??!

Xu Zhaixing’s unfinished ice cream fell on the ground, and immediately covered her nose as she tilted her head while saying in voice like she was crying.

“Brother don’t look at me! I’ll be fine soon!”

It’s all because of the dry weather in B City! And the wind was strong! That’s why she couldn’t adapt to the climate here and had nosebleed after she came here but at home she has Xu Yan to take care of her.

But why the heck today, I’m so doomed!

First there was the novel and then now she was having a nosebleed!

Which sister in arms did get jealous with her close contact with their idol that they gave her a curse??

Xu Zhaixing’s mind was in chaos, she was planning to head to the mall and find a bathroom when suddenly the back of her head was dragged by a cold palm.

With a hint of minty tobacco breath, mixed with a faint fragrance of detergent. Cen Feng squatting on her side while holding a tissue in his hand covering her mouth and nose, then put her thumb against her.

Xu Zhaixing shivered and subconsciously tried to push him away.

Don’t touch me brother!!!! Fairies like you can’t dirtied their hand with mortal blood like mine!!!

You’ll get dirty!!!

The back of her neck was suddenly pinched, and Cen Feng said in a deep voice.

“Don’t move.”

She sat stiffly and did not dare to move.

About two minutes later, Cen Feng finally let go of his hands. Xu Zhaixing finally moved her upper lips that was already numb and looked at him in a lifeless way.

She heard him say.

“There it stopped bleeding.”

Xu Zhaixing wanted to cry.

Picturing her face that was smeared with blood.

This image would forever remain in the heart of his beloved idol!

Whenever he sees her in the future, he would remember that this nosebleed stupid maniac (her) who look at him.

Not only did she want to cry, she simply want to die.

Just as she was sitting stupidly with her eyes full of shamed, Cen Feng suddenly said.

“The climate here is too dry, usually you have to drink more water.”

Xu Zhaixing stared at him with wide eyes.

He knows?!

He knows I’m not a pervert, but it was because of the dry weather!!!

Woo woo woo woo, mother I’m saved.

After saying this, he picked up the ice cream that Xu Zhaixing had just dropped on the ground and wiped the melted ice cream on the ground with paper then threw it into the trash can next to him. He then asked her.

“Can you still walk?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded frantically.

He smiled.

“Let’s go to the mall and wash up.”

Xu Zhaixing stood up not daring to look at him and just put her hand on her nose as she follow him into the mall.

Finding the bathroom, he stopped at the entrance and picked up her schoolbag then handed her another packet of tissue paper.

“Be careful when you clean you nasal passages.”

Xu Zhaixing’s face was hot as she grabbed the tissue and ran inside.

The mall’s restrooms were clean and brightly lit up, with no stains on the glass reflecting her face stained with blood and the blood on her clothes.

Xu Zhaixing wanted to cry again as she silently scream while stomping her foot to vent her annoyance. After a moment while no one was around, she quickly turned on the faucet and began to clean herself.

While she was cleaning herself inside, Cen Feng outside who was carrying her bag was leaning against the wall which was diagonally opposite to the cosmetics counter. He saw there were two young female clerks at the cosmetic counter, whispering and taking picture with their mobile phone.

He didn’t seem to notice that his expression was still indifferent when he heard a footsteps coming to him. He turned and saw Xu Zhaixing coming out uncomfortably, he on the other hand softened his expression as he ask her softly.

“Are you okay now?”

Xu Zhaixing did not dare to look at him and just quickly took her school bag and buried her gaze on the ground, she then whispered without looking up to him.


Because she was hanging her head, she did not see the smile that flashes on Cen Feng’s face.

He then replied softly.

“Then let’s go.”

He took the first step followed by Xu Zhaixing who was gazing at his back, thinking sadly that it was time to say goodbye.

She don’t know when they’ll next encounter would be. Today she has disgrace herself in front of him one after another, making her wonder if the negative imaged of her would remain in his memory.

No no no, I must save my image before I leave!!!

Xu Zhaixing clenched her fist and took a deep breathed and as he was near the mall entrance she said loudly.

“Brother! I got the prize!”

Cen Feng paused and tilted his head to look at her.


Xu Zhaixing was a like a child, begging for praise as she said.

“Paris fashion design competition, my work won the championship!”

I’m not just reading romance novel nor am I pervert having nosebleed after staring at you. I’m talented!

Those always bright eyes, brightly passed her message like an open book as it directly shouted.

Compliment me!

Cen Feng’s clouded heart was suddenly torn open by a ray of light penetrating in.

He has not been in a happy mood in a long, long time.

After a while, Xu Zhaixing heard him say.

“En, that’s very impressive.”

My idol praised me! My idol praised me!!!

Xu Zhaixing almost flew in joy.

She supressed her excitement and stomped her feet a little as she said happily.

“Then brother, see you next time!”

Cen Feng looked at her in the eyes, paused and suddenly said.

“Wait a minute.”

Xu Zhaixing looked at him expectantly.

Cen Feng looked around then walked to the fountain next to the table and sat down and opened his black shoulder bag. Xu Zhaixing followed curiously and saw him take out a lot of complicated mechanical parts.

The sunlight cast on the surface of the water fountain shimmered reflecting his serious and focused eyes.

Those complex, delicate and various parts soon in his hands gradually assembled into shape.

Xu Zhaixing saw a mechanical puppy.

Cen Feng took the last step and install the battery, he then put the puppy on his palm and handed it to her.

“Congratulation on winning the championship.”

The dog bark twice and wagged it’s tail on his palm.



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