Chapter 53

Shen Yan’s money was intended for investment and the money she got from that investment would be used to buy the vase, even if she couldn’t find that vase she could just buy another antique which would have value in the future.

Arriving at the shop, she directly went to the stall to have a look, since the vase Shen Yan wanted to buy was found by an auctioneer on a stall shop.

Shen Yan doesn’t know much about antiques so she could only cursory sweep a glance to see if there were any vase similar to that vase.

Meng Yi’an on the other hand went directly to the antique shop. Two person walking on the same district, one walked forwards while the other one was strolling.

As she was strolling, Shen Yan saw a stall owner talking to a man.

“How about this, I’ll but this painting from you, and I’ll just wire 50,000 to you okay?”

After that, the stall owner replied.

“This painting is not drawn by a famous artist but it has the seal of a famous artist on it.”

Shen Yan stopped her tracks and then she half-crouched in front of the stall to look at the painting which had an inscription below of the Meng family’s.

Shen Yan: “…”

This painting was the one that the Meng family has been looking for?

Shen Yan remembers that the Meng family had been looking for a painting. It was said that it was handed down by the ancestors of the Meng family.

But this painting was sold when Elder Meng’s newly founded company was in ups and down, at that time Elder Meng has no choice.

So when the business went well, Elder Meng has been looking for that painting.

In her previous life, Shen Yan wanted to please Elder Meng who has been searching for this painting but couldn’t find it.

Until Shen Yan was reborn, this painting was not found.

This painting was very important to the Meng family. Shen Yan thought for a moment and said directly.

“Fifty thousand, I’ll buy this painting.”

The man who came over to buy something, did not wanted to buy the painting and only wanted to buy the teapot he liked so when he heard what Shen Yan said he quickly said yes.

The stall owner, twitched the corner of his mouth, and then also agree to sell the painting to Shen Yan—the worthless painting.

Just now the stall owner was just bargaining to the man so that he could buy something from him, and 50,000 was already a good deal for the painting and that was because he wanted money so it doesn’t matter who would buy it, it’s the same thing if he sell it to the man or to others.

The man who took his teapot and left hurriedly afraid that Shen Yan would not buy the painting, after realizing that the painting was not worth the money.

Shen Yan paid the money and said.

“You help me wrap up the painting.”

The stall owner answered yes then quickly gave Shen Yan wrapped painting.

This painting was not worth much to others but was worth a lot to the Meng family. Shen Yan looked at the painting and let out sighed, in her last life she was determined to get Elder Meng to say something for her so she wanted to find this painting to please Elder Meng but she couldn’t find it but now unexpectedly she found it in her second life just right after one trip to the an antique district.

For others this may be sold to the Meng family with high price but for Shen Yan this painting was much more useful.

Shen Yan continue to stroll forward, walking and stopping until she reached the last stall but did not find the vase. She turned around to walk back, her blue dress followed with her every move making her look a deity.

When she saw Meng Yi’an walking not far away, she froze slightly but continued walking forward.

The last time they encountered each other was when Shen Yan was asked by a reporter of what she wanted to say to her ex-boyfriend. Meng Yi’an didn’t react so Shen Yan thought, they don’t need to be wary of each other and treat each other as strangers just like what she said.

Remembering this, Shen Yan’s footsteps were even slower, like she was enjoying her stroll.

When she suddenly think of something, Shen Yan stopped her tracks and walked towards Meng Yi’an then she said.

“President Meng, can we have a chat?”

After saying that, she smiled.

“I found your Meng family painting that you’ve been searching for.”

Assistant Wu was surprised that Shen Yan found the painting that the Meng family has been searching for years but still haven’t find it after so many years.

Meng Yi’an’s eyes fell on the scroll on Shen Yan’s hand and asked.

“What do you want?”

Meng Yi’an was not stupid, that painting must be fake ah. How can Shen Yan find the painting?

But assistant Wu keep this comment to himself and didn’t say anything because he didn’t know what Meng Yi’an’s real thoughts about Shen Yan.

At this time Meng Yi’an’s phone rang, after sliding to answer, Meng Yi’an sneered.

“I’m going back now.”

After saying that, he grabbed Shen Yan’s wrist and walked forward.

Assistant Wu followed closely behind them and did not say anything but his eyes kept falling on the scroll that Shen Yan was holding.

Shen Yan did not shake off Meng Yi’an’s hand this time but said.

“Since you’re busy, we’ll talk about this when we have time.”

Meng Yi’an didn’t even stop in his tracks and just opened his mouth with his a little hoarse voice.

“Shen Yan, there are some things that you can’t just said to stop just because you wanted to.”

Didn’t she dumped him? And she was the one who wanted to get back together, then it was her who didn’t want to get back together with her now!

Why? Just because he once loved her, she could be so unbridled?

Shen Yan didn’t bother with Meng Yi’an’s comments, if he was busy she could just wait for him. She knows that this painting was very important to the Meng family so Shen Yan wanted to give this painting to Meng Yi’an and completely cut off herself from him altogether and making sure that Meng Yi’an would not blocked her in the future.

And since she would not associate herself with the heroine, things would go as she planned. With this in mind, she could focus solely on her career.

When they get into the car, Assistant Wu helped Meng Yi’an open the car door but the latter was standing and has no plan on moving. While Shen Yan was waiting for Meng Yi’an to get into the car, she wanted to seat on the co-pilot and did not want to seat in the back with Meng Yi’an.

Assistant Wu’s mouth was twitching looking at the two.

What are they doing?

Shen Yan broke the silence.

“I’ll sit on the co-plot.”

“Are you afraid of me, or do you still have me in your heart, hmm?”

After Meng Yi’an said this, he directly went inside the car and did not wait for Shen Yan’s answer.

Fearing Meng Yi’an or having him in her heart, she doesn’t want to admit between the two so she followed Meng Yi’an and sat beside him. After Assistant Wu close the car door, he hurriedly sat in the driver’s seat.

Shen Yan rolled down the car window down a little bit then played with her phone while Meng Yi’an directly opened his computer and started working. The two of them did not say any word while on the way.

The car arrived at Meng’s group company. Shen Yan took a mask before getting out of the car. Luckily she was reborn before she started sending meals for Meng Yi’an everyday, as for Shen Yan wearing a mask now it’s because she doesn’t want to be involved with Meng Yi’an.

After all, she wanted to stay longer in the entertainment industry.

Meng Yi’an on the other hand was probably really busy since after he get off from the car, he let Assistant Wu take Shen Yan to the office while he went directly to the conference room.

Although Assistant Wu did not know what was going on between Shen Yan and Meng Yi’an and what was on the latter’s mind for Shen Yan he still did not dare to be negligent and made coffee for Shen Yan and provided her with desserts and snacks from their company.

“Miss Shen, our President Meng will be back in about an hour or so, so wait for a moment.”

After saying that, he glance at the scroll on Shen Yan’s hand and after thinking about it, he asked.

“Is this painting the one that the Meng family has been looking for?”


Shen Yan picked the coffee and took a sip.

“You think it’s fake?”

Hearing that Assistant Wu was a little embarrassed but he really couldn’t help himself thinks that the painting was fake. How could she find it just like that? Anyway Assistant Wu did not believe it.

As he was getting out, Shen Yan told Assistant Wu.

“What if the painting is real?”

Assistant Wu did not know what to say, he was just standing there not saying anything nor did he move to go out. Shen Yan directly handed the painting to Assistant Wu.

This Assistant Wu was Meng Yi’an assistant, so she could let him look the painting first.

Shen Yan did not even look at Assistant Wu, she just sat there and continued to drink the coffee.

Assistant Wu hesitantly open the scroll, and was shock after seeing the painting.

This painting is real, how did Shen Yan find it?


“Just bought it.”

Assistant Wu: “…”

The Meng family looked for this painting for many years and was unable to find it, but Shen Yan could find it so easily. Assistant Wu really did know what to say.

“Miss Shen I am really sorry, it’s just that the Meng family has been searching for this painting for so many years but couldn’t find it, and for you to say that you just found it—people will feel a little suspicious.”

After apologizing to Shen Yan Assistant Wu went out.

While waiting in Meng Yi’an’s office, Shen Yan didn’t feel bored. After all she herself could count the time she had waited for him in her last life.

But the coffee brewed by Assistant Wu was very good, the taste did not even changed.

More than an hour later, Meng Yi’an finally came out from the conference room. Assistant Wu hurriedly went up to him.

“President Meng, the painting Miss Shen took is the one that the Meng family has been looking for. I just don’t know if it was fake or the real one, Miss Shen said she just bought it.”

“The painting is not fake.”

“How did you know that painting is not fake?”

Pulling the corner of his mouth, Meng Yi’an said.

“Shen Yan, she won’t lie to me.”

After that, there a sarcastic smile on his face.

Seeing this, Assistant Wu did not speak nor did he follow Meng Yi’an back, and just murmured to himself.

“President Meng still likes Shen Yan?”

After saying that, Assistant hurriedly said.

“How can it be? What am I thinking? How can President Meng still like Shen Yan? He was rueful.”

Although Assistant Wu think this so, he still thinks it was better for him to be quiet when it comes to his boss relationship with Shen Yan. He could do whatever they asked to do, and couldn’t speculate about his relationship with Shen Yan.

The door of the office was pushed open by Meng Yi’an who walked over towards Shen Yan and finally stood next to her and said in a condescending manner.


She Yan slowly opened her mouth and said.

“From today on, we will treat each other as strangers, I’ll fight for my dreams and you’ll be your diamond king. I won’t accept or audition any TV series or movies invested by Meng Group or your endorsement.”

After that, she took the painting and handed it to Meng Yi’an.

“If you agree I’ll give you the painting.”



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