Chapter 17 (1)

In the original novel, because of her father Gu Qiwen lowered his proud head and was forced to be with the original owner—the billionaire tyrant father was the one who threatened him with Guan Xin before he bowed his head.

But with Gu Qiwen’s nature, how could he bow his head in humiliating silence?

Since he couldn’t be go against other people’s money and power, and only has Jiang Mian’s love then he would take advantage of this love.

So Gu Qiwen gave the original owner an agreement, which the original owner signed making them officially into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

The requirements listed on the agreement were generally divided into several clause.

One, not targeting Guan Xin whenever she saw Guan Xin around.

Second, they could announce their relationship to the public, but without his consent she must not have any intimate interactions with him.

Three, no interference in his life.

Fourth, not allowed to have relations with other men.

Since the original owner was beautiful and rich, so although she had a bad temper she has still a lot of suitors, and the original owner often goes out with those male friend to get high.

The original owner who got the agreement was very angry, but Gu Qiwen made it clear that if the original owner don’t want to sign the agreement or if she told her father about the agreement—he threatened to kill himself.

The original owner was so fond of him, where she couldn’t let him be hurt so in the end she finally had to sign the agreement.

For the original owner, as long as Gu Qiwen was with her then one day he would find her good and fall in love with her.

Especially since after reading the agreement carefully, she thought the regulation “no interaction with other men” was Gu Qiwen wasy of caring for her. Otherwise he shouldn’t mind if she got close with other men.

She was quite happy to think that Gu Qiwen has a mouth that says no and a heart that says yes, and that it was because of Guan Xin presence that he treated her badly before.

What she didn’t know was that since he was force into this relationship with the original owner, at least he doesn’t want to make his head green.

In short, the original Jiang Mian gave all her heart to Gu Qiwen, while his love was just petty and low.

Eh, this statement is considered commendatory.

In Jiang Mian’s opinion, this was simply idiocy if not how could the original owner met such tragic end.

But all of this could not be blamed on the original owner.

After Jiang Mian cross over, she had carefully analyzed the character of the original owner. No matter how stupid the character of the original owner should be, everything could only be attributed to the author of the original book. The life of the original owner has been written and it was a foregone concluded.

That’s why she thought that everything in the plot would change after she crossed over and that there would be no such thing like this agreement. And did not expect that not only it appeared but it was also ahead of time.

Unlike the original plot, this time Gu Qiwen was not force by anyone. This was his own initiative.

No matter what happened Gu Qiwen had always thought that the original owner loved him badly but the Jiang Mian now was rude to Gu Qiwen.

And now seeing him handing out the agreement as if he was doing some charity, Jiang Mian had the urge to crack open Gu Qiwen’s brain and see what’s in his head.

Who gave him such face?

Gu Qiwen really thought that Jiang Mian would not pester him anymore after being hurt by her spiritual force.

But when Guan Xin came back from the audition, she told him half-truth and half-lie while concealing Shen Shiqing’s existence. Gu Qiwen then understands that what Jiang Mian said to him was nothing but lies.

She was merely trying to move forward with a retreat.

Gu Qiwen sees how much effort Guan Xin has put into the role and how much she hopes to get the role. If Jiang Mian gets in the way, and loses the role—and all of this was because of him then he couldn’t forgive himself.

He has no money and cannot find a good way to clear the way for Guan Xun, the only thing he would do was to compromise and keep Jiang Mian under his control first.

Since Jiang Mian wanted to be with him, he would do as she wishes but as long as he would be given time, he would definitely get his revenge on this humiliation.

So he came today at her house.

Gu Qiwen thought Jiang Mian would be overjoyed to hear his words and did not expect Jiang Mian’s reaction would be like this. His face was full of anger, as he reached out his hand and grabbed Jiang Mian.

But in the next second, he heard a cold voice rang out.


Before Jiang Mian could do anything, he saw Gu Qiwen suddenly flew out followed by the elevator opening again with Luo Jiale coming out. Qi Yanshu as if he knew it was him coming out from the elevator, without raising his head he said to him.

“Drag that out.”

Luo Jiale froze for a few seconds as he looked at the situation in front of him and clearly knew who his boss was talking about. He went to Gu Qiwen, who fell in the ground with pale face and couldn’t catch his breath, and pulled him out half-dragged and half-throwing.

Jiang Mian watched Luo Jiale’s figure disappear, the action was nimble and fast. She could easily tell that this was not the first time he did such work.

Jiang Mian looked Qi Yanshu, then her gaze moved and fell to the other party’s left hand.

If she saw it correctly just now, Qi Yanshu used this hand to slap Gu Qiwen out.

She seems to have underestimated Qi Yanshu’s physical force.

At this point her mind was thinking back on what happened at the reception, if Qi Yanshu did not withdraw his force—between him and her, who could have lost and who could have won?

Seemingly sensing Jiang Mian’s gaze, Qi Yanshu’s left hand moved and naturally placing the cast on his right hand. This action made Jiang Mian immediately react, she coughed.

“I have let Uncle Qi saw such ridiculous sutation.”

Qi Yanshu paused and said.

“Who is he?”

Jiang Mians suddenly remembered that Gu Qiwen was the illegitimate son of the Qi family, and Qi Yanshu was his younger uncle.

While thinking she also did not delay her mouth and said.

“A classmate.”

“A stubborn suitor?”


“Did you hear what he just said, apparently I’m the suitor.”

The corner of Qi Yanshu’s mouth were lightly pursed, and he did not speak.

Jiang Mian found that the paper agreement fell on the ground, she picked it up and reread it. It was written similarly to the original plot, she “tsk” and casually tore the agreement into pieces then threw it into the trash.

Luo Jiale came back quickly, he first greeted Qi Yanshu followed by greeting Jiang Mian then notice Qi Yanshu’s right hand in a cast, he shockingly said.

“Sir your hand!”

Jiang Mian coughed and was about to admit that it was her own work when Qi Yanshu said casually.

“An accident.”

Luo Jiale: “…..”

What accident, you tell me!

He answered, so Jiang Mian thinks it was not good to rush and say she did it. But people who practice Taoism paid attention to cause and effect, so the more Qi Yanshu didn’t care the more embarrassed she was.

Luo Jiale hurriedly said that he would have the family doctor to come over and also for a helper, Jiang Mian felt a bit silly standing there without doing anything so she decided to go back to her room first.

Qi Yanshu has an assistant to take care of him, so there should be nothing she should worry about.

After she returned to her room, Qi Yanshu interrupted Luo Jiale’s rambling and asked him to pick out the agreement in the trash that Jiang Mian had just torn up.

Although Luo Jiale has some doubts he still obeyed his boss’s instructions and picked up the agreement that Jiang Mian had torn into several pieces in the trash.


Entering the room, Luo Jiale held a handful of torn paper and waited for another instructions.

He did not know that this was Jiang Mian’s paper, nor did he know who Gu Qiwen was that Qi Yanshu told him to drag out, let alone how Qi Yanshu’s hands was injured.

As the special assistant sent by Master Qi to take care of Qi Yanshu, Luo Jiale always felt that he was about to lose this job.

Qi Yanshu sat on the sofa with his normal expression.

“Put it back together.”

When the words fell, he raised his hands to take off the blackout glasses. Luo Jiale’s heart jumped on the other hand but when he saw Qi Yanshu’s eyes were still close his hanging heart fell back into place.

The man’s closed eyes were very shallow and his long eyelashes cast a light and soft shadow under the warm white light. If it was not for his expressionless face and tight lips, him sitting there would look like gentle painting.

Seeing this Luo Jiale thought to himself that this boss of his has a face that makes male celebrities kill themselves.

Then when he heard Qi Yanshu say that he need to put together the torn paper, Luo Jiale couldn’t help but let out a “huh?” breath like sound.

Qi Yanshu’s head tilted sideways towards him, and Luo Jiale hurriedly said.

“Okay, okay I’ll put it together right away.”



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