ECM 27.3


Chapter 27 (3)

Xu Yan drove her to the entrance of the bookstore and left, asking her to call him after she finished shopping.

The largest bookstore has four floors, each which was divided into different categories and the specialized books Xu Zhaixing needed were on the fourth floor.

There were not many people during the week, the bookstore was also deserted and the air was full of fragrance of books and inks. Xu Zhaixing was not in a hurry to buy so she was walking slowly from the first floor, while strolling she saw the romance novel Cheng You has been talking about, she grabbed the book and put it in her basket.

After strolling through the first floor, and ride up on the escalator she notice a man riding the escalator down opposite to her on the left side.

Wearing a dark blue sweater, a baseball cap and a black mask. The sweater was covering his already covered mouth while his cap was covering his eyes, making the whole person tightly wrapped up and creating an indifferent atmosphere.

With his head hanging down, and a stack of book in his arms he slowly descended down on the escalator.

Xu Zhaixing who was reading the synopsis on the back of the romance novel happen to glance casually and stood froze on the same place after.

She could still recognize her beloved idol even if he was wrapped like a dumpling!!!

Xu Zhaixing was able to meet him unexpectedly that she was caught off guard, after a moment she went up and down the escalator and walked towards the counter.

She could not think of anything else and just ran after him the moment she saw him. So she just instinctively climb up the reaming two to three steps and then went down immediately, chasing him down.

Cen Feng was paying in the counter when Xu Zhaixing reached him.

When she got close, she could clearly saw his figure and saw the shadow cast by the brim of his hat on the bridge on his nose– the whole person looked abstained.

He does not want anyone to see him?

Xu Zhaixing hesitated, and unconsciously took a small steps backward wanting to hide first to calm down herself. Just as she retreated two more steps, Cen Feng seems to have sense her presence and turned his head to look over.

The brim of the hat was covering his eyes but Xu Zhaixing knew that he was looking at her. At that moment all hesitation were gone, and smiled at once with her warm and bright eyes.

“Brother! It’s been a long time!”

Cen Feng look at her for a while, reached out and took off the mask and said in a light voice.

“En, it’s been a long time.”

Xu Zhaixing’s heart was loudly thumping. This kind of encounter was a big surprise for star chasing girl like her, she was so happy and doesn’t know what to say for a moment but just look at Cen Feng while giggling.

The cashier had packed the book and handed it over, smiling she said.

“Hello, that would be a total of three hundred and twenty- one.”

Cen Feng looked back, paused and said.

“Hold on a second.”

He walked up to Xu Zhaixing and reached for the book in her shopping basket and handed it to the cashier.

“This one also.”

“Okay, wait a moment.”

The cashier added the book with one sweep.

“That is three hundred and fifty-two in total.”

She then put the book on Cen Feng’s shopping bag.

After paying, Cen Feng looked down and saw a few very flashy big words on the flowery cover.

<<Don’t try to escape: The President’s hot little petite wife.>>

Cen Feng: “?”

Xu Zhaixing. “…..”

Brother it’s not like that, let me explain!!!



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