Chapter 19

When the shoe cabinet was opened, there were two rows of slippers from top to bottom.

Pink, blue, large and small size—it was complete from all sizes and colors.

Ye Susu paused for a moment before she took out two slippers, she handed a pair of small blue slippers to her cub and took the big pink for herself.

Ye Xun bowed his head and took it as a glimmer of gloom flashed in his eyes.

Last time when he saw fatty and his mommy, they were wearing the same color of shoes and clothes. Fatty said it was a mother-son outfit.

But even slipper, Ye Susu was not willing to wear the same thing as him.

He put them silently, holding his old little slipper in his hands without saying a word.


Ye Susu thanked the man with alacrity and also crossed one for to set his slippers.

However, her right hand hold thing the cub and when she turned her body to look at the man, she twister her body making her unable to maintain her balance, and swayed her body as she was trying to regain her balance.

Ye Xun wanted to reach out and grab her but her hands were small and weak, and could only shout worriedly.

Ye Susu on the other hand, seeing that she was about to fall, she immediately let go of the cubs hands, lest him bring to the ground as well.

And as she was about to close her eyes, as if accepting her fate to die however the next second the tip of her nose was instead bump on a grass scented smell, it was firm and hard…ground!..?

She reached out her hand and touched it.

Her water eyes were suddenly confused.

This feel….this smell….is simply my life….

Li Yun however was frowning.

Lowering his eyes, he looked at the woman who was resting in his arms.

She was petite, with a very thin waist and she seemed to fit perfectly in his arms.

And her curly eyelashes trembled slightly casting a shadow on her small white face as she tightly close her eyes in fear.

But in the next second, he felt her small hand touching his chest causing a tinge—making his brows furrowed instantly as he immediately let her go.

Taking a step back, the distance between the two was instantly widened.

However, after making the distance a seemingly…fishy smell lingered in the tip of his nose and as soon as he breathes in it immediately penetrated to his lungs though it was not a bad smell and he could even determine that it was fried out the fish oil, which was the signature dish of Linglongju.

Li Yun couldn’t help but give the petite woman in front of him another complicated look.

While Ye Susu who was pushed aside, regretfully pursed her lips.

So near yet so far—was what the bottom of her hearts say, she couldn’t even jump on that heavenly catnip!

But seeing and feeling the thick-threaded floor mat her attention was shifted immediately, thinking of going online to buy gloves for her cub or yarn and make a sweater for him.

She could let the cub play with the yarn while making the sweater.

With that in mind, she smiled happily and pleasantly as if she could already imagined everything.

“Thank you.”

Of course Ye Susu never forget to thank a good smelling catnip.

Li Yun nodded his head expressionlessly.

An indication of accepting her thanks.

But in his heart she was already labeled as ‘impatient’ and ‘easily hooked up with men’.

He looked at the child beside, who remained silent but looked a little nervous. He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible.

“I’ll send the code for the door on your WeChat. I’m home today but you can do as you please.”

He then looked at the box the box that Ye Susu dragged in, his dark eyes stared at it again.

If that was her things, two boxes of stuff was too little.

Early childhood experts have made a list of nearly 100 books that children need to read alone, in addition to many educational toys.

But she obviously didn’t have those.

“Except for my room and study, you can use all items in the common area and just put them back where you found them afterwards.”

Li Yun looked at Ye Xun and couldn’t help but add another sentence.

Ye Susu nodded at once, thinking that he was really was a shi guan in his previous life making it easy for her to talk to him.

“Okay, you’re busy. We’ll be quiet and won’t disturb you.”

Li Yun hmm, he was about to say that the kitchen and food inside the refrigerator could also be used by them when he saw her hiking bag with bags of rice.

The room Ye Susu rented was on the second floor, next to his room.

However the kitchen and the refrigerator were on the first floor.

He then watched them as she carried as what he suspected a five kilogram bags of rice into the kitchen and stuffed them into the empty cupboard.

From the hiking bag, she also took out a few cans, a bag of green, two boxes of eggs that were bundled together and a plastic bag that smelled like fish just now.

He reached out and pressed his hands on his brows.

“Before we came over, we went to the store to buy some stuff.”

Ye Susu saw his eyes were puzzled so she happily explained.

“When I was shopping yesterday, I saw that there was a big sale today.”

“Mr. Li will you eat with us at noon?”

She was obviously not stingy cat.

But Li Yun just took one looks at this discounted foods she brought, he immediately turned his head unbearably.

The amount of these food, was just enough for a child alone, it could only barely enough to fill the stomach.

If he joins, there was no telling what this mother and son would eat in the next days.

Originally he wanted her to use the kitchen foods and other material at will but he was worried that he would give his child an effortless attitude, so he had to endure.

“No, I have an appointment.”

Ye Susu gave him a regretful look.

Li Yun looked at her face and could immediately read what was written on her face, ‘he missed eating the most delicious food’ pity expression. And he couldn’t helped but pressed his furrowed brows once again.

When all the luggage was put into the room, Ye Susu received a text message from Xia Ningmeng.

Saying she would arrive in half an hour.

She was hurriedly bent over and whispered to Ye Xun.

“Baby, the aunt who just said she was going to give you a present will be here soon, play with her for a while later, okay?”

Since children tend to be afraid of strangers.

But he should be able to adapt.

With that in mind, she checked the progress task bar.

[1. Chore completion time: 0 minutes.]

[2. Cub’s mood—more depressed.]

Ye Susu: ???

Wait why is it going down?

Ye Susu panicked for a moment.

Could it be that the cub don’t want see strangers?

But she already invited her last night, should she kicked her out later when she arrive?

This is a big problem!

Ye Susu’s forehead sweated, she rushed to pull out her phone and according to the original body’s memory and find the selfies of them together. She then introduces her to his cub.

“This is your mommy’s former good friend, Xia Ningmeng1.”

“Because when her mother was pregnant with her, she like to eat sour she was named after the lemon. At that time everyone envied her cute name but now, ahem, lemon Ningmeng’s energy was too much…”

She chattered and chattered and did not care how much the little cub understands and just want to relieve the child’s bad mood.

Li Yun on the other hand, intended to go back to his room when he heard Ye Susu.

The woman’s voice was half a degree lower when she spoke to the child, it was soft and gentle, it was also much pleasant to hear when she was on air.

So far, it seems that all that was mentioned in the ‘investigation report’ about her, who always loses her temper to the child was untrue.

But perhaps he was present, she deliberately did it for the outsiders to hear.

Li Yun withdrew his gaze and furrowed his brow slightly.

He walked to the small living room on the second floor and sat down, grabbed a new volume of books that he had purposely moved, he sat down on the single lounge sofa next to him.

His slim knuckles were visible as he turned the pages of the book “How to Get Along with Your Child



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