Chapter 30

The whole hot pot restaurant was instantly quiet.

Jian Ruixi on the other hand was very calmly swallowed the food give to her by Jayce and without looking from the child, she admonished.

“Eat slowly.”

She have these four handsome bodyguards so what does Madam Fu need to be afraid of?

There were only two people besides Jian Ruixi and Jayce, the waiter has arranged a small table for them.

And most of the people inside were young couples, girlfriends next door and two girl students. They were scared to the uproar, but the girl with short was calm.

“What are they doing?”


The handsome man in the lead showed a polite smile.

“Please delete the photo on your phone.”

The girl sniffed and subconsciously turned her head to look at Jian Ruixi.

It turns out that when Jian Ruxi and Jayce were busy burying their heads in food and drink the two girls next door had already noticed the diners who looked like Madam Fu (Jayce have never exposed his face, so Madam Fu was her only way to distinguish)

Originally they did not dare to confirm, there were news about Madam Fu in the internet which were all about luxury cars, pigeon eggs and diamond rings—in short how she was a noble lady.

And this said noble lady would actually bring her child out to eat hot pot?

She must just her spitting image. Was what the short-haired thought but she still couldn’t help but secretly observe the mother and son with her friends.

It was until they hear Jian Ruixi said “Ethan”, they immediately looked up in the internet and spot on found out that Madam Fu’s husband was Fu Shiyuan and his English name was Ethan.

There was no need to inundate now, Madam Fu was quietly taking the young master Fu out to eat hot pot!

Surely, netizens would not believe this gossip and since this two young girls like gossip they couldn’t resist themselves taking picture when the mother and son were not paying attention.

They secretly took a few pictures with their phone thinking when they go back they could share this gossip with their friends, and see their shocking faces.

The young girls didn’t think much, what’s more Madam Fu was not a low-key civilian at all. Although it seemed that there were only mother and son bonding, what they don’t was bodyguards were lurking among the crows to protect them secretly.

So when they secretly photographing, they were red handedly caught!

The bodyguard was still negotiating with the girls, Jian Ruixi on the other hand had already eaten enough, she wiped her mouth slowly and elegantly.

She then took out her powder box and walked up next door.

“What’s wrong?”


The bodyguards just finished greeting, before they could answer the girls aggrieved said.

“Are you their boss? I’m sorry, it’s our fault for surreptitiously taking picture but we have deleted them already, but they still want to check out phone…..”

Jian Ruixi was a celebrity in previous life, and was extra sensitive to camera or similar. Almost on the same moment when the girls took the pictures she had already notice and the bodyguards behind her also took action at the same time.

With this in mind, they should have no time to share it.

However the bodyguard just wanted to be on the safe side, and make sure there was no other mishaps. Jian Ruixi understand all of these, so she explained with an approachable smile.

“Ah Ming and the other are just worried, since its part of their jobs. You can take pictures of me but you should know that child should not be included. Sorry to have offended you.”

Hearing Jian Ruixi’s explanation the two girls realized that the two bodyguard were only afraid that of their young master being exposed.

This was understandable, they have heard that rich people tend to refused exposing their children, and one of the reasons was for their security— being kidnapped or something.

So they the initiative to open their WeChat and assured.

“We really did not send them to our friends nor posted on our moments or any social medias.”

At this point, the long-haired girl who has been silent on the whole ordeal asked Jian Ruixi.

“That, this photo can I keep this? The angle of this one did not capture the child…”

Jian Ruixi looked over, the child was not in the photo and only thing could be seen was the back of his head but the small hand held high was also revealed looking so charming.

The other half of the picture was her side face, she was half squinting as she happily bit the meatball given by the child.

The little girl’s picture was taken really well, the image looked vivid and lively. This rare angle shoot also did no damage to her beauty.

Jian Ruixi inwardly complimented the girl.

Seeing that she did not disagree, the long haired- girl also began to talk more.

“Don’t worry, I won’t post it nor send the pictures, we just want to save it to enjoy….”

However Jian Ruixi doesn’t believe her, she was cheated by passers-by and even her fans in her last life, she needed to coax them and let them promise to not post the photo but as a result the photo even circulated faster.

The good thing was that her face looks like a fairy, so she doesn’t get any negative news that people could not see any negative things they comments.

Similarly these two girls wanted to keep this photo by all means, and certainly not for their own enjoyment. But Jian Ruixi didn’t mind, she smiled gracefully and generously in the girls expectant eyes.

“Since you guys said so, then keep it.”

After saying that Jian Ruixi stopped paying attention to them and turned back to take Jayce, she pressed his duck tongue cap down.

“We should go home.”

Standing next to Jayce was Lisa who follows behind Jian Ruixi and whispered.

“Madam… is that really okay?”

She also does not believe that girls would keep her photo for their own enjoyment and not post them out.

Jian Ruxis just smiled mysteriously until she got onto the car. She then said what her plan was.

“Keep an eye on the internet for the next two days and if there is any relevant news circulating find someone to guide the public opinion.”


Lisa thought she heard her wrong and looked at Jian Ruixi with a daze look on her face.

Jian Ruixi also looked back, and hating iron for not becoming steel1.

“Water army ah, you don’t know this?”



hating iron for not becoming steel1– to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)

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