Chapter 52

Wang Peng really couldn’t not say it, but looking at Shen Yan and Zheng Rou looking at him he pretended to calmly said.

“Bet, Shen Yan advance, Zheng Rou back out.”

Hearing this, Zheng Rou’s legs went soft and she almost collapsed. Her eyes were instantly red and directly hugged Shen Yan’s legs.

“Sister Yanyan, there are still 67 players left, and I’m one of them. I don’t mind playing supporting role.”

Zhou Ruo said.

“I know, Zheng Rou’s advancement was not easy and to let her withdraw is a little mean.”

The meaning of what Zho Ruo said was that she would not let Zheng Rou withdraw from the competition. But everything just fell into silence in Zheng Rou’s ears.

Shen Yan moved her legs.

“You let go first.”

“Won’t let go.”

Shen Yan took a steps back and half squatted on the ground, seeing this Zheng Rou also followed.

She thinks that she could still talk her way out of the deal to Shen Yan, but as for Zhou Ruo she was not familiar with her and she was a manager.

Shen Yan tugged Zheng Rou’s hand but Zheng Rou hugged her tighter so Shen Yan could helplessly said.

“Sister Zhou, can you change the bet like last time?”

At once, Wang Pen laughed and said.

“Yes, yes, yes, let’s change the bet. I can go to the company to say good morning you’ve work hard, again ah.”

“We’ll treat you to dinner.”

Zheng Rou added.

But Zhou Ruo directly refused.


That won’t do, you can’t make the same scheme ah. Saying good morning you work hard is not fun anymore.

Zhou Ruo was in deep thought, she could actually let him go to the company boss and let him say good morning and you work hard.

Seeing that Zhou Ruo was thinking, he was also considering whether Zhou Ruo would let him off the hook if follows Zheng Rou’s example.

Zheng Rou was his own signed artist, so naturally Wang Peng does not want Zheng Rou to withdraw from the competition.

Zheng Rou said again.

“Sister Yanyan, I don’t want to withdraw from the competition.”

With a smile, Shen Yan said.

“Sister Zhou what do you think is more appropriate bet? If we let Zheng Rou withdraw she could miss the heat of the show, the lineup of this TV series is amazing.”

Zhou Ruo said slowly.

“I’m going to change the bet, if it wasn’t for Yanyan I would definitely let Zheng Rou withdraw today.”

After saying that Zhou Ruo added.

“In the future, no matter whether Yanyan is participating in a competition or audition you have to believe that Yanyan can succeed just like me.”

En, pretend that she will succeed.

Zhou Ruo herself does not believe in Shen Yan, so she ask Wang Peng. As long Wang Peng and her pretend to believe that Shen Yan could succeed in Xianlu audition as well as other endorsement and audition Shen Yan would be joining in the future that seemed to impossible to win or get then everything should turn out okay.

This could also be called blindly believing to Shen Yan’s success.

Hearing, what Zhou Ruo said, Wang Peng was instantly relieved as he immediately said “good, good, good.

Having said that, he seems to be worried that Zhou Ruo would back out he quickly drag Zheng Rou to run. The latter also understands and cooperated, she released Shen Yan’s thigh and runs with her agent.

Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo both looked at each other and smiled.

“Zheng Rou and Wang Peng, hahahahahaha”

Zhou Ruo laugh.

“All right, alright, let’s going back. It just so happened that I have some things I want to talk about to you.”

After saying that Shen Yan held the car door and got into the nanny car.

When the nanny car drove, Shen Yan said.

“Sister Zhou, I think someone in the program teams wants me to be eliminated.”

“What? Wants to eliminate you? Did you offend some people?”

After Shen Yan told Zhou Ruo about what happened, she continued.

“Can Sister Zhou help me check the information of a few people? I to know who it was.”

In fact, there were not many people she suspected because those who wanted to eliminate Shen Yan by this means only wanted to lessen the competition.

So they need to find from the remaining 31 people in this competition, except Zheng Rou and the male competitors.

Also one thing was for sure, this person that wanted Shen Yan to be eliminated not just want to play a supporting role, otherwise it doesn’t need to eliminate Shen Yan who win the first place even after performing last on an unfavorable situation.

Zhou Ruo thoughts were the same as Shen Yan’s, she said.

“Except you, the top three female contestants on the last competition—I will give you the information in the next few days.”

Shen Yan was now considered someone in the industry that has name, her fans from 100, 000 were now 300, 00.

Many investor were looking for Shen Yan as their endorser, after all Shen Yan was slightly cheaper but popular.

Shen Yan looked at the endorsements, and finally chose a facial wash with better quality product and popular mask.

The money from the advertising was ok, but it’s not so much because she has to give some to the brokerage company. Shen Yan plans to use the money as her usual expenses.

For example, Shen Yan has to prepare her own clothes to participate in the Xianlu competition and of course she could not repeatedly wear her clothes. So she needed to buy her own clothes.

Not to mention the clothes she would be wearing for dinner invitations, and any other social gatherings.

The nanny car arrived at Shen Yan’s district, before Shen Yan gets off Zhou Ruo then said.

“I will not be in the city these days, I’ll be back before your next competition.”

Shen Yan was not the only artist assigned to Zhou Ruo, so hearing what the latter said Shen Yan expressed her understanding.

Zhou Ruo thought about it and said.

“You should think about finding an assistant.”


Zhou Ruo thinks that Shen Yan’s future status in the entertainment industry was probably similar to Zheng Shu, thinking so Zhou Ruo couldn’t helped but smile.

After returning home, Shen Yan was thinking about going to an antique shop. She didn’t remember which antique shop the vase was in so she had to go to a few shops.

If she couldn’t find it, then she could simply forget about it. Besides she could also look for antiques that were cheaper now but would have bigger appreciation value in the future.

After cooking herself a simple meal, Shen Yan sat down at the dining table to eat.

At the same time, the Meng family also had their dinner.

Unlike Shen Yan, the Meng family’s table was full of more dishes than usual because Meng Yi’an was home. Those dishes on the table were what Meng Yi’an likes to eat.

The table was somewhat quiet, occasionally Meng Yi’an would chat with Meng Heng about business news but most of the time everyone was eating quietly.

This was in fact quite unusual, because usually Li Cuiyu would keep on chatting with Meng Yi’an about which family’s rich daughter was good match to him.

Li Cuiyu sighed.

Why, why did Shen Yan advances?

When she thought about Shen Yan’s advancement Li Cuiyu wanted to ask the judges why did they let Shen Yan advances.

Just because she is a girl and played the first male role?

Although Auntie Qian explained it to Li Cuiyu, but she could not admit that Shen Yan was good at acting.  And even if Shen Yan was good at acting, she was not a sincere person.

Meng Heng notice this unusualness, asked her.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Li Cuiyu said casually.

“I was just thinking about our Meng family heirlooms, Yi’an if you have free time go with your assistant to search for it. You are the descendant of our Meng family so you have to look for it.”

Meng Yi’an thought about his schedule for a moment then answered yes.

Meng Heng was moved, he said.

“Do not think so much and just eat more.”

After that he got up and gave Li Cuiyu a bowl of fish soup.

“Drink some fish soup.”

Li Cuiyu who was not in the mood to eat, took the fish soup.


Not wanting to drink, she looked at Meng Yi’an next to Meng Heng and pushed the fish soup over, however before she could say anything Meng Yi’an stood up.

“I’m done eating, you guys take your time.”

Li Cuiyu: “….”

It’s all Shen Yan fault.

With this thinking, Li Cuiyu promised herself to watch the next round make sure to watch Shen Yan being eliminated. As if seeing this scene, Li Cuiyu felt a lot better and drink the fish soup happily.

It’s quite tasty, it’s made by Aunt Qian after all.

Auntie Qian’s cooking was delicious but because they have a special chef, Aunt Qian does not cook often and would only cook occasionally when she has free time.

Meng Heng laughed seeing his son and wife’s interaction. And felt fortunate for his son who runs fast otherwise Li Cuiyu would nag him again about blind date.

Blind date, what blind date?

Li Cuiyu has long forgotten about her agenda and was now preoccupied with Shen Yan, after all Shen Yan was an important chess piece that she couldn’t use anymore.

The next morning, Shen Yan woke up early. She finished her breakfast, change into a simple casual clothes, took her bag and went out.

Shen Yan was going to visit antique shops and look for antiques.

At the same time, Meng Yi’an from the Meng family was also getting ready to visit antique shops.

Meng Yi’an has the same mindset as Li Cuiyu, he would just simply and casually visit those antique shops, and if by chance he could find their family heirloom he would buy it but if not he could buy another antique and give it as a gift.

The Meng family has been looking for that painting all these years and now all descendants has been searching for this painting, but only to show their sincerity to Elder Meng. Before Meng Yi’an has no interest searching for this lost painting but since Li Cuiyu had mentioned it to him yesterday it was not good to refuse and there was really no need to refuse.

The one who drove the car was Assistant Wu. Driving, Assistant Wu decided to turn on the radio, in time for broadcast about Shen Yan advancing to the next round. Hearing this Assistant Wu immediately turn off the radio.

The car drove all the way to a fairly large antique shop district in A city. Assistant Wu gave stopped the car.

“President Meng, the antique shops is here.”

The whole street was full of antique shops and there were also stalls outside.

Meng Yi’an gave a hmm, then put aside the things in his hands and got out of the car immediately after.



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