TL: thank you to Sarah for the kofi (●´∀`●)


Chapter 149

Early the next morning, Jiang Hengshu first drove Fu Zhen to the Jiang family before going to the company.

It was not the first time for Madam Jiang to see Fu Zhen wearing a dress but when she saw Fu Zhen standing in front of her in a lovely pink dress, she felt that her whole heart was going to melt.

Fu Zhen was a little uneasy to be stared at by the Madan Jiang.

When he was walking with Jiang Hengshu on the street, he was not as embarrassed as he was now because those people on the street were strangers and they didn’t know his true gender.

Madam Jiang watched Fu Zhen hang his head, knowing his current embarrassment she smiled and comforted him.

“Mom is not an outsider, what are you shy about?”

After the wedding, Fu Zhen change the way he called Madam Jiang to mother. His mother died when he was very young.

So after many years Madam Jiang used another way to make up for Fu Zhen’s regrets when he was a child.

A short while later, Father Jiang also came down from upstairs and also saw Fu Zhen in dress. He laughed and asked Fu Zhen who the little beauty was making the latter’s face burn up.

Elder Jiang continued.

“Where is the bracelet that grandpa gave you before? Put it on.”

Father Jiang originally thought that the bracelet could only be passed on the later generation and didn’t expect that this could still happen.

Fu Zhen replied.

“…. Bracelet is at home.”

“Remember to wear it next time.”

Elder Jiang said smilingly.

“Then dad, Xiao Zhen and I are going out.”

Madam Jiang said after she had packed up.

Father Jiang gave an hmm and reminded Madam Jiang.

“Don’t let him get too tired.”

In order to respond to the national family planning policy, Madam Jiang and Father Jiang gave birth to only one child, Jiang Hengshu.

They always hoped to have a daughter, but it was never realized. They thought that Jiang Hengshu could fulfill it for them, so they could raise his cute baby daughter.

Unexpectedly Jiang Hengshu brought a man home.

However surprises never stopped there because what they didn’t expect even more was that she would end up experiencing the feeling of raising a daughter from this boy.

Madam Jiang was in a good mood today, she has a smile on her face all the time. In a women’s clothing store, Madam Jiang compared a goose yellow dress with Fu Zhen and nods with satisfaction.

Fu Zhen’s skin was white, and it doesn’t look dark at all when wearing the dress. Madam Jiang said with a smile.

“This dress will look good on you.”

“I can’t wear it.”

Fu Zhen shook his head, the dress has a corset in it. He was now pregnant and there was no way to wear it with his stomach.

The sales staff by the side take part in the conversation and said.

“You wait until the baby is born and then wear it. You are tall so this dress will look good on you ah, just now a little beauty also liked this dress but she is not as white as you.”

“She tried it on but didn’t buy it in the end.”

Fu Zhen did not listened to what the sales staff said thinking that once the baby was born, he would certainly no longer need to wear dresses.

His promise with Jiang Hengshu to wear the cheongsam was his last bottom line, so he shook his head to Madam Jiang.

Madam Jiang did not mind either, so she put the back the dress to its original place and walked out of the women’s clothing store with Fu Zhen.

She took a look at Fu Zhen’s stomach and asked him.

“Are you tired? Should we find a place to rest for a while?”

“Not tired yet.”

Fu Zhen said, and shake his head.

“Then why don’t we go see the wig?”

Fu Zhen hmmed and said to Madam Jiang with a smile.

“I’ll listen to mom.”

Madam Jiang searched the location of the wig shop online. After coming out of the mall,  they still need to walk across street.

Anyway they still have a lot of time and the two were not in a hurry. They walked along the shady place downstairs to the opposite side of the street.

When Fu Zhen saw Fu Jianchen again, he stood under the traffic light opposite street of his direction. He was like a stone tablet in the hot sun, Fu Zhen didn’t know how long he had been standing there.

Today was not the weekend, and it was still time office time. Fu Jianchen was the company chairman, he should not be free running inside the mall nor to be a tree stump.

Fu Zhen vaguely guessed what he was doing but felt that his guess was a nonsense. He moved his lips and finally decided to pretend that he saw nothing while holding Madam Jiang’s arms as they pass by Fu Jianchen’s side and not even sparing him a glance.


TL: truth be told at first I really hated Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting for what they did to Fu Zhen but now i just feel sorry for them because at the end it was not entirely their fault, they were also victims..


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  2. Thank you for translating it..im really appreciate it cause everyday i will always check for the update😂yea at first im also really mad at fu jianchen and fu ting but it not they fault.. i hope fu zhen will know the truth and wanwan(?) will get what she deserve..


  3. Totally agree with the translator… somehow I keep thinking about them and I don’t feel like this will be a true HE as long as they are left so unfairly treated— The Fu’s love for their youngest was stolen and that’s why they treated him like a stranger who tried to kill their sister. The reason why he wasn’t treated as badly as he would’ve been if he really had been a stranger is because, as the system had warned, no one could truly replace Fu Zhen in his dad and brother’s heart. Their grievance makes me feel more suffocated than when they would hurt Fu Zhen 😦

    Also on NU this is marked as the second to last extra, is that really so? It said that the last chapter was 141 and if so the ending was a bit awkward since the plot just causally similarly continued in 142– I’m just a little confused haha

    Thank you so much for the update! I had just caught up yesterday so it’s a happy gift for me!

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    1. I do beleive the chapters are split in translation


  4. Secret-Fudanshi Avatar

    That’s what i’ve been saying all this time TL. They should really make up, and patch things up. Regret is always at the latest part of and after an event. I don’t want the story to end with the protagonist regretting his choices


  5. From the start it was wrong that Wanwan asked the system, To steal other people’s happiness


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