Chapter 16 (2)

Jiang Mian did not care about these voices. The driver with good foresight went to register, saving Jiang Mian a lot of things.

Seeing that there was nothing more she needed to do, and thinking that Qin Jingru would need a car in case, Jiang Mian gave the driver a fee a thank you for trouble fee and let him drive the car back.

The doctor took the film and looked at it carefully, he did not speak for a long time.

Jiang Mian: “…”

What is the situation ah?

A few moments later, the doctor put down the film and asked.

“How was it injured?”

“Accidentally fall.”

Before Jiang Mian could speak, Qi Yanshu said faintly.

The doctor said nonchalantly.

“I’m thought it wasn’t broken in a fight.”

As a very experience orthopedic surgeon, he could tell the difference between a beak and a fall. And from the film the fracture was neat and tidy, which doesn’t look like a fall.

Qi Yanshu: “…”

The doctor put down the film and said.

“Let’s fix the bone first.”

Qi Yanshu suddenly turned his head sideways and said to Jiang Mian.

“You should go out first.”

Jian Mian froze for a second and reacted later. A pain of fixing a bone was no less painful than a broken bone, Qi Yanshu may not want to let her see his reaction so she obediently exit the doctor’s office.

In the office, after Jiang Mian exited the doctor smiled.

“Afraid of your girlfriend feel distressed?”

“Since you have such a beautiful girlfriend, why are you joining into brawl?”

Because Qi Yanshu had been wearing blackout glasses, the doctor thought he was just wearing sunglasses to look cool and didn’t know that his eyes couldn’t see.

He walked to Qi Yanshu’s side and was ready to connect Qi Yanshu’s bones when right at that moment Qi Yanshu using his intact left hand to touch his broken right wrist, he quickly said.

“Don’t touch, don’t touch, lest….”

Before the words were finished, he saw the man in front of him move nimbly to fixed his hand back up himself.

Doctor: ???

The doctor was surprise by Qi Yanshu’s actions.


Qi Yanshu’s expression did not change a bit, as what he just fixed was not his wrist then he said faintly.

“Please fix it.”

It took a while for the doctor to find his voice, he looked Qi Yanshu with amazement. He examined his wrist again and finally said.

“If you can fixed it yourself, why are you still coming to the hospital?”

Qi Yanshu was silent.

Jiang Min sat on a chair in the hospital corridor and called Qin Jingrun.

Qin Jingrun side has been waiting for news from his baby daughter, he waited until Jiang Mian called and tell him the situation.

“I better come over.”

“No need.”

Jiang Mian strongly refuses, if Qin Jingrun comes to the hospital he would make headlines every minute when he was photographed, so she could at least try her best to persuade her emperor film father.

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Mian notice a pulling force from the hem of her dress. She turned her head and saw a little boy carefully holding the hem of her dress.

“Sister, you are beautiful.”

Seeing that the little man was very cute, Jiang Mian smiled and was about to talk when the child’s mother came up and said.

“Don’t touch it, if you damage it you can’t afford to pay for it.”

Then as soon as she took the child in her arms, she turned around and walked away.

Jiang Mian: “…”

Is she some plague?

At this time the office door opened, Jiang Mian got up and walked in. And saw the doctor look a little strange, she frowned and thinks that it shouldn’t be that too hard to fix it.

Is there some problem even after connecting it?

Qi Yanshu’s eyes were unable to see anymore, and now if there were problem with his hands…

“It has been connected and there is no big problem. Visit us again half a month later for follow up checkup, if the recovery is good you can remove the cast early. Pay attention to the right hand, do not used it during this period and take good care of it.”

The doctor said.

Jiang Mian: “…”

Since there was no major problem, why do you have a distress face for???

But as long as it was not a permanent damage—Jiang Mian breathed a sigh of relief.

“About how long will it take to heal?”

The doctor returned her sentence in a high—handed manner- a hundred days of injury.

Out of the hospital, Jiang Mian looked at Qi Yanshu’s hand cast and felt a headache. She found that the last time Xiao Mi also scratched his right hand.

The right hand of Qi Yanshu was probably on conflict with her, Jiang Mian sighed and calls a taxi. She then helped Qi Yanshu sit in the car.

The taxi driver were happy that he could pull two high value passengers in the middle of the night especially the little girl. She was beautiful that people would not dare to look more but he couldn’t help but sneak a look.

When the driver peeked again, he was startled to see a pair of black glasses in the rearview mirror. He felt that the eyes behind the glassed were staring at him, he hurriedly moved away from his eyes and did not dare to peek anymore.

Jiang Mian was replying back to his film emperor father’s message when she suddenly felt a warm touch and finds that Qi Yanshu takes off his coat and puts it on her.

Jiang Mian: ???

“I’m not cold.”

Although the car’s cold air was fully opened, her spiritual power keeps her body warm which was not enough to affect her.

She took off her clothes and put them on the seat.

Qi Yanshu: “…”

Jiang Mian has been wondering if there was any way to make Qi Yanshu’s hand heal quickly but after thinking about it for a while she could only to resign herself to fate.

When they arrived at the apartment and took the elevator, Jiang Mian suggested calling Qi Yanshu’s assistant but the latter refused.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself.”


Jiang Mian looked at his right hand wrapped in a thick cast, she wanted to say something but ultimately did not say it.

The elevator arrived and the two walked out one after the other.

When she saw a figure in front of her door, Jiang Mian froze for two seconds and when she saw it actually Gu Qiwen, her face suddenly went cold.

Qi Yanshu also felt the presence of another person and stopped his tracks.

Gu Qiwen has been waiting at the door for a full three hours, at this moment he looked straight and ignored Qi Yanshu as he walked straight to Jiang Mian.

A few moments later, he spoke with an iron face.

“Jiang Mian I can agree to go out with you but the precondition is that you apologize to Guan Xin and promise not to steal the role with her, also not to target her again.”

“This is the agreement.”

He handed the A4 paper in his hand to Jiang Mian in a patronizing tone.

“I’ve signed it, and as long as you sign it, from now on I’m your boyfriend.”

Jiang Mian looked at him and suddenly laughed out loud.

“What are you laughing at? Isn’t this what you always wanted?”

Gu Qiwen said in disgust.

“I understand….”

Jiang Mian made a sudden realization.

“You are taking yourself as a duck and want to sell your body to me?”



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