ECM 27.2


Chapter 27 (2)

It looks like a treat to celebrate.

However Xu Zhaixng’s brain turned 18 corners thinking about how to knock him out when Zhao Jinjin very excitedly answered.

“Hot and spicy hot pot! Iced coke!”

Xu Yan smiled.

“Okay, where do you want to eat?”

Zhao Jinjin pointed at Xu Zhaixing.

“The one Miss said, in the night market!”

Xu Yan thought for a moment.

“I know where it is.”

So the car started and went straight to the night market.

Xu Zhaixing who was not involved throughout the whole conversation: “…”

Wait a minute? I’m the star of the show today right? Have you asked me, the champion, for my opinion?

But if I go with them to the night market, I’ll be able to see Cen Feng—with this thinking she happily accepted their decision.

The car drove to the night market at five o’clock, time where people don’t get off to work and idle people don’t go out so there were only few table that were occupied, it was also quiet and more spacious.

Xu Zhaixing and Xu Yan do not eat spicy hot pot so Zhao Jinjin could only made the biggest concession.

“Okay, okay then we can have yuanyuang1.”

When three bottles of cola were put on the table, Zhao Jinjin finally got what she wanted. Looking at her expression, she was obviously the happiest while Xu Zhaixing just sip a few mouthfuls then put down her chopsticks and stood up casually.

“I want to eat some rice cakes, I’ll go and buy one back.”

Zhao Jinjin said.

“I want it too! I want the bacon one.”

While Xu Yan looked at her suspiciously, she did not know whether he had guess what she had in her mind but he did not say anything and just nodded his head.

Xu Zhaixing then ran happily.

Turning the corner, diagonally across the stress was the place where Cen Feng sings a song every time.

She had already thought of what she would say when saw him. She could even imagine what would happen after telling him that her work won an award, and since he was gentle he would surely say congratulations to her! And maybe even compliment her on her greatness!

Ahhhh what reward is not as good as the compliment from my beloved idol!!!

She ran all the way and only stop to wait for the traffic light while catching her breath, when she saw someone across the street in the triangle area, setting up a small stall to sell something there.

Xu Zhaixing was stunned for a moment, when the green light came on she walked along the stream of people and stopped in front of the vendor.

On the shelves were all pirated CDs and audio-visual disc with small speakers singing the popular songs of the day. The middle-age vendor greeted her.

“Little girl want to buy a disk?”

She subconsciously asked.

“Why are selling something here?”

“Why can’t I sell here?”

“Someone sings here every night.”

The boss smiled.

“Who’s singing ah, from morning to night it’s only me. I’ve been here for a month now.”

Her hearth thumped twice, she rushed next to the grocery store and went straight to the counter. The young shopkeeper didn’t recognize her at first and greeted her with a smile.


Xu Zhaixing said anxiously.

“A few months ago I gave you a jar of candy and 500 yuan so that you can send one to the boy who sings there every day. Do you remember me?”

The female shopkeeper suddenly realized.

“Oh, oh, it’s you. I remember you.”

Xu Zhaixing felt her throat tighten.

“Did you send it?”

The shopkeeper looked at her for a long time. She then got down and took out the jar from the cupboard below, as she said with regret.

“I’m sorry, he didn’t come again.”

Xu Zhaixing stared at a jar full of candy and for a moment her eyes hurt.

The female shopkeeper took out another 500 yuan.

“I wasn’t able to give the candy, you can take the money back.”

The little girl rubbed her eyes for a long time, and when she looked up her lips were still curved she then reached out and hugged the candy jar and whispered.

“Consider this as a fee for storing the candy jar, and thank you.”

After saying this, she politely nodded at the shopkeeper and turned to walk away.

The shopkeeper looked at her lonely back, she couldn’t bear looking at it so after struggling for a long time she stamped her feet and followed her, she shout.

“Eh, you wait.”

Xu Zhaixing turned back with her red eyes as she hugged the candy jar tightly.

The shopkeeper sighed.

“Forget it, I’ll be just a bad guy who doesn’t keep her word and tell you the truth. He acutally came here not long after you left.”

She repeated what Cen Feng had told her and added at end.

“He didn’t ask for the candy jar but he took a candy from it before he left. But it’s true that he hasn’t come back since that day.”

Xu Zhaixing looked her blankly, not knowing for a moment what expression she would have to face the twists and turns of events on the plot.

My idol knows I was here to deliver the candy.

My idol didn’t want my candy.

But my idol took away a candy.

So does he like it or not? Why did het let the shopkeeper lie to me? Why did he never come back after that day?

Is it because he doesn’t want me to come back?

Did he take that candy from me as a goodbye gift?

Xu Zhaixing looked down at the candy jar in her arms and felt even more stifled in her heart.

When she returned to the hot pot store, Zhao Jinjin had already eaten and drank enough. When she saw her holding a candy jar in her arms she asked curiously.

“You went to buy candy? Where’s the rice cake?”

She sat back to her seat in daze and whole facial features dropped down as she said in a dull voice.

“It’s closed.”

Zhao Jinjin was so happy that she didn’t notice anything wrong with her, she just nodded and asked eagerly.

“That candy you bought, what flavor is it? Is it tasty?”

Of course Xu Zhaixing understood what she mean, and said sullenly.

“Not even delicious, you’ve exceeded the calorie limit today.”

Zhao Jinjin suddenly huffed.

“How can I not eat one candy on a happy big day?”

Xu Zhaixing ignored her, and carefully places the candy jar on the corner of the table. Although her idol did not want this candy jar but he took one candy so it could be rounded as him liking the whole candy jar!

Xu Yan noticed that she was not in the right mood so he asked her.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Xu Zhaixing shook her head and forced a smile.

“Notihng, I’m just a little tired.”

She picked up her chopsticks and pretended to be relaxed.

“You haven’t finish eating, have you? Did you left something for me?”

Zhao Jinjin gave her sandwiches.

“There are, there are, the white flavor pot is all yours!”

Xu Zhaixing took her chopsticks to block her chopsticks.

“Ahhhhh don’t used you red oily chopsticks to sully my taste.”

Two people were playing with their chopsticks while Xu Yan’s eyes moved to the candy jar on the corner of the table and frowned.

After participating in the competition, Xu Zhaixing would return to S City to continue her schooling, while the contract given to her by the Paris sponsor was being reviewed by the company’s lawyers and see that there were no problems. After she goes home, she only need sign together with her parents a consent form and she could then start to cooperate with them to establish a brand.

Although she graduated as a designer in her previous life, it would be her first time to create her own brand. And Xu Yan doesn’t know much about this aspects so he couldn’t give her advices like before. After all operating a brand and operating a company was not the same, which not involved the fine details but also hands-on to knowledge.

Xu Zhaixing took the opportunity to go to what was said to be the largest and almost complete bookstore in B City to buy books related aspects on creating a brand before leaving, intending to study them properly so as to not lose out in the process of cooperation with the organizers.



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  2. Pettish Pudding Avatar
    Pettish Pudding

    tyvm, our heroine is a bit brokenhearted but still very positive, can’t wait to see her achieve everything she desires and become a domineering ceo who spoiles their beloved idol

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  3. Thank you very much for the translation ❤️ Loving the story and everyone’s interactions. I am wondering if she’s still doing the daily praise on Cen Feng’s weibo? And now that he realized it was happening does he check? I need another quick pov switch xD

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    Some happy moments, some sad moments but she bounces back to keep going forward 💪 And Xu Yan doesn’t know he’s become the eye candy rep to clinch deals🤣

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