Chapter 51

Wang Peng was happily chatting with Zhou Ruo about the audition resource he introduces.

Shen Yan subconsciously went to look at Zhou Ruo in the audience, and saw her chatting happily with Wang Peng.

Seeing this, Shen Yan thought that the relationship between the two was actually good..? She could only sigh not understanding their relationship at all.

This time the camera assigned for live broadcast was not here so Shen Yan could freely play with her phone. But the problem was this was a little inappropriate and just sitting alone was also a little boring.

The good thing was that beside Shen Yan was Zheng Rou, the latter has been carrying with her the Xianlu book, Shen Yan took the book and began to read it.

Except Shen Yan, the other contestant were trying to make sure their recording were better. They were repeatedly recording until the last minute of the one hour allotted time.

The makeup artist and the cameraman assigned to Shen Yan looked at the time, thinking that one hour was almost done they went and find Shen Yan.

What they did not expect was that, they did not find her in the room once they entered.

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know, did she go to the tattle to the staff?”

“It’s okay, even if she looks for the staff we will explain according to what we planned before.”

It never occurred to them nor believed that Shen Yan would have finished recording and went out first. They only thinks that Shen Yan had gone to the staff to tattle on them.

Shen Yan waited for a while and finally someone came out, it was Zheng Rou’s group. When Zheng Rou saw Shen Yan she was flabbergasted, after taking her seat she began to ask Shen Yan.

“What role did you play, is it the first female ah?”


Although Shen Yan denied it, she also did not say what role she played.

Zheng Rou also did not discuss further with Shen Yan, thinking that since Shen Yan was the only member of her group she must have recorded everything in general and didn’t want to talk about it, that’s why she answered no directly.

Zheng Rou and Shen Yan did chatted about Xianlu instead until all contestant had finished recording, did they stopped talking.

The host took the microphone and said.

“Okay, now that everyone has finished recording let’s take a look at the contestant’s works. Starting with the first group!”

Although Shen Yan had little interest in what they were shooting, she also wanted to learn about their strength so she sat there and watched everything silently.

There were a lot of contestant with good acting skills but Shen Yan thinks that the best among them was Li Xin.

Her future status in the entertainment was also good. Zheng Rou was okay, when she had a scene with Li Xin, she was not outstanding but she was still able to compete with Li Xin.

Almost every group chose the part of female no.1, in the group there were two to three girls that would choose female number one and two girls choose female number three. She was puzzled how they discussed their roles.

After all even if this was the elimination round, they competed in this audition in the very first place was because they wanted to play the female number one in Xianlu.

Shen Yan asked Zheng Rou.

“How did you set the role?”

“Li Xin said whoever acts better than her will play the female number one, if no one acts better than her she will play the female number one.”

After hearing that, Shen Yan smiled and did not say anything.

Soon thirty-three video were broadcasted and it was almost time for Shen Yan’s video to be broadcasted.

After a while, all 33 videos were done broadcasted. The audience meanwhile were looking forward on Shen Yan’s scene, they wanted to see if she had played a specific scene or just directly act in general and casually ended everything.

Although they all felt that Shen Yan could be eliminated in this round, most of them were still looking forward to her work.

It was at this time that the video began to air.

Shen Yan looked so gentle in a blue dress with her long hair dancing in the air. With just this shot, the audience present exclaimed as they noticed that Shen Yan was wearing a male clothing.

Shen Yan smiled then took a few steps forward.

“Bully her and I’ll take the initiative to stand up.”

After that she picked up a long sword, her gaze follows the sword as she draws it out. There was a deeps chill reflected on her beautiful but cold eyes.

This was the male number one in Xianlu, the martial artist who the female number one fell in love with.

Shen Yan played the male number one!

The video continues. No one was acting with Shen Yan but she was able to portray her role alone.

She curled her lips and continued to say the lines, the length of the whole video was exactly three minutes, after the video ended the whole surrounding was quiet.

Zhou Ruo was moved that she stood up and applaud directly, followed by the applause of the whole audience!

Shen Yan’s acting skill were good enough, Shen Yan’s creativity was good enough—with this Shen Yan could advance!

After the applause stopped, Lu Yunchen held the microphone with one hand and said.

“If Shen Yan does not advance, why don’t I give you my position as the male number one?”

After Lu Yunchen said this, several judges chimed in.

The director didn’t say anything since everyone already decided that Shen Yan could advance.

Lu Yunchen’s words made it impossible for the others to interfere. After all he said that if Shen Yan didn’t advance he would give up his position as male number one to Shen Yan. What more could they say, Lu Yunchen already said this, also most of the traffic they have was because of Lu Yunche’s popularity.

Besides, they also think that Shen Yan acted very well and her strength was enough to advance to the next stage.

The director was thinking which role was suitable for Shen Yan to play in Xianlu. She was quite suitable to play female number one but this audition was designed that whoever wins the audition shall play the female number and it’s just that he was not sure if Shen Yan could win this audition.

The director took the microphone and said.

“Congratulations Shen Yan, you advance to the next round. Next step is the comments of the other groups, our judges will write down the eliminated person after each broadcast. Finally we will publish the eliminated list.”

A staff member went to tally up exactly who were eliminated.

The host then went to Shen Yan and asked.

“Congratulations to Shen Yan for advancing, what do you have to say?”

“I believe that as long as the strength is enough, the female number one of Xianlu would be mine.”

The pop-up comments for the live broadcast frantically commented how Shen Yan was good looking and so on.

The emotions of the audience were still very excited especially because Shen Yan had advance!

Zhou Ruo also excitedly said.

“Advance, she advance! Right Wang Peng what did you just said to me?”

If Shen Yan advances, he would let Zheng Rou withdraw from the competition.

“Sister Zhou..”

“You have to talk to Zheng Rou.”

Wang Peng felt Shen Yan’s advancement shocked him more than the first round after all he was confident to say those things to Zhou Ruo.

“You don’t know how hard Zheng Rou wok for this!”

She definitely can’t quit! The show is too popular!

Wang Peng changed from helping Shen Yan look to please Shen Yan.

“Sister Zhou it’s not easy for Zheng Rou to participate in this competition ah.”

“Sister Zhou, Zheng Rou is very– why don’t you have a chat with Zheng Rou?”

“Sister Zhou I can’t do it, you are the senior you talk to her.”


Meng family.

Li Cuiyu looked at the TV and said.

“Shen Yan has advance, she has advance!”

Then she asked.

“How can she advance? She was by herself. How can she not be eliminated? Aunt Qian!”

“Her acting was so creative, and she looks good in men’s clothing, with this of course she would advance ah.”

In Auntie Qian’s opinion, Shen Yan’s advancement was based on her strength so she said.

“I think Shen Yan can play female number one in Xianlu.”

“By the way, according to Shen Yan’s current popularity I think even if she doesn’t star as the female number one in Xianlu she can still be popular in the entertainment industry.”

Li Cuiyu waved her hand.

“Auntie Qian, you don’t have to say anything.”

Aunt Qian sighed.

“Originally you can’t use Shen Yan, if Shen Yan becomes famous maybe you can’t even mess with Shen Yan too.”

Li Cuiyu: “…”

If Aunt Qian didn’t take care of Li Cuiyu she would have been fired her a long time ago. She picked up the remote control and turned off the TV, Li Cuiyu didn’t want to watch it anymore.

She wanted to go out to play mahjong and visit a salon, so she went upstairs and changed her clothes planning to go out.

Aunt Qian helped Li Cuiyu with her coat.


“Don’t say it.”

“Yes madam.”

When Li Cuiyu went out, Aunt Qian said.

“If you want to replace this aunt, who will cover for you. More like you will just fight with her.”

Aunt Qian thinks that she was more honest and straight forward, so Li Cuiyu wouldn’t have spare time fighting with her.


Zheng Rou was not eliminated in this round either.

After the live broadcast Shen Yan went out to find Zhou Ruo and planned to go back but saw Wang Peng and Zhou Ruo standing near the nanny car together. Seeing Wang Peng’s flattering face Shen Yan thought of another bet eating keyboard.

Wang Peng laughed and said.

“You have a good relationship with Zheng Rou, right?”


Why is he asking my relationship with Zheng Rou?

Shen Yan looked at Zhou Ruo and then Wang Peng. She then smiled and said.

“En, not bad.”

Although Shen Yan did not have a lot of interactions with Zheng Rou but the latter was quite nice to her, she even gave her snacks today and also cared about her so Shen Yan answered Wang Peng positively.

At this time, Zheng Rou also came out, she looked at her agent’s appearance and rushed over. She asked.

“Does may agent said that if Shen Yan advances he will the keyboard again?”

Wang Peng did not speak, seeing this Zheng Rou hurriedly said.

“Sister Zhou, let’s invite you to dinner.”

She remembered what her agent said last time, when she invited them to have dinner Sister Zhou Ruo agreed.

Shen Yan thinks that Wang Peng should be spared on eating the keyboard, besides Wang Peng couldn’t really eat keyboards last time and Zhou Ruo of course would really let Wang Peng eat it either.

He could just eat a chocolate keyboard, anyway it was still a keyboard made out from food.

None of them said anything, so Zheng Rou asked again.

“Everyone is free, right? I’ll book a hotel for us, I know a good place here.”

With that Zheng Rou blinked at Wang Peng.

This time Wang Peng broke his silence.

“Not eating keyboard.”

Not eating keyboard? So what did Wang Peng bet with sister Zhou Rou if not keyboard?

Shen Yan who stood next to Zhou Ruo asked.

“Sister Zhou what did you bet on?”

Zhou Ruo looked at Zheng Rou’s smiling face, while Shen Yan looked at Wang Peng, and Wang Peng looked Shen Yan with a look of embarrassment.



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