Chapter 16 (1)

Jiang Mian let go of Qi Yanshu’s wrist and looked at the corners of the latter’s pursed mouth as she awkwardly pulled the hem of her dress.

“Uncle Qi I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you.”

She did not know that the one who struck her was Qin Yanshu, nor did she expect that the other party would suddenly withdrew its force and she did not know what reason the other party just attacked her.

“There’s no need to apologize to me.”

The corner of Qi Yanshu’s tightly pursed lips loosened.

“I was the one who made the first move against you, you were just defending yourself.”

Because his eyes could not see, it caused him to misidentify people.

The man’s eyebrows that was shielded by his glasses, wrinkled.

Jiang Mian guessed that Qi Yanshu probably took her as the man who drugged the wine in the hall and when he heard her voice, he knew he has mistaken her for him so withdrew his force.

A moment later the corners of Qi Yanshu’s mouth rose a little.

“Good hands.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

You are still in the mood to think about this at this time?

She looked at his limp, dangling wrist—it looked really hurt!

“Let’s go to the hospital immediately.”

Jiang Mian supported him, though Qi Yanshu recognized the wrong person he was still able to withdraw his strength by stepping back. She on the other hand had break his wrist, and needs to take full responsibility.

She does know how to drive, so she could only asked help from her film emperor father. So she first helped Qi Yanshu sit on the chair.

“You first bear it a little, I’ll immediately call someone so you wait here for me.”

Qi Yanshu nodded gently.

When Jiang Mian hurriedly returned to the hall to find Qin Jingrun, Qi Yanshu held up his right wrist and thought it would only took a second for him to recover.

But he didn’t want to do that.


Qin Jingrun was looking for his baby daughter everywhere in the hall thinking that since his baby daughter was so beautiful, without him watching what if someone would make a bad move on his baby daughter, what would he do?

The hall was crowded and every now and then someone would come to talk to him causing him to never find his baby daughter, when he finally had time to search again he was blocked by Yu Sizhu.


Yu Sizhu handed him a glass of wine and smiled.

“You’re a busy man finally I have the chance to talk to you.”

Qin Jingrun has worked with many actresses, and Yu Sizhu was one of the most collaborated actresses he had work with.

In the eyes of other, perhaps Yu Sizhu and him were very familiar but in fact only Yu Sizhu herself knows that between her and Qin Jingrun, they could only be considered as ordinary friends.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had worked together many times, she would still be a nobody in front of Qin Jingrun.


Qin Jingrun took the wine, he was always used keeping his distance from female celebrities so he said.

“Mr. Yu is over there, I’ll go say hello to him.”

While nodding politely towards Yu Sizhu, he then took a step with his long legs and prepared to leave.

Yu Sizhu bit her red lips, she had been paying attention to him and knew that he had been looking for someone. Who else could he be looking for beside the girl who came with him?

“Are you looking for the little girl who came with you?”

She asked softly.

Qin Jingrun stopped his footsteps.

“You saw her?”

Yu Sizhu nodded gently and pointed at the corridor not far away.

“I saw her and a man heading there.”

At the word, Qin Jingrun frowned slightly, Yu Sizhu’s heart was immediately happy seeing this. There was only dim light and several people the corridor, and it was easy for young women and men to leave together.

She was implicitly trying to express that it’s not good to have the female companion who comes with you, leaves you behind with another man.

Seeing Qin Jingrun lift his steps towards the corridor, Yu Sizhu thought of following him but just after taking two steps she saw the beautiful butterfly walking out. She subconsciously looked towards Qin Jingrun and saw a smile appeared on his face.

Yu Sizhu’s complexion change drastically.


Jiang Mian came out and saw her film emperor father. She went forward to hold Qin Jingrun’s arms and was about to speak but saw Yu Sizhu coming over.

“Jingrun, don’t you want to introduce this pretty girl? The youngest and most beautiful girl of the night.”

She knew that this move would upset Qin Jingrun but she was too eager to know the relationship between this woman and Qin Jingrun.

Jiang Mian who could feel the inexplicable hostility: “….”

After thinking about it, she deliberately held the arm of her film emperor father a little tighter then whispered to Qin Jingrun’s ears.

“Dad, I accidentally broke someone else’s hand.”

Fortunately her film emperor father was a big man who has seen the world. Even though there was a big turbulent rising in his heart he does not show it on his face at all and calmly said to Yu Sizhu.

“Sorry, excuse us.”

Then he grabbed Jiang Mian and walked to the side.

The expression on the movie queen gradually loosen up.

“Baby, what did you say?”

Walking to the side while avoiding people, Qin Jingrun’s surprised looked was only revealed. He thought he was hallucinating, how could his baby daughter break someone’s wrist?!

“It was an accident.”

Jiang Mian coughed.

“Now we have to take him to the hospital.”

Qin Jingrun was in a deep thought after a moment of silence.

The identity of those who could come to this reception has good status, although he does not know who the other party was. But since his baby daughter was the one who accidentally hurt the other party, he as the father should be responsible.

Qin Jingrun decided to personally send Qi Yanshu to the hospital but Jiang Mian immediately stopped it.

The host of the reception deliberately invited Qin Jingrun, and the reception has just started not long ago if he suddenly left, it would look like he was not giving face to the host and could easily offend other people.

“Dad, you just have someone drive us to the hospital.”

Jiang Mian whispered.

“Don’t worry I can handle it.”

Qin Jingrun also knew it was not right for him to leave now and seeing his baby daughter’s determined attitude he finally had to arrange for a waiter to drive his car and take Jiang Mian and Qi Yanshu to the hospital.

The hospital was a place where there was no shortage of people no matter what time of the day, and when Jiang Mian helped Qi Yanshu enter, they received a large number of stares.

Especially Jiang Mian who was still wearing that beautiful dress. Passerby would incongruously look at her as if she was a painting appeared from the hospital.

A younger one even whispered.

“Is someone shooting a movie?”



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