ECM 27.1


Chapter 27 (1)

I want to go back by the wind, but I am afraid of the jade palace.

When this famous ancient poem in China came out from her mouth, the whole surrounding was quiet. And hearing the word Fei Tian, the first thing they think was Dunhuang and those rare and valuable fresco.

And this work, whether from the design of the dress to the makeup of the model it obviously has Chinese elements that everyone would undoubtedly thought this was one of Dunhuang fresco.

Who would have thought that it would be inspired by<<Shuidiao Getou>>1.

But surprisingly, it also fits well.

Looking at Zao Jinjin who looked stunningly beautiful they could immediately remember one of the stanza in the poem: Feathered clothes flying in the sky, the wind return.

On the big screen, line draft of the Fei Tian was put out. Xu Zhaixing then briefly explained her ideas when designing the dress as well as the problems and difficulties encountered in the creation process.

When it comes to the hem of the dress where the scattered diamonds was sewed that brought out a lively mood, she explained.

“In order to sew this small diamonds, I did not make my homework for a week and was punished by the teacher to clean the toilets for three days.”

The audience laughed in a friendly manner.

After that, the professor of the famous domestic fashion design institute took the microphone and said.

“Just now I heard when you talk about your design concept, there was a saying that the world is mired and dark that only a beam of light from the sky has become your only upward support. Let me ask you impolitely, you are only 16 years old and you came from a rich family. Why do you have such insight? And what does that light mean? It seems to me that there is a bit of new story to tell.”

At the age of sixteen, the most troubling thing they could encounter was probably studying. There was no adult pressure of all kinds, so how could she used such heavy words about the darkness of the mire.

The old professor’s question hit the nail on the head, and the people underneath held their breath waiting to hear how Xu Zhaixing would defend herself.

Xu Zhaixing didn’t expect to hear this kind of question but she just smiled lightly, nodded and said.

“Sort of, teenagers don’t know the taste of sorrow and I hope I will never have to know the taste of it.”

Just let the darkness that once almost killed her, dissipate forever into nothingness.

And she would never look back again.

She would just simply move forward.

The people at the audience area who were expecting something extraordinary tale were a little disappointed but the professor who asked the question instead smiled and nodded, he then put the microphone down.

When Xu Zhaixing turn was done, it was the next contestant’s turn. Zhao Jinjin next to her finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Just now, the old man was deliberately looking for trouble. She had to pinch herself while sweating a lot to make sure she would stay rational!

Until all 20 designers finished explaining their works, the following judges began to give them score and choose.

“I think we can at least take the third place.”

Zhao Jinjin said in a low voice.

“I don’t think so.”

Zhao Jinjin looked at her indisputably.

“Why are you so unsure of yourself!”

Xu Zhaixing said confidently.

“I think at least we can take the first.”

Zhao Jinjin: “….”

Sorry I was not savage enough.

Xu Zhaixing lauhed and poked her waist.

“Aiya, just relax. It doesn’t matter if you get the award, I’m already satisfied that we made it to the finals. I’m still young anyway, we’ll enter again next year.”

Zhao Jinjin who has a strong sense of victory, pouted and said.

“Anyway, if you don’t get into top three that only means they don’t have eyes for talents!”

Ten minutes later, the judges finished their discussion and the staff brought up the list and handed them to the host. The competition finally came to the most critical moment, everyone held their breath while staring at the list in the host hands.

The host did all the thrill and whetted the appetite of the audience and contestant before he started announcing from the third place.

“The third place winner of this year’s Paris Fashion Design Competition is, designer No. 30 Anan and his work “Feast”! Let’s congratulate Anan!”

Annan was surprise, Xu Zhaixing gave a high five to Annan who was only one person away.

The host went on to announce the second place winner, a female designer from UK.

And the first placer which was the main event of the night has yet to be announce.

When Zhao Jinjin heard that the third and second were not her own young lady she was immediately a little unhappy and inwardly muttered.

What the hell is wrong with these people! Do you have any eye for talent?!

As she was silently cursing the judges, she suddenly heard the host say.

“Congratulations to you young designer Xu Zhaixing, the winner of the 4th Paris Fashion Design Competition!”

Zhao Jinjin screamed and hugged Xu Zhaixing beside her.

The judges really have eyes for talents! It’s the best eyes in the world!

The audience resounded with loud applause, several judges were also smiling. It seems that this result were unanimously agreed by everyone, on the other hand what Xu Zhaixing said to Zhao Jinjin was her casual remark but who would have expect that it would really happen. She froze in place before she smiled happily at the camera.

The other designers who didn’t win came off the stage with their models, followed by the judges coming up on stage to present the awards.

After the heavy golden cup was awarded to Xu Zhaixing, the microphone was also handed over. She cleared her throat and said happily.

“To get this award, I would like to thank my parents first, my friends and teachers, second to the organizers and judges. These are all taught by Miss Zhao Jinjin next to me. Thank you.”

There was another burst of laughter in the audience area.

She looked at the camera, and did not know what came to her mind as her smiled became so sweet that even her voice was soft and gentle.

“Thank you for that light of mine, I love you forever.”

At the end of the competition, the winners took picture with the judges followed by interviews in the media area. Xu Zhaixing was of course, the focus of the reporters but she was not used facing so many cameras and pushed Zhao Jinjin after a few simple words.

Zhao Jinjin was familiar with this kind of things, also her beauty tonight shocked everyone and many media recognized who she was. Gradually the topic shifted to her, as they asked her various questions like if she had any experience being a model and what was her recent schedule.

As Xu Zhaixing was looking at the exposure and popularity of her artist increases she began to fantasized about Zhao Jinjin’s endorsements, scripts that were chosen just for her and the variety shows she would be in everyday—her little bee who was diligently making money.

Hehe, beautiful ladies are really satisfactory.

When the interview was over, the two satisfied people went backstage.

Annan was still waiting there, and as soon as he saw her coming he immediately greeted and congratulated her before asking.

“You know that you can cooperate with the Paris organizers in creating a brand of your own, right?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded.

“I know.”

Annan rubbed his hands together and asked tentatively.

“So when you’ve settled with that side, can you book me for the first interview and show? Li Magazine will give you the cover issue, the title I have thought about of is absolutely explosive!”

Xu Zhaixing smiled graciously and said.

“What’s not like to agree about? I’ll tell you first when I’ve confirmed everything with the organizers.”

Annan did not expect to get her interview so easily, this was the design champion of this year! She was the youngest in history and was already very popular with just this alone. Many magazines and media were waiting to interview her, so he was so overjoyed hearing her say that.

“Ok, you have my business card, contact me any time!”

Xu Zhaizing smiled and nodded her head.

Chen Xing lacks the resources in fashion magazine, it’s good for the development of the company’s artist to make friends with Annan so of course she won’t refuse.

After chatting with Annan for a few minutes, a person in charge of the competition came over to her and brought her to the meeting room.

The head organizers of the competition were from China, they were in charge of the process and hold the activities behind the scenes and just now when they heard that the designer who got the championship this year was a 16 year old high school student, they were surprise beyond words. They immediately informed the headquarters in Paris and sent the winning work.

The headquarters soon called and said that Fei Lao wanted to meet the youngest designer ever to win the title.

Fei Lao was the founder of the Paris Fashion Design Competition. He was a Frech-Chinise, when he was young he was an international famous designer and won numerous awards. The three brands he created ranged from affordable to light luxury to luxury, which were popular all over the world. A deity class who could shake the industry three times with just one stomp.

So the staff rushed to get Xu Zhaixing over.

When Xu Zhaixing entered, the video call was already connected and the old man with white temples on the computer screen looked elegant as he greeted her in a friendly manner.

Seeing the old man, Xu Zhaixing remembered that Fei Lao died in her junior year of college.

At this moment to be able to see this legend again, there was incomparable sadness inside. She sat down across the screen and politely said.

“Hello grandpa, my name is Xu Zhaixing.”

Fei Lao smilingly said.

“Domestics talents have emerged, knowing this my heart is relieved.”

The more powerful a person was the more relaxed Xu Zhaixing was chatting with him, she felt like she was really chatting with her grandfather. There was no sense of oppression at all. There was only the expectation and praise of the elders for the younger generation.

After talking for more than ten minutes, at the end Fei Lao said.

“Do you already have an idea about starting your own independent brand?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded firmly.

Fei Lao laughed.

“Very good, young people just have to be more daring and think more and the smoother the road ahead will be. They’ll get in touch with you and I’m looking forward to seeing your work.”

After hanging up the video call the staff handed over the contract, along the contract information of the person in charge specifically arranged for her and her email address.

Knowing that she was not yet an adult, the staff said.

“You can take the contract back to the adults to look at it first and after they approved it, you will need to sign another guardianship consent form and send it along to your responsible person at that time.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded her head and thanked them one by one before leaving the conference room.

Zhao Jinjin had already change her dress and was waiting downstairs holding the Fei Tian dress. She was still in a state of excitement and as soon as she saw Xu Zhaixing she run up and hugged her.

“Miss you’re too good, how can you be so good, you’re simply going to take over Brando as my new idol! The best decision I made in my life to was to sign Chen Xing, you don’t know at that time many agencies wanted to sign me but if it wasn’t for the handsome general manager Xu I would go to other big companies.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Sister, you don’t have to tell me, the boss, such information, ok?

And you actually chose Chen Xing because of my brother’s face? Wouldn’t that be too casual? Do you want to be an entertainer or my sister-in-law?

Xu Zhaixing decided to supervise Xu Yan’s skin care and fitness from today onwards. Making sure he won’t grow fat and have beer belly when he becomes the big boss, since his face value now belongs to the property of the company and couldn’t be damaged at will.

When they walked to the exit, Xu Yan had already driven the car over and as soon as they got in, he asked.

“What do you want to eat today?”


<<Shuidiao Getou>>1Shui Diao Song Tou or “When Does the Moon Have a Bright Moon” is a silly poem created by Su Shi, a writer of Song Dynasty.


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