Chapter 18

Ye Xun squeezed his small fist and then looked up as he regained his calm as if he never expected anything. He ran to the aisle hall, carried his small school bag and sat back on the chair waiting for Ye Susu.

Ye Susu moves quickly.

She checked the room one last time and made sure she had took away what was valuable and what she still needs and left everything alone.

Before leaving, she also did not forget to send a WeChat message with red packet to Ye Wan.

[Cousin, I gave the red envelope according to the market price. I think 3 hours is enough.]

Ye Susu put away her phone and finally turned her head to look at the room.

Without a trace of lingering feeling, she took little Ye Xun with her oversized hiking bag and dragged the largest box in each of her left and right hands, then closed the door.

“What market price, three hours?”

When Ye Wan received the WeChat, she was already on her way over.

The content of this message made her feel unfathomable mystery.

But when she arrived at the door of Ye Susu room she felt her heart thumped.

The shoe rack outside were almost empty.

She knocked on the door, but no one answered.

So she went and find the key, once she found it she entered the house and found that it was already empty.

Ye Wan was stunned and froze in place as she stepped on her crocodile skin heels.

After another look around the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, she let out scream!


The 100 yuan red envelop was clearly compared to the hourly rate of the cleaning lady!

One hundred yuan for three hours was to let her clean up the trash she left behind!

“That crazy bitch!”

She was about to call and scold her when she received a transfer notification.

[You have received a transfer from Ye Susu in the amount of 1000 yuan. Remark: rent plus interest, no need for change.]

Ye Wan’s eyebrows raised.

Looking at her WeChat again, there were a lot of messages sent on her phone.

[Sister Ye Wan, wow your cousin’s new house is so beautiful, so envious!]

[Sister Wan, I heard that Ye Susu found her next house and got rich? Her new house looks so good.]

[Sister Ye, your cousin seems to have fly high. Can I have her phone number? Please!]

Her circle of internet celebrities were actually not that big.

But Ye Wen was in the circle for a long time, and each studio she had known a few people.

But she didn’t know what they were all saying!

Ye Wan clicked on these unread WeChat one by one and immediately saw the screenshots captures by moments they sent her.

She was busy socializing yesterday, accompanying several bosses until late at night and went home to sleep and did not pay attention to movement of her circle of friends.

But zooming in on the picture, she took one look and her face suddenly change!

It was a duplex villa, luxurious enough to be blinded by just this nine photos.

This house would be worth at least 8 million if it was in the center of the city—even she couldn’t afford it!

Ye Wan’s jealousy which had been latent for nearly ten years exploded in a second at this moment, almost making her faint with anger.

She pressed Ye Susu for so long, thinking how this woman who has been a vixen since childhood could find a rich man!?


Angrily, she picked up the porcelain bowl left on the table and slammed it on the floor.

But the force was too strong and the something inside the bowl splashed staining not only the floor but her crocodile skin high heels. The next second she felt that there was a cat poop on her high heels.

“Ye, Su, Su!”

On a Sunday morning, there were a lot of cars on the road.

Many people come and go downtown for dates or to sneak their kids around.

Ye Susu’s mood soared to the highest point when she arrived at the entrance of the Begonia Garden.

After she received most of the payment from her online buyer, she returned the money she owe to Ye Wan right away.

She was now debt-free, making the air much fresher.

And ring the begonia-shaped doorbell with no incident and meeting the owner’s morning answer.

“Please come in.”

The electronic lock door opened right after his lazy voice sounder over the intercom.

Coming in she saw the snow-white carpet in the foyer extends from the doorway to the living room intersection.

It was definitely soft when step on with bare feet.

Ye Susu’s feet were soothed for a while, and wished she could have a good sleep in the brilliant sunlight by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

But she wiped her nose and immediately snapped out of the temptation.

Standing in the doorway, she took her hiking bag down and pulled out her slippers and her baby cub’s on her oversized hiking bag.

Put it on the floor and change the little cub’s sneakers making sure that rules were implemented.

After all, on the territory of other male specie one must observe the rules.

She didn’t even dare to drag the box in, lest she stain the clean blanket carpet.

Since she also loves to be clean.

When she was about to squat down and wipe the roller at the bottom of the box with a paper towel, a magnetic voice just from above her forehead sounded over.

“There are new ones in the shoe closet.”

She turned her head and saw the man’s chiseled jaw was clean without any beard and the line was firm.

Gazing her eyes a little bit down, she saw the man’s throat that rolled his adam’s apple.

A bringing her gaze a little more lower was the.. the soft, loose and warm, exceptionally mild looking coarse yarn sweater.

Today he looked more cold with his white skin and clear temperament making her want to scratch his fury chest as usual.

Ye Susu blinked and her watery eyes wavered for a while.

Li Yun’s eyes however fell on the feet of mother and son.

The child’s slipper were bit too big, and the soles were slightly unglued.

While Ye Susu’s own slippers although they look snow-white and brand-new, much better than the child but they were disposable in the hotel and she actually brought them home to wear them repeatedly.

His deep eyes suddenly darkened.

She really couldn’t give her child a good life.

But she was also really poor.

Extremely poor to no end.


Author has something to say: What should I do if my wife is too poor?


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