Chapter 148

Wang Tong on the other end of the line was silent for a long time, and after a while Fu Zhen seemed to have heard his long sigh.

“You guys…”

He paused then continued.

“You guys really have an interesting interest.”

It may be that Wang Tong was caught off guard by being fed with a mouthful of dog food and his heart couldn’t bear it.

In addition, he found that Jiang Hengshu was still the man with no stain and his image of Jiang Hengshu was once again rose up in his heart.

Wang Tong did not speak for a long time.

Jiang Hengshu indifferently spoke at the side and said to Wang Tong.

“You just called him madam a total of ten times.”

Jiang Hengshu’s voice was very calm, there were no joy nor anger however Wang Tong at this time felt all his little hair shivered, he coughed and said.

“That boss, I remember I also have some things to do. I can’t continue talking, I’ll hang up now.”

After saying that, he didn’t care what Jiang Hengshu thought and just hurriedly hung up the phone.

Fu Zhen lowered his head and continued to sort out the unfinished plot line. Jiang Hengshu sat down beside him and called him gently.


Fu Zhen froze for a moment before he realize what Jiang Hengshu had just called himself and the fingers typing on the keyboard stopped.

His fingers stopped mid-air, he turned his head to look at Jiang Hengshu dumbly.

Jiang Hengshu seemed to get some fun out of it and pressed himself to Fu Zhen’s ear and called out to him again.

“Madam Jiang?”

Fu Zhen’s ears twitched twice, diffusing a layer of attractive pink in their surroundings. Jiang Hengshu’s gaze sank slightly as his right hand climbed to Fu Zhen’s shoulder and asked him.

“Madam Jiang does not want to rest for a while?”

Fu Zhen’s cheek were flustered and put his eyes back on the computer screen as he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I’ll finish the rest of this and go to bed.”

“Then I’m going to put the bath water on for Madam.”

Jiang Hengshu stroked Fu Zhen’s head and got up to go inside the bathroom.

Fu Zhen finished sorting the plot line, and it was nearly ten o’clock when he took a bath and come out of the bathroom.

He promised Madam Jiang to go shopping with her tomorrow, he decided to prepared tonight the clothes his going to wear tomorrow so that he could save some time tomorrow morning.

Fu Zhen opened the closet, after picking some he surprisingly found in the corner a sky blue cheongsam. Fu Zhen thought he saw it wrong so he took it out, and saw that it was indeed a cheongsam.

According to the material, it was made of silk and looking closely the cheongsam was embroidered with patterns of light green leaves which was reflective with light.

He compared this cheongsam with his body and found that it was exactly the same size as his.

Clearly he did not see this dress when he last organized his closet, when did Jiang Hengshu put it in?

Even if he was going out wearing women’s clothing, it was impossible to wear cheongsam out.

Soon after Jiang Hengshu came out of the bathroom and noticed Fu Zhen sitting on the bed with his back facing him.

He walked over and Fu Zhen turned around, his hand was holding the cheongsam that Jiang Hengshu got back from the store yesterday.

Fu Zhen tilted his head and asked him.

“How come we have cheongsam?”

Jiang Hengshu looked at the dress in Fu Zhen’s hand and imagined the scene in which Fu Zhen might wear it in the future. And certain naughty thought could not be help but run out on in his mind but on the surface he still looked decent.

He said to Fu Zhen.

“If I say this is a gift from buying those clothes, will you believe me?”

Fu Zhen slowly shook his head, this cheongsam may be the most expensive one in the closet.

If he knows which store was sending out cheongsam as a gift for buying clothes, he would immediately go and bankrupt that store.

Jiang Hengshu sat down on the bed, the mattress around him slightly sunken down. His body was leaning forward and the distance between him and Fu Zhen was less than ten centimeters.

He said to Fu Zhen.

“When the baby is born, you wear it for me okay?”

Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes were like clear lake which reflected his own figure. Fu Zhen could not resist such looked on Jiang Hengshu, and finally nodded.

Jiang Hengshu then leaned over and kissed Fu Zhen’s forehead.


Fu Zhen and Luo Pingping drastically deleted some original plots of the <<White Castle>> and combined some unimportant characters in the book.

They tried not to be complicated when presenting the plot to the audience in the future. At the same time they also kept the multiple interpretations of the ending of the original work in order to prevent the book fans from knowing the content before watching the film.

The ending of the movie and the part of the killer need to be redesigned.

The film and television copyright of <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> was sold as early as two years ago. Because of the lawsuit with Luo Pingping, the producer has not officially started to prepare until now however the director of Last Night’s has been settled as early as a year ago.

This was a well-known fact, now the crew was busy with casting.

The official blog of <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> movie launched a role poll which attracted more than a dozen of popular female and male artist to choose their favorite namely princess Cuiwe and Zhao San.

Many fans of those artist were not too happy after all that film has just been nailed as stigma of plagiarism although the director said that he would eliminate all the plagiarized part, but plagiarism was still plagiarism.

Buying the copyright of the plagiarized work was equivalent to having the original sin so wasn’t it idiotic to take the film now?

However, the book fans of the <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> were so happy that they forwarded and voted in one line and soon chose the best candidate of their choice.

Princess Cuiwei fans chose Lin Xiyao, one of the four little girls who have been known as the “mermaid princess”, and Zhao San got the most votes from the powerful actor Huang Yi.



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