Chapter 14

Yan Zhen looked at Tang Tang stabbing the zombies smoothly and was a bit moved. He turned around and looked around the dorm room and saw the broom hiding in the corner.

He took it in his hand and tried it, it was too light to put pressure on stabbing the zombie.

He shook his head and went back to look for a mop in the bathroom.

After stabbing the zombies non-stop for a while, they were almost exhausted but the number of zombies outside the window did not decrease at all.

“How many zombie are there in here!”

Yan Zhen despaired.

Tang Tang was also losing hope, although the rod bar seemed to be quiet easy but maintaining the same action make her arms also tired.

What’s more the rod was heavy as hell and must be held by two hands in order to stab the zombies, otherwise it would not achieve the effect of stabbing the zombie down.

Looking at the steady stream of zombies coming to the window, Tang Tang really wanted to stick her head out to and take a look to see if there was nothing wrong after pushing the zombie down!

How come the number of zombie were not decreasing??

Today was only the third day of the six-day duration for mutation.

But the window in their dorm room was already broken and the hole was big. With the attack of the zombie’s iron head there was a big possibility of it getting bigger and bigger.

Tang Tang knew it was not good to continue being like this and when nearly two meter wide glass was smashed even if they had eight hands there was not time to stop these zombies.

When she was trying to figure out how to get through her immediate predicament, the dormitory door which had been quite calm was suddenly noisy.


A loud sound resounded.

They don’t know what it was, but it suddenly hit their dorm room with big muffled thud and even the door which was still a good quality trembles ‘clang’ twice.

Tang Tang and Yan Zhen looked at each other.

“It’s not what I think it is, right?”

Then there eye become more hopeless.

Their trouble with the windows has not been solved but the door was being attacked now?

It was already difficult enough to find zombie from the window and they were not up on a good start, but now they need to worry for another one?

How much could this be wilder?

And to think that the zombies shouldn’t have such high IQ!



The sound outside the door didn’t abate but gout louder and louder instead. It felt like they were all ganging up on their bedroom door.

“That doesn’t sound right.”

Tang Tang listened carefully to the sound coming from the outside of the room. They were familiar with the strange sound of the zombie these days, but there were other indistinguishable sounds outside the door beside the ‘chiek, chiek’ sound of the zombie.

Yan Zhen nodded in agreement.

“You deal with the zombie here at the window first, I’ll go check the door.”

“Okay, be careful.”

Tang Tang walked towards the door of the dormitory, and the closer she got the more obvious the sound outside the door were. Her hand holding the iron rod tightened as she carefully lifted the doorhole of the door at a small angle.


Someone’s there!

Tang Tang opened her mouth in surprise and quickly closed it again to prevent herself from inadvertently giving away any sound.

Since the doorhole was only open with a tiny slit, she couldn’t see particularly well but there was a big difference between a zombie and a human and she was still able to distinguish it quickly.

It’s just—

These don’t deem to be ordinary people?

Tang Tang was afraid that she was wrong and looks out carefully.

The one outside the door were boys probably about the same age as them, she doesn’t know them but they must be students from other dorm room on the tenth floor. Probably these students were out of food stock in their rooms so they rushed out to find food even if they were still many zombies lurking outside—after all they only have one choice.

These were no problem, the biggest problem was that those people could already use their ability?

Tang Tang observed that some of the boys had a small fireball floating in their hands and as soon as the zombie touched him they would be burned by the fireball in his hands. The burned part would smoke and emit an unpleasant smell.

Now she was sure that the other sound they hear in the room earlier included this.

It was just this fore ability doesn’t seem to be very powerful, although it burn the zombie it only partially injured and the zombie and they could still continue to attack humans.

To get the zombie stopped attacking them, the only way was to attack the lethal part.

In addition to this fire ability, there was also like water, ice and wind that other people has. Tang Tang counted them roughly and there were nearly ten people blocking the door and among them fire use accounted for the largest contributor, there were other three people and only one to two ability user.

“Can’t you throw water ball?—don’t put out my fire!!!”

“Can’t you throw your ice accurately—they hit me fuck!”

“If the wind is not blowing well, go back your own dormitory, okay? Don’t add trouble here!”

Tang Tang listen to their mutual complaints, and then looked at them and saw that they didn’t have a tacit understand at all. They must not have discussed their actions in advance.

She frowned and looked back at the three who were still tied to the table with no sign of successfully awakening.

Was it because the people have different attribute in various aspect so the time require for the awakening of the ability was also different?

As the male lead, Jiang Zhu’s powers must be very powerful it took him such a long time so it was safe to assume that the longer it take to awaken, the more powerful the awakened powers would be?

Then Qin Zhang and Qi Mu, was also the same?

She thought deeply and then shook her head again.

No, we can’t make such conclusion yet.

The commotion outside the door gradually quietened down and finally only a few crippled zombies remained, still not giving up to get up from the ground.

Tang Tang was worried that they could smell her so she quickly covered the doorhole and retreated from the dormitory room.

Yan Zhen at the window was still waiting for her observation.

She told him all about what had just happened outside the door.

Yan Zhen was surprised.

“Are you serious? They can attack with fire, water and ice?”

Tang Tang nodded.

“Holy shit! Is that the legendary supernatural power? Those people have actually awakened an ability?”

Yan Zhen was so shocked that his mouth was open wide but soon after the shock he was dejected.

“Then doesn’t the fact that I haven’t change at all until now mean I don’t have a chance?”

Tang Tang looked at him and raised the rod as she started stabbing the zombies outside the window again.

“Um.. not necessarily, maybe you’ll awakened was just a little late?”

Then she thought of herself again.

She also has no sign of awakening at all until now!


She really don’t have any ability.

Their dorm room was particularly close to the stairway so if anyone else rushes out of the dorm room they would definitely pass this way again.

The fight just now has added a lot of burden to their bedroom door. There was even water leaking into the crack of the door, the water released by the ability user, if were more powerful she was afraid the bedroom door would not be able to hold.

If that door disappear, and this side of the window hole—with both sides to take care of, they would not last long.

Tang Tang’s brow furrowed to death.

Jiang Zhu was the male lead so there should nothing bad would happen to him.

These three people were the group of the male lead, it should still safe to assume that they would be safe.

So—don’t sacrifice her to a zombie first!



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