Chapter 18

Ruan Tian reluctantly said.

“Who is family with you?”

Guo Feng laughed and said.

“You still deny it? Since you and President Qin are both classmates and close friends, so you are part of the Light and Shine Entertainment’s family. If you had told me earlier, will there be any more of these things? Of course I must give you face.”

“Oh.. are you apologizing to me?”

“Yes, yes, you must forgive me……..”

“I forgive you.”

Without waiting for him to finish Ruan Tian said casually.

“Then I’ll hang up.”

“No, no, no, wait.”

Guo Feng even panicked.

“I still have something to ask for your help, you must save me otherwise my family cannot live!”

Ruan Tian bristled.

“You say it.”

Because of the subterfuge thing, he didn’t really want to help Guo Feng, well anyway he would just casually listened to it.

Guo Feng’s request to Ruan Tuan was naturally related to his dismissal. He makes it clear that it was related to Ruan Tian, and if calls Ruan Tian he wanted to make sure he was saying nice things about President Qin.

Ruan Tian did not finished listening, he just quickly refused and modestly and seriously.

“You must be wrong, how can Qin LI fire you because of me. Impossible! You might as well thing about other reasons, in case you don’t know I don’t have such good relationship with Qin Li.”

Guo Feng did not believe Ruan Tian and continued to pester and beg him instead. He said all the good things he could think of but Ruan Tian still insisted that it couldn’t be related to him.

His words were resolute and gave Guo Feng a serious analysis.

Guo Feng felt that he really couldn’t continue to listen to Ruan Tian’s analysis about their relationship and just ended the call in frustration.

Ruan Tian who was still holding the phone was still very puzzled, he obviously said the truth but Guo Feng still did not believe him.

He and Qin Li’s relationship was indeed very ordinary. Why would Qin Li fired Gou Feng because of him? That would be just impossible!

Qin Li is not stupid.

Ruan Tain who muttering was once again grabbed by his mother again, and the bowl of blackened black chicken soup was then delivered to him.

“Drink it quickly. It’s specially made for you, you can’t leave until you finish it.”

Hu Shi gave an order directly.

Ruan Tian had a bitter face, he was annoyed if he had known that sooner or later he still needs to drink the soup, he should not have talk so much nonsense with Guo Feng to delay the time.

This time in addition to his mother, Qin Li also often send him food which was called tonifying Ruan Tian’s body.

His mother said that since he was now considered two people he needs more tonic.

While Qin Li sent Ruan Tian was basically what Ruan Tian liked to eat. Instead of asking the chef to toss around, he asked them to teach him and let him study all kinds of food Ruan Tian liked to eat.

He also made sure that what Ruan Tian would eat were not only the one he loved but also has to be nutritious, which would not affect his body.

Every time Ruan Tuan enjoy’s delicious food he would feel heartily that this was a blessing in disguise. Without the kitten in his stomach, Qin Li would not have been so kind to him in the end he was still the light of the kitten.

He had heard that human were fond of children, and it was true.

Also they especially love the boy. If one could not give birth to a boy, she needs to get pregnant all the time until she gets a boy.

If there was no boy in the family, you would be pushed out and get bullied.

Ruan Tian touched his abdomen, every time he thinks about it he would always think that human were so scary.

His cat family never discriminates against female kittens but would be double loved instead.

If he had a female kitten, who dares to bully her Ruan Tian would fight them.

He bared his teeth as he thought about it, revealing the sharp tips of his teeth and retracting a cold light.

On the eighth day Ruan Tian and Yang Li became friends, he suddenly received a message from her.

[Ruan Tian quickly logged on Weibo, you’re on fire!!!]

Then followed by accompanied two screenshots, one with the hot list and other hashtag #LittleBrotherShengBeauty, and the other was with a photo of Ruan Tian taken that day.

Ruan Tian wondered.

[Why am I on fire?]

[You log on Weibo, yes, send me your Weibo number I will show the netizens a clear way.]

[I don’t have a Weibo.]

[You still haven’t downloaded it yet? Is there someone next to you, lend a phone or download it now. Sooner or later you’ll need to use it.]

Ruan Tian’s eyes moved away from the phone screen and turned to Qin Li who was carefully selecting a stroller next to him.

“Do you have a Weibo on your phone?”

Ruan Tian poked Qin Li.

Qin Li did not ask why and just took out his phone and handed it to Ruan Tian.

Ruan Tian took the phone and directly open the Weibo, he quickly glance at Qin Li who insisted to go out today and select baby products.

It take at least one year for a kitten to get pregnant, he was only two month old and still has a long way from the birth of his kitten.

He don’t know why Qin Li was in a hurry.

Does he liked children so much that he can’t wait to meet them?

But since Qin Li promised that he would be the paying, so Ruan Tian didn’t care. He came out today with him so he could relax in a way.

He also secretly looked at the price of the baby product in the store, the stroller Qin Li saw was worth of tens of thousands of yuan. Ruan Tian was so surprised that he didn’t dare to touch it, if it was damage he had no money to pay for it, he could only sell himself to Qin Li.

Ruan Tian logged into the Weibo and soon saw the topic sent to him by Yang Li. He then opened it but was not surprised to find what it was.

It was a photo of no filter, no PS a face that seemed to be shining brightly that it would be difficult to ignore.

Ruan Tian was very narcissistic admiring his blooming beauty half a long time before exclaiming how beautiful it was, he then continued to read the comments below.

[Little brother’s fan girl: daily request of little brother’s beautiful face, a photo is not enough to lick the screen!]

[Little brother’s die-hard fans: little brother is crying. Is there such a beautiful boy? It’s so cute. ]

[Little brother’s wife: that night my husband was uncharacteristically fierce, I cried and beg him but he took me in his arms, kissed my slipping teardrops and asked me insecurely. “Baby, do you love me?” I looked at his angelic, gorgeous face and answered without tiring, “Little brother, of course I love you.”

Ruan Tian who was attracted by the beginning of the story and then carefully read the last words, left Ruan Tian with an expression: Σ(°△°||||).


The author has something to say:

Qin Li: Who did you hear say no boy would be excluded?

Ruan Tian: TV series ah.

Qin Li: What TV series?

Ruan Tian: Well……court battle. (Will give birth to a boy in order to become a winner in life =.=

Qin Li: …..(the say is cold, let the palace fight off the shelves ▼_▼)


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