GTKWF 30.2


Chapter 30 (2)

Huo Xi sat back in the car and calmly took out his phone under the eyes of Xiao Dan’s hidden bitterness, and checked the hot searched as he asked him.

“I remember you have a lot of marketing accounts in your hand?”

Xiao Dan: ???

Brother, what do you want again?

“Contact them and put pressure on Xingyao.”

Xiao Dan couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Why do you care about her? Didn’t she harmed you enough? That kind of person, just let her….”

Huo Xi glance at him.

“Are you planning to be my boss?”

“….don’t dare.”

He then indignantly buried his head to contact the marketing accounts.

After a long time, the man who leaned back against the back cushion whispered.

“She is not that kind of person you think she is. Don’t say those words in the future.”


The single-minded fans soon found that a large number of marketing accounts has come to join the scrabble.

They thought it was the same as before, that it was directed at Sheng Qiao but didn’t think that this time they would be all unified and aim their guns at Xingyao. Once the marketing accounts was on the field with them, the heat increases exponentially again and the matter was soon out of hand.

Several promising newcomers that Xingyao were approaching with the intention of signing, after a night all back out of signing the next day.

If the dishonest company gets angry at Sheng Qiao in the future, wouldn’t she be killed? With this assumption circulating in the circle, even foreign media have reported this news bluntly saying that the entertainment circle killed people without seeing blood.

Because of Sheng Qiao the Xingyao has been in the news many times and this morning the stock dropped a few times. With this happening the general manager slammed the papers over the floor in his office.

“Is this ever going to end? You guys can’t even handle one little artist, can you?”

The secretary said.

“It happened suddenly last night, the public relations department are off duty and… lot of marketing accounts popped up all of the sudden…”

“Don’t tell me that! Come up with actual solution!”

There was a knock on the office door and Brother Bao walked in.

The general manager collected himself and asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Brother Bao had a helpless smile on his face and handed over several documents.

“These are the last few endorsements we have with Huo Xi, which will expire after in a year.”

“Can’t you handle this yourself?”

“Just now Huo Xi called and said he could renew the contract for another year.”

The general manager sat up straight for a moment.

Huo Xi this gold mountain has ran away from their grasp, he doesn’t know how long his heart has been broken because of this. But since there were many people and money involved he couldn’t bound him forever. Now seeing that the last trace of involvement with Xingyao was coming to an end, how could he just end it himself?

The general manager just used his eyes to asked what was going on, Brother Bao sighed..

“The condition is, let Sheng Qiao peacefully terminate the contract.”


After going through the discharge procedure, Sheng Qiao was ready to return to the capital but the plane ticket that Xingyao prepared for her was for tomorrow. Sheng Qiao was not stingy with money so she booked herself a new ticket and fly back.

When they arrived at the airport, she was about to get out of the car when she saw a crowd of people at the departure gate, probably fans sending off their idol.

Such a big crowd, she guessed that the popularity of this idol was very high. Sheng Qiao peeked at the car window for a moment and suddenly felt that the light signs they were holding looked familiar.

Gold, it was Huo Xi’s lighted sign.

Sheng Qiao pulled Fang Bai who wanted to get off.

“Wait before getting off!”

“What’s wrong?’

“All Xiguang2 are out there!”

Fang Bai: “….”

There was a traffic jam on the way here, and it was very close to the boarding time already. The fans have been waiting for a long time with no plans of going away, so Shen Qiao could only asked Fang Bai to get to the boarding pass first and then the two would meet directly at the security gate.

After a while, she received a phone call from Fang Bai.

“Sister Qiao, I’m already at the security gate. Be careful coming over, if you’re recognized by Huo Xi’s fans don’t think of anything and just hurry up and run!”

Sheng Qiao put on her sunglasses, hat and mask, she then took a deep breath and pulled open the car door.

Hand in the pockets, head down and making sure she was the most inconspicuous chick in this airport!

Huo Xi has probably already boarded the plane, the fans who sent the plane left from the security checkpoint and went out in groups of three or two. Sheng Qiao rubbed shoulders with them and could still hear their voices discussing excitedly.

When she arrived at the security checkpoint, she saw Fang Bai waving at her. Shen Qiao quickened her pace and suddenly heard someone shouting behind her.

“The one in front, hey, you wait!”

Sheng Qiao: ??

Crap, is she calling me? I need to hurry up and run!

The sound of rapid running coming from behind, Sheng Qiao started running. Seeing that her finished line was getting closer and closer, she almost pose up for victory but her arms was yanked from behind.

The voice breathed heavily.

“Say, what are you running for?”

Sheng Qiao resignedly turned around and saw that the one who pulled her was a girl with a golden colored shoulder bag. The back of her hand tugging her arm has Huo Xi’s support logo.

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, I’m out.

The girl was so tired that she spoke in gasp. She took out a small wallet from her pocket and said.

“You drop something, is this yours?”

Sheng Qiao froze.

The girl let her go, one hand propped up on her knee and was still panting.

“I saw it fall out of your pocket so I chased it all the way here and called for you. But what are you running for?”

Sheng Qiao took the coin purse and said in a low voice.

“I’m going to miss you my flight.”

“Ohhh, then hurry up and get it, bye!”

The girl turned her head and walked away.

But Sheng Qiao called her out again.

“Wait a minute!”

The girl turned her head and looked at her suspiciously.

Sheng Qiao pulled out the signed photo of Huo Xi from the coin purse.

“I am also a Xiguang, thank you. This is for you.”

The girl’s eyes lit up when she saw the autographed photo and wanted to take it immediately but looked at her hesistantly.

“Such a precious photo, you’re willing to give it to me?”

“I have a friend who works at Huo Xi’s studio, I’ll just ask him for one next time.”

The girl was overjoyed, she took the photo over and put in on heart as she said thank you to Sheng Qiao several times in a row.

“Can I add you in Weibo? Let’s follow the event together in the future!”

“…no, no, I’m too busy with my work to catch up with concert, ah I’m leaving I need to catch up the plane!”

After saying these, she turned around and continue walking. After going through the security she looked back and saw the girl was still standing in the same place, giggling while looking at the photo. She then looked up at her, seeing her turned around she quickly waved at Sheng Qiao.

Sheng Qiao also waved back at her, the corner of her mouth under the mask curved up slightly.

Xiguang, were in fact was also very lovely group of people.



marketing accounts1– in simple terms, is mainly a public account that collects some specific content, processes it into specific information, and then pushes the information, but the purpose of these marketing accounts is not to create To share content, but to obtain traffic or benefits as the fundamental purpose. In other words, most marketing accounts first accumulate traffic through content, and then monetize the traffic.

Xiguang2– xi is from Huo Xi’s name which mean hope or admire, and guang is light

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