TMBAM 10.2

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Chapter 10 (2)

They waited and waited and waited until now, and the result—Yan Chao disappeared.

Seeing that this move was wrong, and thinking that the Yan family may be going downhill—but since Jian Changming as a close friend of Yan Chao came to visit personally again, this could be the turning point of the Yan family. What’s more they could take this opportunity to get close with Jian Changming!

The Gu couple who had been waiting for a long time of course immediately refused to leave so they waited outside the gate.

They did not wait for Gu Xueyi to open the gate but waited for the secretary of Yan Chao.

The secretary’s surname was Chen, he was called Chen Yujin. He has inherited one of Yan Chao’s style, the smiling tiger.

A few years ago Gu Xuemin met a big shot the industry that had suffered a big loss in Chen Yujin’s hand. Gu Xuemin witnessed that big shot’s downfall with his own two eyes which left some psychological shadow.

Even if he don’t see Yan Chao himself, Gu Xuemin would still instinctively shrank his neck as soon as the car window was lowered revealing only Chen Yujin’s face.

“Mr. Chen.”

Gu Xuemin greeted.

Jian Changming is really coming!

Otherwise Chen Yujin would not have come!

Thinking of Jian Changming who would be coming in a while, Gu Xuemin boldly said.

“I don’t know what’s going on today, maybe Xueyi hasn’t gotten up yet. The maids in this house don’t know anything at all and won’t open the door to let us in….”

Chen Yujin smiled.

“I’ll go in first and see what’s wrong.”

Gu Xuemin wanted to say “yes”, but the radar in his head suddenly reacted and telling him that even if Chen Yujin went in first they still could not get in and it was not like Chen Yujin would specifically go out to get them.

The entire Yan family and even the people under Yan Chao, none of them put their Gu family in their eyes!

“Then I’ll go with Mr. Chen.”

Gu Xuemin opened the car door and came forward.

“I’ll also like to see how Mr. Chen call someone to open the gate.”

Chen Yujin was a bit annoyed seeing him insistent.

He just turned his head and let the driver step on the gas.

The gate of the Yan family villa soon opened.

Chen Yujin’s car entered the gate.

Gu Xuemin wanted to walk inside while the gate was finally open but thought that he was still far and he had to walk a long way so he turned back and drive but just before he could step on the gas the gate was closed again.

Gu Xuemin’s face sank and couldn’t help but cursed expletively in from the bottom of his heart.

All of them couldn’t even see him, could they?

Chen Yujin quickly entered the house.

The maid said.

“Madam is reading a book in the second floor.”

Reading a book?

Chen Yujin though ridiculously.

Is she reading <<How to catch a man’s heart?>> or <<How to get more property after divorce?>>

Chen Yujin thought even more ridiculously as he walked while his face really showed a little smile, only it looked like polite smile.

Upon arriving at the second floor.

Gu Xueyi happened to get up from the sofa and stepped on the thick plush carpeted floor with her bare feet. Next to the couch for some reason there was a small freezer, Gu Xueyi was squatting down and taking things out of the freezer.

Hearing the footsteps, Gu Xueyi turned her head unhurriedly.

“Want some afternoon tea?”

Gu Xueyi asked.

Her treatment was different from Jiang Er.

Since the person who came was the secretary of Yan Chao, one of her “own”.

She has without makeup, wearing a soft tortoise green dress with satin material that falls down and fit perfectly with her slender body.

The deep color doesn’t look old but was kind of noble instead and was more line with her skin snow like tone.

The light came in through the window behind her looked like a crown with a ring of holy light looking more and more beautiful.

The Yan family villa was quiet.

The people in the Yan family do not have the slightest intention to relieve their sister-in-law and take up the matter of meeting Jian Changming, though even if  they were there it’s not much of use.

And Chen Yujin was not surprised by this.

What surprised him was Gu Xueyi.

What he saw was Gu Xueyi but at the same it was not Gu Xueyi.

She returned and sat back on the sofa, slightly arching her back while extending her long slender fingers and pushing the plate of fruit in front of her.

“Want to eat?”

Her posture was calm and peaceful.

For a moment, Chen Yujin thought he had seen another Yan Chao.

Downstairs another car arrived at the Yan family villa.

Gu Xuemin waited for the car he wanted to wait for.

But when the window was rolled down, the face revealed inside was not Jian Changming but a face of another woman in her thirties.

“I’m Jian Rui, I’ve come to visit Madam Yan.”

“My uncle is already waiting for Mr. Chen at Yanshi.”

Jian Changming felt that the trip to the Yan house was quite unnecessary, he returned to the capital was for the matter of Yan Chao. It was enough to find Chen Yujin for this matter and as for pacifying the family members Jian Rui should be enough.

Upstairs, Chen Yuji was not sitting opposite of Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi had already change the book she was reading, and was holding the book she had just seen halfway which was written on the cover—

<<Human Chair>>1

Chen Yujin’s gaze stalled.

That happened to be the book he was quite fond of.


[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

<<Human Chair>>1– this was actually a book, a real book! 1. “The Human Chair” is a short story by Japanese author and critic Edogawa Ranpo. It was published in the October 1925 edition of the literature magazine Kuraku. Toshiyuki Mizutani adapted the story as a movie in 1997. It was also adapted into a manga by Junji Ito. Wikipedia

Author has something to say: Secretary Chen came at an inopportune time, if he came tomorrow it is not impossible to say that Sister Gu is reading <<Postpartum Care of Sows>>


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