Chapter 29

Fu Shiyuan did not know that Jian Ruixi has been exhausted like a dog as he only saw her eventful day through the post, like had her morning exercise, and hot pot so he instinctively thinks that his wife has having her marvelous day.

Looking at the table in front of him, the food at the luncheon was rich with variety of dishes from north and south cuisine, combined with Chinese and Western cuisine which was enough to satisfy everyone’s taste.

However, no one really put to mind on eating. They were only holding a glass of wine to meet and talk with other business, to live up the good intentions of the organizers.

In fact in such activities Fu Shiyuan has long been accustomed to but compared to his wife, she was living her life leisurely. He felt a little ting of unbalance in his heart not to mention that she has ‘layout’ everywhere by her circle of friends.

The more Fu Shiyuan thought, the more he thought it was unfair. So he put down his glass outside on the balcony and called Jian Ruixi.

Jian Ruixi was eating while sweating a lot when her phone on the table lit up, as son the screen lights up she saw the name of President Fu.

She couldn’t help but be stunned, they just video call last night.

Is it so frequent for Madam Fu and Fu Shiyuan to contact each other?

Of course she could not imagine that Fu Shiyuan was actually calling to send punitive forces.1

At that moment, Jayce who was also sweating profusely also heard the ringing and found out that it was his father calling.

The child panted while saying.

“Dad’s calling!”

While talking, he puffed out his little tongue.

Jian Ruixi smiled looking at him, thinking this little baby of hers’ was so cute.

“En, daddy missed us Jayce.”

Jian Ruixi couldn’t think of any other reason why Fu Shiyuan called her. Anyway since she wanted her relationship with Fu Shiyuan to get better, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Jian Ruixi pressed connect and greeted him pleasantly.

“Ethan, have you eaten yet?”

Fu Shiyuan said faintly.

“It’s not as delicious as you guys we’re eating.”

“How come?”

Jian Ruixi laughs cheerfully.

“The summit guests are all business tycoons, the organizers can’t treat you poorly, right?”

“What, are you interested?”

Fu Shiyuan asked calmly.

“Next time there is an event like this, should I bring you along?”

“I’d rather not.”

Jian Ruixi decline politely and looked at the child with red face but was still holding the beef balls, raised her eyebrows and said with a smile.

“Jayce first hot pot is making his face like the monkey’s ass. Jayce would you like to tell dad if the hot pot was delicious?”

The child who was named put down his chopsticks, took a small sip of water and then reached out to pick the phone.

Fu Shiyuan on the other end of the phone: “…….”

The recipient of the call now has become his son, Fu Shiyuan also did not refuse and his tone were gentler greeting his child.

Jayce was a good kid who was serious and focused so he talked to his dad for a while before he noticed that his mommy across him had buried her head on the food and has already wiped out one ball of beef after another.

Fu Shiyuan listened to the other end of the line suddenly stopped talking. He called doubtfully.

“Jayce, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing daddy.”

The child stared unblinkingly across him.

“Suddenly I realized that Mommy was almost eat all of the meat balls.”

There was a bit resentment in his tone.

When Jian Ruixi heard him say this, she paused with the half meatball in her mouth and looked up. She was shocked to see her son with the accusing look but the little face looks very cute.

Unexpectedly he was a little bun has this side of his, exactly like his father.

“If we don’t have enough, we can order another one.”

Jian Ruixi also act as if she was agrrieved.

“This kind of trivial matter, I will also complain to your dad…”

Jayce argued.

“But mommy said it herself, that the clear pot soup is mine, I didn’t even say anything even if you got a lot of things from my pot..”


The little bun was quite good at his arguments, so Jian Ruixi had to change her tactic and softly said.

“Then the remaining meatball in the pot is yours, I won’t eat them, okay?”

Jayce nodded graciously.


“Mommy will help you pick it up, so eat slowly.”

“Thank You mommy.”

Fu Shiyuan couldn’t get interfere with the mother and son conversation and just listened from their argument to their reconciliation and waited patiently for the mother and son to shake their hands and make peace.

He should end the call any moment from now because within the half an hour he was on the phone, many businessmen and friends were looking for him. Though his elite special assistant was accompanying him, he couldn’t resist and came back to ask instruction.

“President Fu, is it time to go back to the hall?”

President Fu ends the call after saying goodbye to his wife and son, while Jian Ruixi and Jayce continues to eat hot pot.

After their small ‘fight’ the mother and son’s feeling were further developed. They all match the color of the hot pot vegetables, and Jayce take the initiative to divide the only two beef balls and said.

“Mommy, here’s for you—”

Jian Ruixi raised her eyebrows in delight, just as she was ready to encourage the child to make more efforts suddenly a ‘guest’ from other table stands up behind her and immediately four young men with black suits surrounds them.

The guest from the next table was very aggressive, as if they were shooting a movie action.


send punitive forces.1– to criticize violently


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