TMBAM 10.1


Chapter 10 (1)

When Yan Wenbo went upstairs, Yan Wenjia tightly closed door suddenly opened.

The two men looked at each other with a look of indifference in their eyes.

Yan Wenjia’s gaze moved down and landed on the thermos bucket.

“She gave it to you?”

Yan Wenbo responded coldly.


“Don’t she think it’s too late to please the family now?”

There was no mockery in Yan Wenjia’s words in fact it seems that he just feels confused and curious.

Yan Wenbo could not answer this question.

They didn’t know much about her in the first place.

Yan Wenbo pursed his lips, feeling a bit silly for still carrying the thermos in his hand. He turned towards the kitchen downstairs while impatiently saying.

“Oh, maybe it’s a ghost.”

Yan Wenjia quietly watched him walk away before closing the bedroom door.

Inside his room, Yan Wenjia leans lazily on the sofa. He flipped through the magazine for a while then played three rounds of games and surf on weibo, he even read through some silly comments and watched movie.

He impatiently waited for Gu Xueyi to came knocking on his door.

Yan Wenjia pressed his lower lip tightly.

….is this over?

He though that she was going to take the opportunity to attack him wantonly and hold herself up as the ’sister-in-law’, or pour some chicken soup at him, preach him with principle and even yell at him directly as if she wanted to tear him apart.

But none—NONE of them happened.

Their encounter began and ended when she pinned him dead in the water.

He seemed to be just something that passed under her nose just like an insignificant ant.

With a compassionate heart she picked up the ant and put it aside. Then.. then—there was no next to then.

On the set, she didn’t talk to him again and didn’t even spare him an extra glance.

And when they returned home, it was still the same. She gave more attention Wenbao.

Yan Wenjia suddenly pinched the earphone in his hand before getting up and goes to bed.

He then proceed and looked at the ceiling.

It was like another hard, and uncomfortable day of not knowing any meaningful existence.

Yan Wenjia suppressed the anxiety he was feeling and immediately closed his eyes.

On the other hand Gu Xueyi “the ghost” was sitting in her bedroom according to the information she remembered from the original owner doing her skin care routine orderly and slowly.

It was not as cumbersome and as complicated like she did on her time but more effective.

When she was done, she slowly enjoyed her dinner and fruits after dinner. She then took another hot bath before falling asleep.


Gu Xueyi did not throw away the dress she brought from the mall but was hung in her closet.

Even if the family was wealthy she should not cause unnecessary waste.

The members of the Yan family were no longer young and it was certainly not a day’s work for them to develop the kind of nature they have today. And it couldn’t be corrected within a day also so she needs to dry it in the air first1.

A series of name such as Yan Chao, Yan Wenbai, Yan Wenja gradually faded form Gu Xueyi’s mind and slowly had good slept.

The next day, Gu Xueyi woke up, washed and ate her Chinese style breakfast just like she usually does.

While the whole villa was quiet.

“Fourth young master has gone to school.”

“The Second young master…. Second young master is still in his room.”

Probably because the maid was afraid that Gu Xueyi would get angry, she hastily added.

“The second young doesn’t want to be disturb by anyone when he is resting so, so he usually don’t come down for breakfast.”

“Mm, I know.”

Gu Xueyi faintly responded.

The maid carefully looked at her face and confirmed several times making sure Gu Xueyi was really not angry before she walked away with confidence.

It was probably because when Jiang Er came knocking to Yan family’s mansion, Gu Xueyi made her stand even if the head of the family Yan Chao was not around and she was even careful so even in Jian Changming was coming for a visit the Yan family mansion was still running orderly manner.

In the afternoon, before Jian Changming arrive Mr. and Mrs Gu Xuemin arrived first.

Wanting more information, Gu Xueyi turned to one of the maid and asked.

“When was the last time they visited Yan family?”

The maid froze in place.

It took her a long time before she could answer with great difficulty.

“It seems, it seems like it was last year. The day you and your husband got married?”

Gu Xueyi: “……”

That’s quite a long time ago.

When Jiang Er called to visit them before, she didn’t seem to remember that they called her and let alone visited uninvited.

Now for what obvious reason are they here for…

For Jian Changming?

In the memory of the original owner, she had good relationship with her parents. After all Gu Xuemin and his wife made great efforts so that she could marry Yan Chao. In the early years Gu Xuemin and his wife spent a lot of money so that their daughter could marry into a family with higher status in the upper class.

It was just a pity that because of the way they uses money and influence the result comes out as clear as crystal—with just a glance anyone could see what kind of goods the original owner was.

And she believed that Gu Xuemin and his wife were not much better.

Gu Xueyi currently does not want to tangle with other matter other than the Yan family and she was not the least afraid of accusations nor criticism.

“Don’t let them in.”

Gu Xueyi instructed.


The maid froze and stuttered.

“Don’t, don’t let them in?”

The maid had an eye contact with Gu Xueyi’s face and only then did she realize that she wasn’t joking.

“But if they never leave….”

“Then let them wait outside the gate.”

Let’s see who couldn’t stand it first.

“What if the Yan family got criticize outside…”

“Isn’t it normal for me to do something like this since I have an unruly and eccentric personality and big temper?”

Gu Xueyi asked calmly in return.


She has a point.

The maid looked at her calm and collected looked then suddenly felt as if she was in a different world.

If not then how could the madam seem like a different person?

She doesn’t care about what the outside world thought about her, she said this herself with her own mouth. But the more she do so, the more difficult it was to associate these negative words with her.

Ever since Gu Xueyi and Yan Chao got married, Gu Xueming and his wife have been waiting to get benefits from the Yan family. Though as long as someone knew and heard they were Yan family’s in-law they would automatically provide them with convenience without them saying anything.

But soon they won’t be able to enjoy this convenience.

In addition, other substantial benefits would be excluded from them.

How could Mr. and Mrs. Gu Xuemin be willing to let that happen?



dry it in the air first1– (fig.) to cold-shoulder

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