Chapter 38

Facing Sheng Feng’s gaze, Jiang Liangchan sat upright and crossed her arms.

“Originally the clothes of Yunting and I were from different fabric, a few months ago there was a good batch of materials came so we both made some dress on the same fabric. So is there any problem if the fabric and color is the same?”

Chen Feng moved his eyes away and shrugged.

“Nothing, I just thought that you deliberately chose these clothes to take me and stimulate someone again.”

Jiang Liangchan paused for a moment before she figured out what Chen Feng meant.

He thought that I specially chose these couple outfits to stimulate someone, and because I said he looked good, I wanted to show him off Chu Qing is what he mean, right?

Unexpectedly, she didn’t expect that a guy who watched everything silently has many thought running in his mind.

Jiang Liangchan reminded him again and made sure he would not mess up his road to romance.

“Brother, you really have to give me credit today. Look at me, I’m all dressed up today and was supposed to go to the poetry club to do something big but because of you I change my plans.”

Jiang Liangchan give herself a thumbs up.

“How about that, aren’t you move?”

She was sacrificing her chance to get back to those two slags from the poetry club in order to help him regain his precarious future first love.

It was impossible not to sell this favor, after all it’s for her future peaceful life.

Chen Feng smiled and swept a glance at her.

No wonder today she wear her rarely used dress and even her hairpin on the head was a golden phoenix, it really all for her to meet her beloved.


Jiang Liangchan didn’t know what we’re running inside his head and even if she did, she won’t care much about it because she has a very important omission.

“Speaking of which, I was too anxious just now and forgot to change my outfit which may affect the plan. But you have to believe that my original plan was very meticulous that even with this small omission we can still make it today!”

Hearing her say these, Chen Feng did feel that she had nothing do with the word meticulous.

But what she said was obviously related to him today, Chen Feng asked.

“What are you up to?”

It was no use to tell him, he might even find himself bored and turned around and go back.

So Jiang Liangchan waved her hand.

“Don’t worry about anything, anyway just know that I’m doing this for you.”

Sheng Feng also did not bother to ask more, he deduced that this little girl’s playfulness has activated again anyway he knew that resistance was futile so just let her be.

Jiang Liangchan glance outside and called the coachman to stop the carriage.

Chen Feng instinctively want to get off first, as an attendant he must get out first and help his mater get out of the carriage gracefully and safely.

But as soon as he got up, he was held down by Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan pressed him down.

“Do not move, I will go down first then you follow after.”

She carried her skirt by herself and did not need anyone to help her as she jump down neatly. After getting down she respectfully stood next to the carriage following Chun Xin and Xia Yi’s usual pattern of serving her.

She said with her hands hanging down.

“Young master, we have arrive. Please get off the carriage.”

Chen Feng pinched the corner of his throbbing forehead but obeyed her words and got out of the carriage.

Once he came out, he felt his forehead throb even more.

Jiang Liangchan stood with her hands down, if it weren’t for the same face he would thought she was possessed by Chun Xin or Xia Yi.

Jiang Liangchan tugged him, signaling him to listen.

She stood tiptoes and came up to his ear and whispered some instructions.

“I know you may not have been in this kind of place before, but that’s okay just listen to me later. I will help you, let’s buy something first and you must act like a rich young master.”

Sheng Feng could see the light in her eyes, her sweet red lips as she close and open it.

The soft breath of the young girl continued touched his ears as she continue speaking making his ear to his neck ticklish.

Chen Feng’s body tightened for no reason and subconsciously moved a step away.

Jiang Liangchan glared at him discontentedly.

“Hey, what did I say, did you hear it or not?”

Chen Feng’s body moved away from her and his voice was little hoarse.

“I heard you, let’s go.”

Jiang Liangchan led Chen Feng to this famous jewelry store in the capital. Although it was a newly established store in recent years, the owner obviously knows how to make money from women.

The jewelry inside were unique and beautiful, of course the price were still expensive. It was not long before it was becomes a necessary for women in the capital to buy expensive jewelry to show off.

She could see last time that Hua Shan was a girl who loved beauty, but certainly did not have much money in her hands.

This plan of hers was similar to chasing a girl by first going to buy a Cartier1.

The sincerity and respect of the suitor was all inside this Cartier.

Jiang Liangchan wanted to share this beautiful idea to Chen Feng and invite him to take credit.

When she looked back, she saw him standing next to various beautiful jewelry cabinets, with his—

Poker face.

Standing upright.

And his expression saying ‘indifferent.jpg’.

There was no need to scan him, he was an insincere suitor.

Jiang Liangchan remembered how she broke her heart reading this story.

But Jiang Liangchan’s bad mood only lasted for a short time. It only took a few steps inside the store before she completely forgot the melancholy she had just now.

The jewelry inside this store was really beautiful that after she came in and roughly scanned everything in the room she wanted to scream in excitement.

Ahhhhh this will look good! That one too!

She was very excited to share her mood with her companion even if it was Chen Feng. She could not mind holding hands with him and screamed internally.

After her little excitement, she turned back to looked at Chen Feng.

He remained standing in place and seemed to really have nothing to do but glance at the bracelet in hands out of boredom.

That bracelet was so exquisite that people wanted to hold their heads and scream.

But Chen Feng’s expression was dull as if he had seen a piece of wood.

Not only does it look like it’s not exciting but he even wanted to leave all together.

Jiang Liangchan calmed herself down.

After being force in this sh*ty novel she wanted to leave every day, but–.

Ignoring Chen Feng indifference look, Jiang Liangchan chooses the jewelry happily.

After all, when has a man ever been fond of shopping?



Cartier1–  is a French luxury goods conglomerate which designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewellery and watches. Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, the company remained under family control until 1964

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