Chapter 17

Ye Susu panicked and apologized to the little cub, she then took a deep breath after hearing the sound of the task in her head.

The little cub is currently depressed?

She looked at Ye Xun with guilty conscience and the hand that wanted to touch his little head hesitantly withdrew.

“Baby, I was…sleepy and confused.”

Her bad sleeping habits hasn’t change after all these years.

“Later, when I have money I will buy your own bed.”

Just because of her bad sleeping habit the little cub almost cried, Ye Susu covered her forehead feeling guilty.

Thinking about how scared the little cub were of her yesterday, she was afraid that if she touched the baby again now he would be more unhappy.

She could only bite her lips and smiled apologetically.

“I’ll go make breakfast for you.”

Ye Xun lowered his head, while his small hands was griping the quilt not saying any word.

Until Ye Susu got up and rushed to wash, he was staring at the blank and yellow wall before finally showed a trace of sadness in his dark grape eyes.

When he woke up in the morning, he felt some heaviness in his chest and when he looked sideways he realized that Ye Susu’s arm was wrapped around him and draped around his body.

At that moment, his breathing stopped and he just felt his little heart jumping out his throat.

It turns out that this was the feeling of being hugged by his mommy was called ‘happiness’.

This was the first time he knew this.

Before, Ye Susu was never like this.

Even when sleeping at night, they were separated with pillow and every morning she wakes up she was too far away from him.

He immediately held his breath happily and carefully didn’t even dare to turn over for fear of waking up Ye Susu.

However it didn’t take long for her wake up anyway.

He couldn’t even close his eyes and pretend to be asleep before he saw that as soon as she woke up she took away the arm that was ‘holding him’ in horror and the whole person couldn’t wait to run away!

She still didn’t like him.

Ye Xun lowered his gaze, disappointment and sadness were all written in his depressed little face like a balloon being pierced as it slowly deflated.

Even after Ye Susu washed up and went to the room to ask him how many dried fish he wanted to eat, he just shook his head dejectedly.


Ye Susu tried to make the cub happy with the dried small fish but it didn’t work.

Ye Xun slowly climbed out of the bed, hanging his head and just dutifully folded his little quilt.

Behind the little cub, there seems to be dark shadow materializing.

As the culprit, Ye Susu did not dare to go in at all and was anxious seeing him turned around.

After finally brushing his teeth, Ye Susu smilingly greeted him with the porridge while cracking open the last white boiled egg for him and placing it on his plate.

As a result, Ye Xun mournfully lowered his head.

“Drinking the porridge…… is enough, mommy eat the egg.”

And pushed back the egg again.

Ye Susu pursed her lips.

Even the cub yesterday was particularly fond of the canned fish porridge but today he ate listlessly.


This words was written all over, not only on his face but body.

Ye Susu, as a first time mother was so worried that she was going to lose her hair.

“No appetite?”

“Any discomfort?”

Ye Xun lifted his small face and looked at her then shook his head.

Picking up the spoon, he ate his breakfast quietly refusing to say another word.

Ye Susu felt her body was going bald, and feel that the dried fish does not smell as good as before.

Fortunately, that’s when the phone rang saving the awkward situation.

“Sooooooo, will you really let me come to your new home? I can come and see little Ye Xun?”

“Ah! I want to cry….wait, what gift should I bring to little Ye Xun? What does he like? Oh my god, I’m so excited but a little nervous to meet my baby for the first time!”

As soon as the phone was connected, Xia Ningmeng’s voice which spoke extremely fast came through.

Ye Susu hissed and moved the phone a little farther away.

She looked to the little baby cub in front of her.

“Hold on, I’ll….ask.”

She was unsure of the little cub’s preferences, especially today when he was in a depressed mood.

“Ah you can’t ask! How else can I create a surprise for my little baby if you ask? This is my first gift for my little one. Please don’t ask!”

Xia Ningmeng’s machine gun mouth came back.

Her voice was loud, and talk all at once that Ye Xun could hear her clearly.

He had just finished the last bit of porridge and was about to stand up when he paused.

His gloomy little face, started to have some color from the root behind his ear to his baby fat cheeks flushed with ting of redness.

Xiao bao1…baby?

Ye Xun’s little head, were all occupied by these words.

His small throat was like being stuffed, it was like the words were stuck in her heart twice before he raised his head in disbelief and looked at Ye Susu.

Just in time to see her smiling face while looking at him, her eyes were just like yesterday. It was much gentler than before as if they were as warm as a comforter.

Ye Xun paused with his feet hanging.

Yesterday his mommy seemed to call him the same also.

He thought at first that she didn’t want to call him Ye Xun outside, lest people know he had no father since he has her last name.

But..Xiao bao, her xiao bao?

His little face was stunned and the two curly dull hair on his shaggy head were swayed by the wind outside the window.

“Okay, I won’t ask. Then you play it yourself.”

As Ye Susu said this, she smoothened and pressed Ye Xun hair on his head.

Looking at him, she was satisfied seeing her beautiful cub.

With a satisfied nod, she continued talking.

“We will move this morning, and will be there about eleven o’clock.”


Ye Susu smiled before hanging up and reached out to take the bowl away from the cub’s hands.

“Let it go.”

“No need to wash today, someone will help.”

Ye Xun looked up and there was a hint of doubt on his small face.

Ye Susu puffed out her cheeks.

She does not want to clean up the house, and wanted to let the black hearted Ye Wan do the cleaning and organizing.

This would be her revenge, she could throw away anything after all of those were unimportant anymore.

But there was no need to tell the little cub about this, it was bad to teach him this things.

Ye Susu thought about and smiled.

“I talked to someone, so baby does not need to worry about it. Just wait for me to pack other things then we’ll leave.”

Ye Xun understood that Ye Susu didn’t want to tell him. Some frustration flashed his eyes.

But he quickly hid it, and just nodded his head them climbed off the small table.

Standing on the floor, he felt his chest tighten up.

Xiao Bao…

Ye Susu doesn’t call him like that today.

It was like a joy inside a bubble, floating through the air and were broke one by one even if he tried to reach out he could not grasp them again.



Xiao bao1 xiao is an endearment, literal meaning is small

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