Chapter 28

Jian Ruixi got a hundred of likes from her circle of friends after uploading the pictures on her weibo. With almost of her friends liking the picture, Madam Fu’s popularity was just in its peak.

But Jian Ruixi was not in the mood to check this, she was busy playing with her child which was like a physical labor to her. The little bun simply has endless energy, after bathing and eating breakfast he was full of energy and was completely revived.

“Mommy aren’t we going to buy items for my room today?”

Mommy promised him last night that his room would be decorated by him.

Jian Ruixi also remembered this and simply looked at the sky and took a long sigh, she really was nozuounodie1 ah!

Since she did promise this to Jayce, Jian Ruixi resigned to her fate and got into the car with Jayce. Lisa who had come to work early in the morning sat on the passenger seat, turned her head and said hello to the young master.

“Are you used living at home?”

Jayce politely said everything was fine and that he was happy living here.

Before Lisa could answer Jian Ruixi rubbed her forehead as if realizing something she should realize after becoming a mother but she realized it instead after accompanying him all morning—

Full-time mother was really not a human job ah!

Lisa also knew that she was tired so she comforted her.

“Madam, there is young master who is with you to exercise I don’t think I need to find any nutritionist for you anymore.”

“That won’t work, the figure issue can’t be overwork.”

This was something that Jian Ruixi rarely insist on.

“Have you found one?”

“Already had one, the other party has a little reputation in the industry as many stars want to invite him. He could also be regarded as expert in this field.”

When it comes to business, Lisa had put away her smile and said solemnly.

“He promised to serve you alone after handling the work at hand but he need to have a physical examination and assessment before he could come with a plan suitable for you. Would you like to make an appointment?”

“A medical checkup is it?”

Jian Ruixi didn’t rule out this process, looking at the little bun next to her she said.

“Monday then, I promised Jayce I’d focus on playing with him for the next two days.”

Jayce who was listening carefully to what the adult were talking, was sensible enough and said to his mommy after hearing his name.

“Mommy do not need to worry about me, the business…”

Before he could finished his sentence, his mommy rubbed his little face.

In fact what Jian Ruixi wanted to do was hug him up but the child’s safety seat restricted her movement. She could only retreat and squeeze her cute bulging face and ears.

“Mommy could only eat, grass two days later.”

What Jian Ruixi said was true, after meeting the nutritionist she could only eat the food given to her. So why not seize the opportunity to eat a lot now?

“We’ve exercise a lot today, let’s have hot pot for lunch!”


A hint of anticipation flashed across the little bun’s face, he hadn’t eaten hot pot outside yet. And the way his mommy was looking forward to it has so much anticipation, so it should be something really good right?

Lisa wanted to advise her boss to not get carried away since Old Madam Fu was not the kind of grandmother who would give the young master such food such as hot pot.

To be a little more modest, she could take the young master to the family’s restaurant to be more secure.

But she saw that both mother and child had happily decided, so she decided not to say anything.

With the comfort of hot pot, Jian Ruixi accompanied the child shopping for furniture and felt pleasure swiping her card as soon as they were indulge in their shopping spree.

After two hours of shopping, Jian Ruixi felt her stomach and said.

“Are you hungry? We’ll go lunch and then go to movies.”

Jayce nodded, he was indeed a little tired.

Seeing him nod, Jian Ruixi let the bodyguard hold him while she led the way.

“Let’s go, were having beef hot pot today.”

Sitting in the hot pot restaurant, Jian Ruixi had time to surf in the internet and saw the enthusiastic support of her friends.

Jian Ruixi was a person who liked to be sought after and seeing the number of praise she decided to keep up her efforts and took her son’s picture in the hot pot restaurant.

Just after posting, someone left a message in seconds. Jian Ruixi refreshed to see and it was a certain lady friend.

“Annie is eating hot pot again today?”

The word “again” was used very well, Jian Ruixi faintly smile and quickly responded.

“Last time I had meal with Ethan it tasted really good and like it a little bit.”

Jian Ruixi’s reply was not to show her love, she knows that when Madam Fu married into a rich family many people looked down on her family background in private.

She liking hot pot which was considered ‘commoner food’ in the eyes of rich families, people would only judge that she could not changed her nature as a commoner.

But if she was influenced by her husband that would be a different story. President Fu was a noble’s son but like ordinary food and was humble which could be viewed as a good thing!

Anyway she recently have a good relationship with Fu Shiyuan so Jian Ruixi felt no guilt using him.

Sure enough after replying this way, her friends praised her and Fu Shiyuan for being approachable, and even her friend who first commented on her “hot pot” praised it as a delicacy.

At this time, the soup for hot pot was ready to be served. Jian Ruixi casually put down her phone on the table and said to herself.

Heh woman.

Jian Ruixi who has been eating with her son, didn’t know that at this time Fu Shiyuan at the luncheon had also seen her post and comments. Seeing the misleading reply Fu Shiyuan pursed his lips while putting back the phone into his pocket.

His mood could be said to be in sync with Jian Ruixi—

Heh woman.



nozuounodie1– is a Chinese internet meme. The original wording of the Chinese phrase, meaning “one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it”, is half-translated to Chinglish where it retains one of its Chinese characters in pinyin.

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