ECM 26.2


Chapter 26 (2)

Zhao Jinjin’s beautiful swan neck and butterfly bones were all exposed making the whole person like a fairy who was about to fly. Whether it was the dress, or makeup and hair she looked like an immortal ascending.

Annan looked back at his model and said sadly.

“I doubt if you’re not going to take the championship.”

Xu Zhaixing cup her fist.

“Big brother has spoken too much.”

Zhao Jinjin looked at the mirror for a long time and finally concluded.

“I’m too beautiful that heaven cannot tolerate me.”

She looked at Xu Zhaixing like she was looking at a deity.

“Miss, if you become my exclusive hairdresser how great would it be.”

Xu Zhaixing packed her makeup case.

“You don’t like your current makeup artist? Then I’ll ask my brother to change one for you when we go back.”

Hey what’s the use of changing to another one if it’s not you.”

Xu Zhaixing smiled and hurriedly let her rest on the sofa.

All the designers were finished, and soon it was time for the models to take the stage. Xu Zhaixing was on 27th, which gave Zhao Jinjin a lot of time to prepare.

Surrounding models were professional, some powerful designers even invited supermodel so in comparison with Zhao Jinjin, she was completely lay and would inevitably be nervous.

Xu Zhaixing gave her ten minutes to be prepared and “hypnotized herself to be so beautiful that heaven could not tolerate her” before finally letting her calm down.

When it was fourth group turn’s Xu Zhaixing walked her to the back of the entrance and lined her up then straightened her dress, she also gave her a jiayou gesture before retreating to the side to watch on the broadcast screen of the show.

Soon the voice of the host came from the front.

“Next on the runway is the work of designer number 27, Fei Tian.”

Zhao Jinjin took a deep breath, lifted her chin and walked out with raised step.

The runway was full of people, the white light kept on flashing but she did not squint nor look lost. Her expression was very well in place, like a noble fairy from the beginning to the end and after positioning herself for five seconds, she had walked from the end to end with perfect walked and attitude on the runway making the whole two minute walk extra-ordinary.

Standing in front of the judges, she did not miss the appreciation and amazement in their eyes.

Once she got on the backstage, she rushed over to hug Xu Zhaixing.

“Miss! It’s settled! Absolutely settled!”

Xu Zhaixing also praised her.

“Superb walk!”

The next step was to wait for the result of the semi-finals.

Zhao Jinjin has not eaten until now in order not to bloat, especially her belly so she could only take a few sips of water. Xu Zhaixing found her a box of yogurt to drink and then re-applied her lip makeup after drinking.

Annan’s model was also done with her runway, he was familiar with this area so he went to media magazine area under the runway for a walk. When he came back, he gave Xu Zhaixing a thumbs up.

“They’re basically talking about Fei Tian.”

He also smiled and Zhao Jinjin who was slumped on the sofa.

“And you, you’re going to be popular.”

“I want to drink coke and eat spicy hotpot.”

Hearing what Zhao Jinjin said Xu Zhaixing remembered the hot and spicy restaurant she pass by every time she went to Cen Feng and since the spicy hot pot was particularly good she told her.

“Tonight I will take you to eat but do not tell Brother Yun.”

Zhao Jinjin’s eyes lit up and swallowed several mouthfuls.

When all the models were finished, the finalist came out an hour later. Foreign organizers were good at this point, they were fast and cut the mess quickly unlike Chinese who were always formalistic and have a lots of processes.

All designers and models waited at the entrance listening the host announcement as he called out their name and walked out one by one.

Xu Zhaixing was the ninth contestant to be read out.

She and Zhao Jinjin glance at each other and walked out arm in arm.

The runway has been replace with spacious stage and once the most eye-catching number 27 “Fei Tian” was called out audience and everyone else cheered up and clapped.

But as Xu Zhaixing came out, this group of people were frozen.

Wait this little sister, looks a little small ah?!

Even the host was stunned for a few seconds but with his year of experience and professionalism he immediately reacted.

“I did not expect our 27th designer is actually so young. We have invited someone amazing ah.”

Xu Zhaixing followed Zhao Jinjin to stand and the host then announced the rest of the list.

It was her fist time on stage, she once dreamed of the being on the stage so it would be false to say that she was not excited. But probably because of many things that had happened in recent years her ability to control her emotions has become stronger so even though her heart was rolling with joy on the surface she still look calm.

And even notice Xu Yan was sitting in the second row.

When their eyes met, Xu Yan smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

She couldn’t help but smile too.

At this time, the camera happened to move to her capturing her smile and appeared on the big screen.

The youthful and tender smile of the little girl, her features have not matured yet and her face still has a little baby fat but her bright and eyes were like the sunlight, gentle and soft warming up a human heart.

Cheers rose as the other camera snapped a picture of her.

There were twenty people who entered the final round. Designers would explain their works on turn and then the judges on the stage would comment on them, Zhao Jinjin turned slightly sideways and asked in a low voice.

“Have you thought about what to say?”

“No, I got the worst grade in language.”

Zhao Jinjin got anxious.

“Why don’t you write it down first and then memorize it!”

“I don’t remember there was this. Do not panic, just watch me do this on the spot.”

Zhao Jinjin recalled the few red carpet she had attended, those who had spoken before like the film queen and movie stars quietly taught her.

“You have to thank your parents, your teacher and friend and the organizers…..”

Just then the host handed over the microphone and said with a smile.

“We are finally on the 27th, seeing everyone’s voice and the judges eyes they must have been curious about out little designer.”

Xu Zhaixing took the microphone and in Zhao Jinjin’s desperate gaze she pursed lips and spoke.

“Hello everyone, hello to judges also. My name is Xu Zhaixing I am the designer of Fei Tian.”

The judges at the bottom were all international celebrities like Scarlet the founder of the famous brand SV immediately said.

“The question I’m curious about and it should be the question everyone is most curious about is how old are you?”

Entries were anonymous, and the judges were only learning now who the designers of each entry was.

Xu Zhaixing replied.

“I’m 16 years old.”

Getting the expected answer, there was still gasp at the bottom.

This was the youngest designer since the competition was held, and she made it to the finals!

Liu Chenghua the vice president of the Clothing Design Association has the most iron face and asked nonchalantly.

“Can you guarantee in front and to all of us that this work was done independently by you alone, from design to production?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded.

“I promise that Fei Tian is my work alone.”

This was a competition that the entire fashion industry was watching, there was no way fake it. Her gaze was firm and her voice was strong, Li Chenghua nodded his head and then asked.

“Tell us about your design concept.”

Here we go, here we go, here comes the most important one!

Zhao Jinjin was so nervous that her palm were sweating non-stop and couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Xu Zhaixing.

But she saw her in daze.

Miss why are you in daze at the most critical moment!!!

It was about ten seconds or so before she heard Xu Zhaixing speak.

“The design of Fei Tian is inspired by an ancient poem.”

She looked at the dazzling lights in front of her and smiled sweetly.

“I want to ride the wind and return.”



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