Chapter 49

After sending Shen Yan, Zhou Ruo immediately went back to the company since she was a little busy.

While Shen Yan directly went to the supermarket and since Xianlu would not start after a few days, she wanted to buy some food and take it back to cook for herself.

After pushing the shopping cart into the supermarket inside the mall, Shen Yan picked out some ingredients and went to buy snacks.

“President Meng is here.”

“It’s no use fussing over it, we’re supermarket staff and we need to work, I envy those who work at the counter, they can probably see President Meng.”

“I took a look at President Meng last time from a distance, he is so handsome! If he becomes an actor I will definitely be his fan.”

Shen Yan heard them in passing and just nonchalantly threw some snacks into the cart and then pushed the shopping cart directly to the checkout counter.

She was planning to buy an eyeliner after shopping at the supermarket but now it was better to go back after checking out, and just planned to make a sweet and sour pork for her dinner this evening.

After settling the bill, Shen Yan took the two shopping bags and walked outside.

Shen Yan does not know what fate she and Meng Yi’an have, surprisingly just as she was out of the supermarket she met the talk of the town, Meng Yi’an. She did not squint nor look away and just wanted to hurriedly walk towards the front and pass by him quickly.

However it seems that fate won’t allow that to happen, at this time one of the media host asking passer-by questions and upload them to some video sites, shouted in surprise.

“Shen Yan!”

Shen Yan stopped her tracks while that host hurriedly took the microphone followed by the camera.

“Hello can I ask you a question.”

The host with the microphone asked with a smile.

At this time Shen Yan was only a few steps away from Meng Yi’an, Shen Yan moved to the side before saying.

“What is it?”

“What do you want to tell your ex-boyfriend?”

Meng Yi’an on the side straightened his cuff and directly stopped walking then looked at Shen Yan directly with his deep pair of eyes with a little coldness in it.

Shen Yan did expect the question was this. What should she tell Meng Yi’an?

Shen Yan said word for word.

“Let’s part without hard feelings and when meet again let’s be strangers.”

This was Shen Yan’s sincere words, she doesn’t want to be the cannon fodder and since doesn’t like Meng Yi’an anymore it was the best choice to part ways with Meng Yi and be just strangers.

Back home, Shen Yan doesn’t think much about what she did and said, after all Meng Yi’an hated her no matter what she says.

Besides maybe Meng Yi’an wanted to end everything once and for all for good.

After cooking, Shen Yan ate her fill and nestled on the sofa watching TV dramas. She was now very satisfied with her current life.

The next morning, Zhou Ruo went to find Shen Yan because of the last time experience on the dressing room Shen Yan planned to do her make and change her clothes first before going.

Anyway the location of Xianlu audition was not far from where Shen Yan lives.

While Shen Yan was doing her own makeup, Zhou Ruo ordered a take-out for Shen Yan. Zhou Ruo was actually nervous while waiting for the take out.

“Yanyan what do you think will be the competition about this time? I have a feeling that Xianlu audition draft is not playing according to the routine.”

After saying this, Zhou Ruo pick her phone and continued.

“I’ll ask Wang Peng to see if he knows.”

Coincidentally, Wang Peng also thought the same way as her.

As soon as Wang Peng answered the phone, he asked.

“Sister Zhou, what is the competition this time?”

“Sorry wrong number.”

She then immediately hung up the phone and went back to Shen Yan.

Wang Peng: “……”


When Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo arrived at the Xianlu audition site, Zhou Ruo let Shen Yan go directly to the backstage while she went to sit in the audience.

This time a lot of the contestant has the same mindset at Shen Yan, they all came over after putting on their makeup so this time the dressing room was not as crowded as last time.

But the corridor was not as quiet as last time. Shen Yan still stands by the window and continue reading the novel Xianlu.

When Zheng Rou came over she saw Shen Yan waiting for the competition to start while reading the novel. Thinking that Shen Yan was the same as her, she give Shen Yan her snacks and said.

“Let’s work hard together!”


Zheng Rou looked like she understand it all, she simply stand beside Shen Yan and takes out her phone and continued to read the Xianlu—rather continue memorizing.

Shen Yan thought Zheng Rou was talking casually about the novel so she thanked Zheng Rou for the snack and continue reading the novel.

Soon the show started the live broadcast.

This time all the contestant sat at one side of the stage and then waited for the judges to come out, Zheng Rou and Shen Yan were now sitting together.

Zheng Rou was sleepy, but seeing Shen Yan’s calm look she instantly felt that she had to learn from Shen Yan.

This time the host took the microphone and said.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the second phase of the future star Xianlu audition draft!”

The first phase of this show was a success, so this time there were more viewers watching the live stream than last time, but the pop-ups comments were shouting about waiting for Lu Yunchen to appear.

And how Lu Yunchen was their motivation watching the program, there was also barrage of comments from the contestants’ supporters.

Many of these supporters where Shen Yan’s.

Li Li and co., of that day were also frantically commenting and supported Shen Yan.

The host on the stage continued.

“Now, we won’t let the judges appear we will first group you into 3 for this audition and each group will consist of 100 people to direct themselves and film a clip from one scene of Xianlu. Your video will be broadcasted on the big screen here at the stage and that’s when judges will appear and give you a score. But before I forgot each group will also eliminate one person.”

The crowd exclaimed, letting people team together and also eliminate one of them, this program group were forcing them to use their best strength.

The host continued speaking.

“But we have a hundred of people, and there will only one person eliminated on each group, so one of you will be in a separate group. The video shot by the separate group will be broadcasted at the end, if the judges let you pass, you will pass directly but if not then you will be directly eliminated.”

These people were not calm anymore. Knowing that they were on by themselves and if they perform well they would pass but if not they could immediately fail.

The comments were also heated at this time.

[This show is so exciting.]

[This show doesn’t follow routine at all!]

[Do you think that person can pass?]

[I don’t know, I want to keep watching this show so much.]

[Ahhhhhh, still like Lu Yunchen the most.]

[We don’t care about the audition, we only watch Lu Yunchen.]

The host continued.

“Still the same, if you don’t like the rules you can directly withdraw if you do not to withdraw then we will start the random grouping.”

The rows of participants didn’t want to quit, so they immediately started to group randomly.

Zheng Rou said.

“I’ll just team up with you.”

Shen Yan smiled but did not say anything.

But frowned slightly after a while, she looks at the others contestants and then looked at the judges’ gallery audience and then whispered and asked Zheng Rou.

“Who was the second in the last row?”

“Li Xin.”

“And the third?”

“Luo Ya.”

These two were future flower girl and a sweet little sister, both would do very well in the entertainment industry.

While Shen Yan was thinking, the big screen has begun to scroll, a dozen of names appeared on screen were the name of Zheng Rou and Li Xin.

The big screen continued to scroll immediately afterwards but there was still no Shen Yan’s name.

Li Cuiyu was a person who knows how to handle herself, therefore Li Cuiyu would not target Shen Yan on the show at this time so if Shen Yan was not in any group then maybe someone wanted to eliminate Shen Yan.

Zhou Rou who was sitting in the audience was a bit anxious about how Shen Yan hadn’t teamed up with the others yet.

Not a moment later all thirty-three groups were finished and finally Shen Yan’s name appeared on the big screen and the host said.

“This time, Shen Yan is in by herself the one who won the first round.”

Lu Yunchen’s somewhat gentle eyes were downcast, sitting next to him was the director. He said.

“Director, the audition this time is somewhat interesting.”

“If Shen Yan wins the next competition will be more interesting since she was the only one in her group. The organizer says that the audience will like to watch it and do a question and answer later.”

The camera gave Shen Yan a shot and the host said.

“Shen Yan, go for it.”

Shen Yan smiled and didn’t say anything.

The host continued to say the rules.

“Each group has their own room and each room has props as well as a camera that you will be using as well as makeup artist after discussing with your group you have a total of one hour to shoot your video, the length of each video is three minutes to ten minutes or so. Well everyone look forwards to your work!”

Zheng Rou looked at Shen Yan and said.

“Shen Yan why don’t you play the female number one yourself, last time you played it very well ah.”

“You go and shoot.”

Soon all the players went into the room where the shooting took place, and the room was filled with shooting props with cameras, makeup artist and costumes.

During this period there would be cases where the camera shooting them live would be taken out from each room otherwise why would the viewers who watched the live wait for them to shoot for so long and then continue to watch the show if they already know what happened.

At the same time, Lu Yunchen excused himself to the director next to him before he stood up and walked directly to the backstage.


TL:  ah I don’t understand this while translating, I don’t know if the raw I got is missing some sentence or paragraph or if the line was mixed since sometimes the idea was all over the place. And as for the grouping, I literally translate it word for word. It was not mention that this 100 people in one group will be paired though the idea was like that.. and since I read and translate at the same time, I don’t have a clue as to what happened if they were really paired on the next chapter..

E/D: never read the raw but I think they were divided in 3 groups and within that group they were paired..? haha but I wonder why Shen Yan has no partner, there should 300 of them so it should be even…(ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ)hmm…


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