Chapter 35

Elder Xu was still very concerned about Xu Yanwen, after all it was his grandson so he got up on his stick to go upstairs and see Xu Yanwen.

Xue Jiayue stood next to him and hesitated for a moment before going forward to support Elder Xu.

Looking at her expression, Elder Xu guessed why she was unhappy. He patted the back of her hand and said.

“Yueyue I want you to have a good relationship with Yanwen. Your grandfather is already too old to live long. If I can see you have children before I die, I will be satisfied.”

Last night, Elder Xu really did not do the right thing but that was also because he did not know that Xue Jiayue in front was no longer the old Xue Jiayue.

He only thought that Xue Jiayue was single-mindedly in love with Xu Yanwen who was still repulsed of accepting Xue Jiayue and he wanted to help them out.

Especially after the doctor came to check his body and told him a few days ago. Although the doctor did not say anything but with the doctor’s expression at that time and his own feelings he also realized that his body was not as good as before.

If really one day he never wakes up, he would be more worried that Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen would not be able to live on.

Xue Jiayue was the child he grew up, and since he also promised old man Xue to take good care of her.

In addition of letting Xue Jiayue marry Xu Yanwen, be the young madam of the Xu family and enjoy a lifetime happiness in the Xu family, he really couldn’t think of better way of repaying the old man Xue for saving his life.

Xu Yanwen did not understand his bitterness, and now how did Xue Jiayue this child also followed him up? Elder Xu sighed in his heart.

Xue Jiayue was silent, thinking that if she was the original Xue Jiayue she would be very happy to hear Elder Xu’s words.

It was a pity that she was not, she was different. Xu Yanwen doesn’t lover her, and she doesn’t want to pester him after all twisted melon was not sweet!1

“Grandpa I know you are trying to be good to me.”

Xue Jiayue thought about and decided to communicate with Elder Xu.

“It’s just that there are some things that can’t be forced, and it’s better to let nature take it’s course.”

Elder Xu gave Xue Jiayue a looked, he was looking a like she was stranger and said in a serious tone.

“Yueyue why do I think that you’ve change? You didn’t think like this before.”

Xue Jiayue smiled.

“People change, I have to learn to grow up too. I can’t always be the same as before.”

She couldn’t be the same with the original owner, the original body was outrageous. She had brought harm to the old man who loved her very much and at the end put herself in a mental hospital.

And finally ended up in such a miserable end!

Since she crossed over, she would do her best to change the plot and changed her fate. Elder Xu likes her and loves her, so she was also willing to spend more time with him and take good care of him just like taking care of her grandfather.

But there were some things that could never be done, such as Xu Yanwen. He was not what she could afford.

The heroine and the hero would eventually be together, and she must silently do and mind her own business.

Elder Xu mulled over what Xue Jiayue said, he also felt that Xue Jiayue had changed a lot recently and was very different from before but this made his heart ache more for her. And said to her in a serious tone.

“No matter how you change, you are still my good Yueyue and if anything happens grandpa will be behind you.”

Xue Jiayue’s eyes were hot, as her tears were threatening to fall down. Elder Xu was really good to her and she must cherish it.

“I know, thank you grandpa.”

Elder Xu smiled and lovingly rubbed the top of her hair.

As they spoke, the two arrived at the bedroom. Elder Xu also blamed himself a bit when he saw Xu Yanwen who was sleeping with his tightly closed eyes while frowning.

The good thing was that after Dr. Yang came to see Xu Yanwen, he said there was nothing serious and just gave Xu Yanwen an injection.

Xu Yanwen’s fever quickly went down, after a sleep he also recovered fast, putting Elder Xu’s mind at ease.

After Xu Yanwen wake up, he insisted on going back to the city saying that there were very important things waiting for him in the company.

Elder Xu wanted to keep him in the old mansion for two more days to make sure he would get better but Xu Yanwen insisted on leaving and because of the previous incident Elder Xu could not force him to stay so he could only agree.

“Do you want to go back with me?”

Xu Yanwen turned his head and asked Xue Jiayue as he prepared to leave.

“Of course, she is going back with you.”

Without waiting for Xue Jiayue to speak, Elder Xu took answered for her and continued.

“She will go back with you so she could take care of you.”

Since Elder Xu already spoke up, Xu Yanwen paused slightly and glanced at Xue Jiayue then nodded.

“Then we’ll go together.”

Although Xu Yanwen just faintly glance at her, but Xue Jiayue saw his hesitant look probably because of what happened, both were still a little awkward.

After sitting in the car, Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen this two people did not speak. Inside the car was so quite that a pin dropping could be heard.

Xue Jiayue sat on the left, while Xu Yanwen was sitting on the right. The distance between the two people was enough for other two people to squeeze in.

The driver driving in front of them all saw the distance between the two and looked at them through the rearview mirror several times.

The atmosphere was eerie, as if the two people were back to the worst of their relationship.

Until they returned to their home, both were still not speaking and no one initiated to talk.

Xu Yanwen went directly to the study, he seemed to be very busy that even if he was obviously sick and had not fully recovered, he already began working.

Xue Jiayue stood in the cold and deserted living room, finally she also carried her bag back to her room.

After entering her room, Xue Jiayue threw her bag next to her bed and threw her body on the bed. She tilted her head and looked at the ceiling, feeling tired in her heart and body.

She was wondering how Xu Yanwen could be so full of energy and could work so actively even when he was sick.

Xue Jiayue turned her head and pulled the quilt to cover herself, she decided to sleep first and then think about those things later when she woke up.

While in the study room next door, Xu Yanwen who was called full of energy and was able to work despite his sickness was just staring at the document on the computer and even after 10 minutes he was not able to read the first sentence of the document.


twisted melon was not sweet!1– force love is not good to have


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