Chapter 13

Sometimes the more you fear something the more it would definitely come true.

Tang Tang was still worried for the next morning, if the window was damaged by a rainstorm they would be miserable.

The result was that the rain was getting heavier at noon and the wind was blowing more and more frightening that the window couldn’t withstand it.

“Damn this is not good! The wind is too strong, this window couldn’t hold up!!”

Yan Zhen shouted.

The wind outside was like being possessed by the devil, it blows like hell making someone’s vision blurry.

The wind was also desperately hitting on the window making a “bang, bang” sound if not for the liquid coming in from the window any one would thought it was hail!

The bedroom window was designed on the balcony was not that large, it was originally intended as a designed. The top window could not be blocked with the bed as it could not fit in and could only use quilt as manual backing.

Tang Tang and Yan Zhen were standing on both sides of the window trying their best to cover it with quilt but the wind was fighting them, pushing their quilt in the window sill all the way out.

Once the blanket was pressed out of the gap, the wind and rain storm their way in sending coldness in the dormitory room.

Tang Tang sucked his nose and seriously suspecting she would catch a cold.

While her hands were still pressing the quilt, she heard a noise

“Bang Bang Bang—Thump Thump-”


Tang Tang suddenly heard a familiar strange sound and scared jolt.

She looked up and found that the zombies that had rarely visited their dormitory window has unknowingly gathered gradually at this time.

“Oh no, the wind and rain outside has washed away all the smell of the perfume we sprinkled!”

Tang Tang frowned.

Yan Zhen also noticed the scene.

“So what do we do now? We can’t leave this window alone!”

Yeah the window needs to be guarded too.

It was the first time that Tang Tang was at loss for words.

Before she was even bravely planed to rush out on her own to survive and was not afraid but now—

She looked back at the mutant trio who were still tied on the table, obviously unconscious but desperately trying to break free to beat themselves up so as to reduce the pain.

What a headache!

This was not a battlefield for one person!

This was a death combination of five people, but only two of them of them could move!

“Go ahead and sprinkle yourself all over with the perfume, here I’ll hold it up for a while.”

In this case, Tang Tang could only think of this way.

All she could think of now, was regret.

As early as she knew she should have clung to the system at the beginning not to mention a lot of cheats. It shouldn’t let her die as soon as she enter the apocalypse.

It was only the second day of the end times! But she was already facing six to seven threat of zombies with iron heads.

Tang Tang listened to the sound of glass being hit, her heart also followed with a nervous ‘thump thump’.

At this rate she was very worried that she would die suddenly because of rapid heartbeat.

The two took turns sprinkling themselves with the perfume and saw that it was really had some effect. As the zombies outside the window sniffed their nose and felt there was less human smell inside. The speed and strength of their heads hitting the glass has reduced.

The two small bottles of perfumes were not wasted.

The two were temporarily relieved.

Only then Tang Tang realized that she was hungry after several hours of work.

“Guru—Guru—Guru” (sound of an empty stomach)

This was really embarrassing and awkward at the same time especially in this situation where they don’t have a spare time to eat.

“You go ahead and eat, I’ll be here and hold on this.”

Yan Zhen heard the gururu from the side and said.

“It’s a waste of time, I’ll find a thread to tie the instant noodles to my wrist and I’ll take a bite when I want to eat.”

Tang Tang’ quick wit thought of a brilliant idea.

“….then tie one for me too.”

Two people so desperately work, but the window still had a large hole the next day.

A hole has the size of a human figure, making the wind freely comes in and out and the rain was also unceremoniously all hailed in.

Tang Tang was stunned, looking at the man who suddenly appeared on the balcony crashed through the glass, he must be carried with the rain last night.

The ‘man’ was laying down the ground for a while and then stood up in a strange posture. Because he broke the glass, his whole body was covered with pieces of broken glasses but the place that were pierced has no blood flowing out.

Just now Tang Tang and Yan Zhen were covering the window with quit just like yesterday to prevent the damage of the storm and did not expect a ‘person’ to suddenly fly over from nowhere, the next second. It only crashed through the glass but also bounced off her and Yan Zhen.

At the moment, the hand clutching the quilt froze.

The next second the zombie fly across the sky rushing towards her.

“Watch out—”

Yan Zhen was also startled by the scene and rushed over with a shout.

Tang Tang cursed secretly.

She immediately roll towards the side.

Followed by a fierce kick in the back of the zombie, at the moment she didn’t care if she was too scared. She looked at the quilt in her hands and immediately covered the zombie’s head and then kicked her again.

She then crouched down.

What’s going on!

This zombie not only has the ability to climb the wall but could also fly?

Isn’t this so wicked? Do they also grew invincible wings!

Tang Tang also do not know if it was useful to kick it, anyway she did not dare to stop.

Yan Zhen looked at her as soft, weak woman but seeing her now—suddenly seeing such a violent scene making his original rushed steps paused.

He didn’t react until the broken pieces of glass swept his face, that’s when he rushed over to pull Tang Tang.

“Wait, wait, don’t kick it anymore. Let’s pick it up and throw it through the window!”

Tang Tang also feels that she has become too irritable because of the end times.

At the sound of his voice, she calmed down a bit and slowly stopped her feet from the stomping on the zombie.

But her eyes never leaved the body for fear that the zombie’s resilience would be tenacious and it would inadvertently recoil, causing a disaster.

Fortunately the zombies’s intelligence seems to have decreased a lot, after being covered with a quilt it doesn’t know where the people were and don’t know how to get rid of the quilt.

Together, Tang Tang and Yan Zhen lifted the zombie with the quilt along the large hole that was broken by it and with a swish was thrown out.

Although it was the tenth floor, and although the wind was blowing and the rain was still pouring there was still a heavy falling sound perpendicular to their bedroom.

They looked at their hands.

Just now, they pushed the zombie down with their own hands.

But the current situation simply does not allow them to review what they just did.

Because there was a big hole in the window, the smell of the other three people in the room was smelled by the zombies wandering nearby and soon the first zombie who was very close arrived at their window.

Tang Tang has no weapons and no more quilt in her hands, she looks down and saw the fitness equipment beside her—

A black iron rod whose function should be for stretching the muscles.

She bent down and took the rod then stabbed the body of the zombie who fell with the force of the stick.


This is better than a fruit knife!

Tang Tang sighed in surprise, immediately after the second zombie rushed over. She hurriedly put her attention on stabbing the second one again.

Then the third, fourth, she simply stabbed from left to right without much effort.



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