Chapter 17

The secretary was extremely efficient and quickly put together the information of the Light and Shine Entertainment and Guo Feng to Qin Li.

Qin Li looked through the information and found that although Light and Shine Entertainment as a whole was in profitable state, there were many obscure and false account which were large amount that went to unknown destinations.

In addition there were many investments that obviously should not be chosen, such as certain TV series that procure huge losses and was all designated by Guo Feng, as the leading actor he chooses has no experience or newcomers.

As soon as the TV series was aired, it received numerous bad reviews saying the man’s face was paralyzed and one with no expression through the whole play.

Some also said that the plot was too exaggerating and pompous false making the audience embarrassed.

Similar investments were not rare, as all of the male being promoted with this investment were the type that has thin waist and long legs, white skin and good looks.

Guo Feng used the influence of Light and Shine Entertainment, he was also a veteran in the entertainment circle that uses tricks to let those boys fall on his hand using the hidden rules.

The number of men and women who have gone to bed with him couldn’t be counted, even though he was a married man with a son and a daughter.

It was said that the red flag at home does not fall and the colorful flags flutter outside1 were true on his case.

Qin Li was disgusted with this kind of people, he feels very dirty and outrage. It was his second uncle was in charge of this company and originally he don’t want to intervene but who let Guo Feng eyed what’s his.

Qin Li gently knocked on the solid wood desk with a slight frowned on his face as he pondered. If he intervened in this matter, it was the same asking trouble with his uncle face to face.

When his father was in a car accident, Qin Lin has been finding who the culprit was but there was no evidence pointing who was the person behind the accident. This was a good opportunity to test his second uncle.

Qin Li called his secretary again and asked him to give Guo Feng a letter of dismissal in the name of the board of directors.

His personal problems and investments made due to his personal desires have cause great losses to the company’s interests and violated the terms of the contract signed at the beginning.

So he was removed from his position as the general manager.

When Guo Feng received the termination letter he was very confused. He turned the letter over and over countless times to make sure it had the company’s stamp and Qin Li’s signature.

After checking this multiple times he was even more confused.

“Mr. Xiang what do you think is going on here? I’m doing my best for the company but the company was not thinking about my good deeds and wants to fire me instead?”

Guo Feng went to Qin Xiang to complain.

There was a delicate bird cage hanging in front of the window of Qin Xiang’s office. While playing with the birds, he said as if nothing had happened.

“I told you to restrain yourself. Although Qin Li is young, he is very difficult to deal with, especially my father. He has more trust in Qin Li. His letter of dismissal has not been approved by the board of directors and not yet taken effect but my father is on Qin Li’s side and it doesn’t make any difference whether the board of directors has approved it or not.”

Guo Feng panicked.

“Mr. Xiang, that’s not true. The dog still has to see the master, I work for you, Mr. Qin said nothing can go beyond you and so is this termination letter right? This is clearly a move to embarrass you…….”


Qin Xiang slammed the food box on the table as he stared at Guo Feng and said gloomily.

“You say, which of these information is not true? If you want me to speak for you, you have to give a reason out. Embezzlement of public funds, false public service and keeping a male star, which is not true ah? Which one of them is wrong?”

Guo Feng’s head was in disarray as he stumble over his words.

“But…. But I’m doing all this for you…..”

“You stop.”

Qin Xiang didn’t wait for him to finish before interrupting.

“Guo Feng, you’ve been in the circle for so many years, you should be clear about you can and can’t say. I gave you this general manager position even if you haven’t earned much, right? Have I ever treated you badly?”

“Mr. Xiang………”

“I can’t do anything about this, you go and find Qin Li yourself.”

Qin Xiang put on a send-off attitude and annoyingly.

“I still have things to do, you go away.”

Guo Feng’s face was extremely ugly, he opened his mouth to say something but stopped. Seeing that Qin Xiang side has no room for maneuver, he could only grit his teeth and leave.

As soon as he left on his left, Qin Xiang slammed the rosewood pen holder with his hand onto the ground.

“Qin Li!”

Qin Xiang said with a gloomy face and gritted teeth.


When Ruan Tiang received a call from Guo Feng he was being force by his mother to drink a soup that has supposedly high nutritional value. It was a black chicken soup with tonic added on it.

After smelling the strange smell Ruan Tian pinched his nose and refuses to drink it when he heard his phone ringing. He then repeatedly said to his mother that he need to answer the phone and temporarily escaped from his mother’s clutches.


He didn’t even look at the caller and just picked up the phone directly as he answer happily.

Guo Feng’s coarse voice came over and curtly said.

“Ruan Tian, ah no Mr. Ruan do you still remember me, right?”

The upward curved on Ruan Tian’s mouth instantly tensed into a straight line, he bristled and said unhappily.

“I have no regrets and I will not accept the subterfuge!”

“No, no, no, it’s my fault. Don’t worry about the subterfuge and just take it as I farted. Look at you, why did you not say earlier that surging waters flooded the Dragon King temple2, not knowing we are all family.”

Guo Feng said flatteringly.

The attitude was a 180 degree opposite to that of the previous two days when he saw Ruan Tian.


red flag at home does not fall and the colorful flags flutter outside1– which means that the relationship with his wife and lover is quite harmonious. A good deal of both, absolutely not affect the life

surging waters flooded the Dragon King temple2– to fail to recognize a familiar person; a dispute between close people who fail to recognize each other


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