GTKWF 30.1


Chapter 30

A moment later after Fang Bai went out, Sheng Qiao’s cell phone resting on the bed was flashing silently.

Huo Xi picked it up and saw that the caller was Zhong Shen. He answered the phone and other end hurriedly said.

“Qiao Qiao, what’s wrong with you? Are you oaky?”

“It’s Huo Xi, she’s fine.”


Zhong Shen looks at his phone like he just heard a ghost, he was still recording live so he didn’t dare to speak recklessly. Stammering he said.

“Oh oh, then that’s good.”

Huo Xi explained the situation roughly to let him relax. Zhong Shen then hung up the call.

He put the phone back on the bed, and his eyes swept to the screen saver. He froze and picked it up again, tapping his finger on the screen.

On the screen saver was his picture.

This photo was cleverly used since it was not a high resolution photo him. It was a distant view of the stage, in the photo he was holding the microphone looking into the distance. There was no light on the stage, only his straight black silhouette surrounded by a large shimmering light—it was the light of his fans’ support. It looked like the stars falling at night, surrounding him.

Most people would not know it was him.

He looked at the girl on the hospital bed, the latter seemed to feel something as her eyebrows furrowed and was about to wake up. Huo Xi put the phone back and took two steps back.

Sheng Qiao opened her eyes and rubbed her head as she in a dumb voice.

“Xiao Bai, I want to drink water.”

Huo Xi walked to the side and poured the water, walked towards her and put it on the bedside table as he said in a light voice.

“A little hot, let it cool down a little before drinking.”

Sheng Qiao who was struggling to sit up from the bed, fell back.

It took her a long time before turning her head and saw Huo Xi standing by the bed with his hands folded. She blinked and blinked again, then a very complicated look welled up on her face.

<<I’m not worthy>> was no longer enough to express her feelings so she has to use <<I’m guilty>>.

She sat up, straightened her hair and asked in small voice.

“Huo Xi, what brings you here?”

“Just happened to be running some errands over here and stopped by to see you.”

She nodded her head as she held the glass of water and blew on it. Taking a small sip before adding.

“I’m fine, but I can’t be discharge tomorrow. You go back early, the hospital is no good so don’t stay here for a long time.”

She wanted him to be healthy and carefree for the rest of his life and to never have to go to the hospital all his life.

Huo Xi looked at her indifferently.

“In the future when you are sick, you should seek medical attention in time and don’t resist.”

Sheng Qiao nodded frantically.

He turned around, and Sheng Qiao eyes looked at his back with some reluctance but also happiness and waved her hand.

“Huo Xi, bye…..”

Before the second word could be uttered she saw him walk near the chair and sat down.

“….you’re not going?”

Huo Xi glance at her said.

“You seemed desperate to get rid of me?”

Sheng Qiao head almost shook off as she whispered.

“Hospital is unlucky….”

He took out his phone and sent a message to Xiao Dan asking him to take the driver to have a late night snack first, while sending the message he said to Sheng Qiao.

“I haven’t eaten yet. Fang Bai has gone to buy food for me.”

He looked up and continued.

“I heard from Fang Bai that you only ate some white rice all day today?”

“…..I’m on a diet.”

He didn’t expose her and just said.

“We’ll eat together later.”

Fang Bai soon came back, when he received Huo Xi’s message he bought a bowl of congee on top of the three dishes and one soup for Sheng Qiao. Huo Xi moved his chair to the side of the bedside table and set up the dishes, he then put the light dish on the side leaning near her and said in a light voice.


Sheng Qiao held the bowl and peeked at him.

Waahhhh, this damn gentleness would make her heart moved to tears and would flow non-stop!

God, what kind of charming agent did you add when you made him?

How could he be so nice?

Wahhh, she wanted to love Huo Xi for life! Go crazy for him and just be crazy for him then knock against the wall for him!

After eating, Fang Bai packed out the take-out box ready to go downstairs to throw it but Huo Xi took the garbage bag in his hand.

“I have a meeting tomorrow morning, please take care of her tonight.”

Fang Bai hurriedly said.

“I will, I will.”

He put on his hat and mask, turned his head to Sheng Qiao and said.

“Get well, I’m leaving.”

Sheng Qiao nodded, holding back the emotion and reluctance in her eyes.

“Huo Xi, thank you for coming to see me.”

He had already pulled open the door and walked out carrying the garbage. Sheng Qiao lay back on the bed, for a long time then raised her hand to cover her heart. There it was beating so fast.

Thump, thump, thump.

Fang Bai who was holding his phone next to her said,

“Sister Qiao Qiao, your fans are fighting with Xingyao again.”

Sheng Qio came back from her flowery mood and hurriedly opened her phone.

Cha Cha has sent a lot of updates and told her about the current ‘war situation’. Sheng Qiao was no longer the poor little person who was discredited when the contract was first terminated and the fans who supported her this time had finally concentrated an outbreak at the moment.

Three of the top ten searches were related to her, and when she clicked on it she saw a shocking picture of ‘murderous itinerary’ in red letters. Sheng Qiao’s fans were crying in anguish accusing Xingyao of oppressing its artist, seeking legal assistance and demanding immediate termination of her contract.

Before there was no cohesion of the powder, but for the first time they were all united with purpose. The momentum for their beloved one to seek justice.

Since this fire has been burning, there was no reason to let it stop.

Sheng Qiao replied to Cha Cha’s messages and after a meeting in the management group to redefine a more complete denouncing plan, the situation could be describe as a good one.



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