Chapter 27

Jayce was a very worry-free child, well-behaved even in an unfamiliar environment but also doesn’t worry about the adults making their own living arrangement so everything went smooth—

This was what Jian Ruixi said before going to bed, and really like the child that she could worry less.

However, the next day Jian Ruixi decided to withdraw this comment. The little man was too regular with his routine which was sometime not a good thing, such as early to bed and early to rise, with this she was already feel troubled.

Originally Jayce was not devil brat, he actually goes to bed early on his own and gets up early without any help from the adults, but because he was sleeping with his mommy last night when he gets up it was inevitable that Jian Ruixi would notice the movements.

Jian Ruix feel the rustling movement next to her and when she opens her eyes she saw the child’s body climbing out of the bed with his action like a lighting thief.


Jian Ruixi twitched her mouth.

“Jayce, what are you doing?”

The little man said.

“I’ll go down and wash up, mommy go back to sleep.”

Jian Ruixi did what he said after all since she didn’t need to work or study and she didn’t wake up until she woke up naturally so how could she say no?

She sleepily reminded him.

“Then you pay attention to safety, Aunt Susan and the girls should be downstairs if you need help just call them.”

Jayce obediently responded in order not to disturb his mommy’s sleep. He also took his small toothbrush and towel from the bathroom and then ran to the next bathroom to wash.

Jian Ruixi fell back to the bed as she used to but she couldn’t sleep back because she felt a ting of guilt. After all, the child was all up and ready to start his day while she his mother was still on the bed.

Wouldn’t she lose face?

A few minutes later, she sat up resignedly took a look at the watched on her bed and covered her face as she wailed.

“It’s only seven o’clock!”

After complaining, Jian Ruixi finally got out of bed. She went next door first pushed the door in and saw the child sitting on the floor struggling with his clothes.

Jayce instantly blushed hiding away his bare little legs.

“Mommy I haven’t change my clothes yet.”

Jian Ruixi like a good gentleman walked back out and explained.

“Sorry, mommy thought you were in the bathroom and forgot to knock.”

The sound of rustling clothes came from behind the door accompanied by the little milky voice of a child.

“It’s okay now.”

Jian Ruixi smiled.

“Are you changing into your sports clothes for a morning exercise?”


“Then wait for two minutes and mommy will accompany you to exercise.”

She was not of a sporty person but she should be better than her six-year-old son, with this thinking Jian Ruixi decided to accompany the little man and lose weight while at it.

Ten minutes later, after washing up Jian Ruixi also changed into her sportswear and did not bother to put on makeup.

She just casually smear some face cream and sunscreen then tied a high ponytail before going out.

Downstairs, Jayce have been waiting for a long time already but was still very gentleman when praising her beauty after he saw her going down.

Jian Ruixi of course know her own beauty. She looked two years younger, as Madam Fu had maintained her face better than her.

It could be said that she was now at the peak of her beauty, otherwise how could she go out with her bare face.

But hearing her son’s compliment she couldn’t help but smile and reached out to pinch his bulging bun face.

“You learned your sweet talk to your father, right? The tone and the voice is exactly the same.”

Jayce’s little hands, touched the place where he had been pinched. He was a little shy and curious, he always thought that the relationship between mom and dad was like that in the book.

Respect each other was what he believes what his father and mother also have, but recently he found out that he seemed to be wrong.

His dad and mom would actually teased each other in private, with this observation he thought they were more relaxed and amusing.

Though he don’t know how his daddy talked sweetly to his mommy. the little bun who was busy thinking was pulled in the next second by his mommy.

“Ready, let’s go—”

The mother and son ran around the outside near the villa. Jian Ruixi thought that on such a nice day and weekend at that, people should be comfortably sleeping on their cozy bed and did not expect many people would come out for a morning run.

Perhaps because her villa was located near the tourist destination of beautiful scenery of the harbor so many people were out for the morning sea breeze.

However not many children, especially someone with the same age was Jayce running so early in the morning. So this mother-son pair, Jian Ruixi and Jayce received a lot of attention.

There were even unfamiliar people greeting them and praising how great Jayce was.

Jayce was indeed quite great, after running a few kilometer and came home, he still had the energy to play badminton in the garden.

In fact, he was also learning tennis recently but since there was no court for tennis in Jian Ruixi’s place and no one accompanying him, he just went to play badminton with the handsome bodyguards.

Jian Ruixi looked at the little bun’s figure and resisted herself from the telling him to learn to play basketball so as to grow taller.

Seeing the atmosphere was good, Jian Ruixi also picked up the racket and played two sets with Jayce. After sweating a lot, he pulled the little bun in the garden for a selfie to post on her weibo and let her circle of friends know.

Jian Ruixi took nine sporty photos in one breath before going back home to take a bath and put on makeup. She still needs to dress up and try to be the most beautiful mom when she goes out.



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