Chapter 37

When Hua Shan was on the sedan chair the gentleman wanted to reach out and pull her hand but Hua Shan seemed to a little shy and was uncomfortable so she dodge away.

Fortunately, the two were not lovers yet or in anything deeper than ambiguous relationship.

There was still time to save everything!

Jiang Liangchan called on the carriage driver to turn around and went back to Jiang mansion—as for the poetry club, there was no time to go.

In comparison with Chen Feng wearing a green green1 and Chu Qing who like a spider web that could be effortlessly wiped off with one finger, of course she would choose Chen Feng.

After all in Jiang Liangchan’s importance ranking level, she doesn’t even have to weigh the spider web.

Jiang Yunting was still at home, waiting anxiously at his sister when a cold wind stormed into his room making his sight blurry.

Fixing his eyes, he saw his sister had already returned.

He was a little speechless but was excited at the same time.

“Sister! You really came back! Great I was worried that if you go….”

Jiang Liangchan didn’t have time to take his words, and yelled as soon as she came in.

“Give me your best new clothes, quick, quick, I want them now!”

After receiving the clothes he diligently offered, Jiang Liangchan did not explain anything and just ran away again like a gust of wind.

Jiang Yunting: “…….”

Jiang Yunting miserably hold the door frame with his nails as he quietly slid half of his body.

“I knew it, once she went to see that bastard today she must have change her mind. She must feel sorry for him when she withdraw the marriage yesterday, she even took her brother’s clothes to send to him.”

“My pitiful clothes, the material on those are so expensive that I haven’t bothered to wear them myself.”

The young servant: “…..”

And a gust wind blew just like his sister coming and going in Jiang Yunting’s courtyard.

And the gust of wind that came from Jiang Yunting courtyard arrived at Chen Feng’s quarters.

Chen Feng did not have to see who the gust of wind was as it slammed an expensive and flashy clothes on his table.

Jiang Liangchan’s words flew out like popping beans.

“Quickly, quickly, take off your clothes.”

Chen Feng: “….”

“You came early in the morning just to take off my clothes?”

Even though he was already a bit used to Jiang Liangchan, Chen Feng still found it ridiculous.

Jiang Liangchan shoved the clothes into his arms with one hand and forced him into the inner room with the other.

“It’s too late to explain, go and change your clothes first.”

Jiang Liangchan then sat at the Chen Feng’s table drinking his tea while plotting in her mind how to help him chase people and while waiting for him change his clothes.

Somehow she felt as if she had seen this scene in many novels where the beautiful looking Cinderella before attending the banquet was brought up by the domineering president and a waved of his hand told the makeup artist as he wave a big amount of money.

“Make her look good.”

She crossed her feet and drinks tea like a domineering president who smokes and waited for Cinderella to come out.

Waiting for Cinderella to changed her clothes and obediently come out, revealing the stunning beauty that has been overlooked.

Making sure to stun the whole crowd and blinding them.

It was not until now that President Jiang Liangchan suddenly came to her senses.

Who does she thinks she was? With Chen Feng’s temperament, would she able to command him whenever she wanted to?

She maybe a domineering president but so was Chen Feng.

Jiang Liangchan stood tiptoe and ran to the door of the inner room to eavesdrop.

Sure enough there was no sound of movement in the room, Chen Feng was not changing his clothes.

The domineering president carefully knocked on the door and asked in a low voice.

“That, Chen Feng can you change your clothes first? I’ll take you to a place later.”

Chen Feng asked faintly from the inside.

“To do what?”

Jiang Lianghan paused and thinks about it but she doesn’t know how to say it. If she says truthfully said she’ll take back to the field to recover his true love.

It was estimated that Chen Feng would throw the clothes back again and she would be viewed as mental case.

After being known Chen Feng for a long time, Jiang Liangchan had already felt that as the male lead of the sadomasochistic book Chen Feng was not keen on dating at all nor was he bsessed with his destine white moonlight.

Excuse me, what should a boss do if he’s not going to his job properly?

Doesn’t it affect the plot?

Anyone, someone does any of you have any experience?

The male lead was not in a hurry but the female lead was already anxious.

Jiang Liangchan did not say any reason, worried that Chen Feng would refused but then heard Chen Feng seemed to sighed.

“You can really fool around, all right, go wait outside.”

After hearing his words, Jiang Liangchan hurriedly shrink back and quietly waited for him.

Not long after Chen Feng pushed the door open of the inner room and walked out.

Jiang Liangchan had only one though in her mind.

He really could win if he would set his mind on it.

Jiang Liangchan was now more confident even if that gentleman was ten times gentle and had accompanied Hua Shan to a hundred plays, Chen Feng could still redeem himself by virtue of his face alone.

He was the son of heaven that no one could question.

Two people were facing each other, while sitting on the carriage as they go to Hunchun brothel.

With the experience of the last time, Chun Xin and Xia Yi made sure that Jiang Liangchan was not like a muggle that rode a carriage for the first time.

They have flattened the large white fox skin mattress on the seat and also gave Chen Feng a thin quilt indicating that he need to cover his legs.

“If you cover it like this your legs will not be cold. You have a tough life, the last time I took a carriage with you I almost freeze to death.”

Chen Feng smiled and did not say anything, he knows that this treatment only belongs to the Eldest Miss of the Jiang family.

A midst of this there was like small rotation of a gear which hasn’t shaken the whole rutting was now actually out of place.

Many things has change unknowingly and even the person and people itself perhaps did not notice it.

He was once extremely disgusted by Jiang Liangchan that he could not even speak with her, smelling something stench coming out from her.

But now looking at her small proud face as if showing off how attentive she was with the little small quilt given to him, made him lose his smile at the pettiness of the little girl.

And there was the thought that “Oh I froze her last time.” which faded to a thought that he didn’t even notice.

Jiang Liangchan thought about her plans for a while and looked across Chen Feng who looked unconcerned about the purpose of the trip and sighed deeply.

Just last night she had just told this man a thousand times to let Hua Shan notice his face.

But what did Chen Feng say?

Jiang Liangchan tried to recall the plot in the book, Chen Feng and Hua Shan together—was this how Hua Shan was with him?

The story book was hazy about this scenario. All she knows was that after Hua Shan died, Chen Feng was furious at the people who had hurt her and wanted to avenge her.

But the process of how the two people got together was not so detailed after all Hua Shan in the plot was just the white moonlight.

It was like passing in a hurry and soon become a memory.

Jiang Liangchen estimated that Chen Feng first love relationship may not have been so good with Hua Shan and with just after her death did he notice how strong his feelings were but she was already dead.

So his rage was beyond normal, probably in addition to his pain and sadness was the remorse for not being a little better for her.

So it was normal that he doesn’t realize he likes Hua Shan now, and with that she has to help him well and also to save herself from his double anger later.

Thinking of this, she vicissitudes patted Chen Feng.

“I know you cannot understand my good intentions today but one day you will.”

Chen Feng glanced at her.

“Does your good intentions include this outfit?”

Jiang Liangchan glared at him, what was wrong with the clothes? That was her brother’s most expensive clothes and he has not even willing to wear it.

Staring at each other Jiang Liangchan found something wrong.

Chen Fang was wearing a dark pattern brocade with white robe that has silver silk edge of flowing cloud pattern satin collar.

Because it was cold, Jiang Liangchan also took away Jiang Yunting’s most expensive purple fox fur cloak for Chen Feng.

With that kind of garment mostly look exaggerated and pompous to other but with Chen Feng he looked like a painting. His eyes were like cold star, his hands and feet were gestured lazily but looked elegant and noble.

But the problem was that Jiang Liangchan herself was wearing a silver flowered snow brocade robe with light purple fox fur over it.

With Chen Feng, they completely have the same color. Both were deep purple and light purple all both looking noble, gentle and elegant.

It was like a couple outfit.


head turning to green1– being cheated


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