Chapter 16

The courier arrived on time and she was able to ship all the items.

Then, from the memory she found the suitcase in the living room closet with the big bag and put the cubs’ organized clothes in it.

Only when she was slightly sweating that Ye Susu leaned back on a small chair in the aisle hall and looked at her phone.

In her circle of friends, after sending the messages it already had whole row of replies.

[rr: 6661, Susu you’re doing well. How much does this house cost ah?]

[Guo Zhi: Man, this house is so beautiful… I can’t believe you didn’t put up a selfie?]

[Xiao LuZi: This house looks so good, can I come to your house to do live?]

This was all some of the anchors and individuals that the original body knows.

Their relationship was general, they usually advertise each other just to get more traffic.

Ye Susu flipped through and did not reply to any of these messages.

She waited until she saw a message hidden in it, then her fingers stopped.

[NingMeng: moved?]

“Xia Ningmeng?”

The original owner’s high school friend?

Ye Susu tilted her head and muttered.

In a blink of an eye, her WeChat vibrated continuously again.

Once she check, she was instantly dumbfounded.

[You have received a red packet from Xia Ningmeng: Congratulations on the move.]

[You received a red packet from Xia Ningmeng: buy candy for little Ye Xun.]

[You received a red envelop from Xia Ningmeng: buys toys for little Ye Xun.]



Six red packets in a row were neatly give to her.

Ye Susu then took a look at the chat log and found that this Xia Ningmeng was a rich boy.

Basically the original body only said one sentence each time like, ‘the child went to daycare’, ‘the child was praised by the teacher’, ‘I have more fans’, the this Xia Ningmeng would give her red packets.

The red envelop limit was 200, he more often send ten red envelops in one breath and less times there were six or seven.

“This is awesome.”

Ye Susu has lived for so long and has never seen such ‘divine’ friends.

She was surrounded by only scum friends who grab cat food with her.

If it wasn’t for the memory she was sure there’s nothing fishy about it, Ye Susu would have suspected that she was being kept by this Xia Ningmeng.

Was there such a friend who would send many red packets?

She was hesitating whether to accept the red packet this time.

There was voice came over.

“Your new home is still short of anything? It just so happens that my aunt works at Baile Furniture and has a discount, so I’ll buy it for you.”

Ye Susu: “….”

This mortal’s heart is so big.

In her memory, the original body only used the Xia Ningmeng as a money-taking jar.

Five years ago Xia Ningmeng was sent abroad to study and the original body became estranged from her.

It was not until he returned home this year that their contact resumed.

The original body found that this friend’s family was rich and came back to find a monthly salary of tens of thousands and send her red envelope that she would not refuse.

Xia Ningmeng, on the other hand has genuine treatment of the original body.

Seeing that she became a single mother, he couldn’t bear to see her living in poverty and tried to help the mother and son, without asking for anything in return.

Ye Susu covered his forehead.


Looking at the original body, every time she received a red packet the reply was half-assed. Anyone would know that the kindness of Xia Ningmeng was also not cherished by the original body.

She thought about it and confiscate the red envelope.

Instead, she selected the name of the catnip that was just added to her contacts today.

[Big brother, is it okay if some of my friends come to visit my new place tomorrow?]

She wanted to invite Xia Ningmeng to her new home for lunch, and to thank him for all the help she the original had received.

As for the money, she could only slowly thinks of ways to compensate him.

She was a noble cat who wanted to cultivate into a great demon so she could not owe mortals.

She propped her head up and waited for a while but not on the catnip reply.

Males were very concerned about territorial sovereignty.

Peeing on each other’s territory without permission and you would be bitten.

Ye Susu nodded while tapping her fingers, and decided to go to bed first and forget about it but when she went to wash her face, her phone vibrated.

[Catnip: It’s your room, feel free.]


Ye Susu covered her mouth that couldn’t help but grin.

She likes the fact that this humans invented WeChat and could change her name, big time.

Ye Susu was busy replying thank you to him, and happily sent an invitation to Xia Ningmeng.

Perhaps it was too late and other party had gone to bed and did not reply.

Ye Susu was also broad-minded and did not care.

After washing up she tiptoed into the bedroom as she stood by the bed to look at the little cub by the moonlight.

Seeing his eyelashes long and slender with his soft breathing together thought it was cute and immediately climbed onto the bed with her hands and feet then lay down next to the cubs with a smile on her face.

Looking at the cub’s sleeping face, she slowly grinned widely.

The first of the 100th world of cub rearing passed without incident.

Sure enough, she was smart and capable graceful and elegant. She could also be sweet or salt and could do everything.

She gradually closed her eyes.

Soon, she was dreaming of being in a field full of catnip as she happily rolled around.

She rolled and rolled, until she seems to see a handsome—a cold man’s side face.

The corners of her mouth rose as she twisted the sweater into eighteen pieces in her dream.

It was so invigorating ah!

Drip! Drop!

The next day, the corners of mouth high up Ye Susu was woken up on time by the noisy alarm.

As soon she opened her eyes, she was shocked!

She was dazed and yawning and found her right arm was put roughly all across the cub’s soft little body.

And Ye Xun the cub, had an innocent look on his face and panic when she opened her eyes.


She retracted her arm back and was fully awake!

The little man suddenly sunken and his big grape eyes were covered with mist.

“Wait, baby, I didn’t mean to do that!”

In the midst of Ye Susu’s panic when the crisp sound rang out right next to her ears.

[Today’s Task]

[1. Optimize the environment for the cub: clean the house once for more than thirty minutes.]

[2. Boost the mood of the cub (currently: low)]

Ye Susu: “!??”


6661– “You’re doing amazing sweetie,” (comes from chinese gaming slang, where gamers would put ‘666‘ in the chat after seeing another showing an impressive skill)


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