Chapter 147

Wang Tong’s momentum was knocked away by Jiang Hengshu’s words, his tone instantly weakened. He said to Jiang Hengshu with a grumble in his voice.

“So you have a wife and you’re still getting involved with other girls, is this like a joke to you?”


Jiang Hengshu didn’t understand what Wang Tong said at all.

Wang Tong insisted that Jiang Hengshu was only reluctant to admit his mistake so his tried to persuade him.

“Boss you do not need to pretend to be confused with me, okay? Pay more attention now since you are a married man ah.”

“What are you talking about?”

Wang Tong grunted coldly.

“What am I talking? I saw it all outside the hot pot restaurant today.”

Jiang Hengshu finally knew what Wang Tong was trying to say to him but just as he wanted to explain to Wang Tong what happened, Wang Tong hung up the phone in rage.

Fu Zhen heard Wang Tong on the phone and Jiang Hengshu trying to explain something to Wang Tong but was hang up instead.

Curious, Fu Zhen came over and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“What’s going on?”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head and said to Fu Zhen.

“Wang Tong may have misunderstood.”

Fu Zhen wanted to ask Jiang Hengshu what Wang Tong misunderstood but at this time he received a message on WeChat from Luo Pingping.

The plot line they did before was not good enough, Fu Zhen found a document and check it yesterday. From beginning to end there was indeed a problem that Luo Pingping talked about.

About half an hour later, Wang Tong called Fu Zhen again. Fu Zhen was looking up from the computer so the latter just directly pressed the speaker.

Calling Fu Zhen, Wang Tong’s voice was a lot softer. He first lowered his voice and asked Fu Zhen.

“Madam, is boss beside you?”

Fu Zhen hesitated and inclined his head to glance at Jiang Hengshu beside him, who shook his hand at him.

Fu Zhen instantly understood what Jiang Hengshu meant.

He lied to Wang Tong and said.

“Not here, what’s wrong?”

Wang Tong breathed a sigh of relief and said to Fu Zhen.

“I’m telling you madam, you have to keep an eye on our boss in the next two days. My boss is not very honest.”

“What is it about?”

Just now Jiang Hengshu said to Fu Zhen that Wang Tong had misunderstood something, but since he wasn’t able to ask what Wang Tong misunderstood he now don’t know Wang Tong was trying to say.

“Madam you listen to me, you must keep an eye on our boss these days. Don’t be too complacent that our boss look so serious. Men are cheaters!”

Fu Zhen didn’t know what to say after listening to Wang Tong’s words. The latter should really be stimulated.

Now the three people who heard him were all men, who was this cheater?

Wang Tong also realized the loopholes in his words and quickly said to Fu Zhen.

“I’m not talking about you madam ah, nor I am that kind of person either.”

So now that only leaves with Jiang Hengshu.

“I see, is there anything else?”

Hearing Fu Zhen’s perfunctory tone, Wang Tong got so angry that all his hair stood up.

“Madam, how can you not understand my words? Today I saw—”

Realizing what he said, Wang Tong came to sharp brake and swallowed all the words that had already reached his throat.

“What did you see?”

Fu Zhen asked after him.

“Don’t get angry when I tell you madam. I really didn’t want to tell you.”

Feeling the image of Jiang Hengshu in his heart had been hit hard again, Wang Tong said to Fu Zhen.

“Today I saw my boss was with a woman eating hot pot, he didn’t want to go to that store when I dragged him to that store before. They were a little intimate, and the girl looked as if she is pregnant.”

Wang Tong’s heart was much more comfortable when he finished saying these all at once but he did not forget to remind Fu Zhen.

“Don’t tell boss what I told you.”

Now it was a little late to say that, Jiang Hengshu was all ears next to Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen laughed lightly while Wang Tong on the other end of the line was getting anxious thinking how could he still laughed it out.

And then he heard Fu Zhen ask him.

“Is that woman wearing a light green dress?”

Wang Tong was only looking at Jiang Hengshu and did not pay much attention to the woman but now that he recalled it, it seems she was wearing green dress indeed.

Wang Tong’s heart immediately became cold and asked Fu Zhen.

“Madam know all of this? My boss is good-for-nothing, so I’ll just say sorry in his stead madam.”

“That’s me.”

“That, that, that….”

The news was really to shocking to Wang Tong that he stammered.

“I think that woman is pregnant.”

Fu Zhen looked down at his stomach, pursed his lips and smiled as he continued to fool Wang Tong.

“That’s just my interest, you can’t understand it.”



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