Chapter 36

That night Jiang Liangchan picked all the delicious dishes on the table as promised and had them sent over to Chen Feng.

Also at that dinner time, she mentioned to her mother about her plans on withdrawing the marriage.

But her mother did not agree on the spot, although Jiang Liangchan could see that when she mentioned about withdrawing the marriage Madam Jiang’s eyes clearly lit up for a moment.

It seems that the whole family were not blind, it was only the original body who was obsessed.

It’s just that after thinking over it again and again Madam Jiang nevertheless weighted everything.

“This is a big deal, it’s not for us to discuss it today like this. We do it again tomorrow, what’s more the Chu family didn’t do anything that could harm us or anything shameful so we don’t have any reasons besides it will be up to your father to decide.”

Jiang Yunting on the other hand was unwilling to overlook nor spare what her sister did to him even more so he was afraid what her sister would say today.

The next day when he think about it, he was afraid that his sister would back out on what she had said and declared last night.

But Jiang Liangchan was well aware of the situation.

She wasn’t naïve to believe that after saying she wanted to withdraw the marriage it would immediately be a success.

After all this marriage was planned from the previous generation of the Jiang family who were still alive and there were many things involved so how could it be so simple.

Besides when she was still a child, this marriage was not written so she could have a big chance to withdraw.

At that time, their parents seemed to have asked for their own opinions saying that although the elder pointed out the marriage, they still need to ask them their permission.

But since the original body fell in love with Chu Qing making a fuss to be married to him.

This being the case after the original owner made an emphasis and was still very satisfied with the arrangement after growing up, making it hard for the Jiang family to say anything.

And since the Chu family was only third rank, while the Jiang family was first rank they also could not take initiative to raise any objections.

Until this marriage was delayed, dragged down into the current situation that has been known to everyone.

Though originally they were good talk about them even if the Jiang family’s prestige has been declining, since they refuse to abandon their poor relatives.

But because Jiang Liangchan was making a fuss all day, she became the Jiang family’s daughter begging to stick to Chu family.

Jiang Liangchan was not stupid, once she withdraws from the marriage now all the accusations and all criticism would be directed at her family.

She had thought the effects and what others would say after the Jiang family decline the marriage, saying they could not accept third rank family and was aiming for a higher branch.

No matter what other people say, it would directly affect the Jiang Family.

Compared to the Chu family they were benevolent to the end, and then for this Chu family would take this pipe dream.

This marriage must be withdrawn but she has to wait, wait for the suitable time, wait for the Chu family to make mistake first.

By then she could easily pull the Jiang family out of the fire.

And according to Chu family’s true face in the plot, and what Chu Qing was doing now Jiang Liangchan believes that this opportunity would definitely appear.

The next day, Jiang Liangchan was beautifully dressed and when she was ready to go out there was a big pendant hanging behind her.

Jiang Yunting tugged her dress but was dragged by her as she walked step by step so he howled undyingly.

“Sister, can’t you not go?”

Jiang Liangchan patted his hand.

“Take your hand away, you’re going to wrinkle my dress.”

Jiang Yunting slowly let go of his hand and asked breathlessly.

“Then when you come back today, will you still be the same you who wanted to withdraw from the marriage last night?”

Jiang Liangchan laughed out loud.

She said softly.

“Don’t worry I really don’t have feelings for Chu Qing anymore and I can’t wait to immediately get out of this marriage.”

She just had to go and see who this Chu Qing was and of course who this Song Xinrui was.

Jiang Liangchan has to recognize this disgusting people and identity some people, after being in the Jiang family for a long time.

Moreover, to make the Chu family actively make mistakes, Chu Qing was a good starting point—was he not?

She had to go and create the conditions for him to take the initiative to put the handle into her hands.

After waving goodbye to the poor Jiang Yunting.

Jiang Liangchan on the principle that she could not lose the battle took the luxurious carriage of the Jiang family and marched to the poetry club.

Along the way Jiang Liangchan was secretly plotting in her heart on how she should behave when she saw them later.

The theme of today’s poetry club was plum blossoms, the place was quite far away, it was located in the outskirts of the capital where large plum groves were said to be very spectacular.

Jiang Liangchan’s plan went off the rails when she thought about it.

She used to read ancient and historical textbook because she could imagine the fresh air that was unpolluted, scholar sweeping the snow off the plum blossom scattered on the ground.

Then next year, they took the plum blossom out to make tea with it. The flower was picked and washed clean first then used to make petal snack and even into dishes.

Every time she thinks about it, she thought it was like a fairy life.

Thinking of this, Jiang Liangchan couldn’t help but lift the heavy curtain of the carriage and look out. Since the plum blossoms were blooming well in the countryside, the capital’s plum blossom must have bloomed as well.

However she did not see the plum blossoms but a bolt from the blue1 instead.

Directly opposite to Jiang Liangchan was a sedan chair. The sedan chair was different from other sedan chair next to it, it has a colorful and was very enchanting.

And with just a glance anyone could it tell it was sedan chairs used for brothels.

This was not unusual, in good years even brothel women usually have the opportunity to go out to see a play and go shopping.

Next to the sedan chair stood a young man and woman, two people talking about their goodbyes. It seemed that they had just seen a play and the woman was about to leave.

However what stunned her was the face of the woman, it looked much like Hua Shan.

Jiang Liangchan took a strong effort of stretching her head out and stare at her.

Yes, it was really Hua Shan!

Hua Shan was out with other young male to watch a show

Jiang Liangchan hurriedly looked at the man, the young male looked clean, he even looked like a gentle man and as he gaze at the Hua Shan eyes were also extra soft.

His expression was a very sincere, not like that kind a gaze a man would have for a woman in a brothel but like a man facing his beloved woman. He was a little reluctant to let her leave but also couldn’t force her to stay.

However the crucial point was yet to come!

The expression of Hua Shan—

Why is she also have a little bit of shyness?

What was going on now, were these two people really just saying their goodbye?

Jiang Liangchan hurriedly let the carriage driver stop and sneakily hid behind the curtain to keep an eye on what was really going on.

The more she looked at it, the more she understood.

Something bad was going to happen!

What kind of behavior were these two people doing now?

This is clearly the ambiguous stage of men and women, being shy after watching movie together ah!

What the hell is going on!

Chen Feng is going to wear green hat!

Jiang Liangchan stared at them both with deadly eyes.


bolt from the blue1– It is a metaphor for shocking things or disasters that happen suddenly. 


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