Chapter 15

On the way home Ye Susu continued to maintain a polite smile.

While the middle aged agent man continued to blabber and just like usual she also did not interrupt him.

This middle aged agent had already talked about the inside story of the company like how to calculate the turnover commission, or how many order could be made in a month and how was the regular salary.

Ye Susu listened and couldn’t help but also think about making a living.

Thinking that the middle aged agent man had enough money to buy a car, the mortal job seemed good.

But soon, after listening to the middle age man about the working hours were concentrated in evening and weekend and on the time that the customer was off to work to see the house, she was immediately discouraged.

Ye Xun would be alone at home, it would definitely would not work.

It’s so hard work meow!

“Then we have an agreement, tomorrow morning at ten o’clock I’ll met you at the entrance of the neighborhood.”

The middle age man’s service for its customer was really excellent.

Ye Sus hurriedly thanked him.

After watching the middle age man drive his car away, a trace of excitement was immediately surface on Ye Susu’s little face.

House problem solved~

“Baby, do you want to eat dried fish?”

Of course no matter what, she still remembered the most important thing.

Ye Xun however didn’t think much and just shook his head as he refused.

“It’s already nine o’clock.”

At this point, he usually was already washed up and gone to bed.

But since they have to organize moving some stuff today, this was an exception.

He has to take care of his own school bag, clothes and toys.


“Mommy needs to lose weight and I can’t eat too many at night or I’ll have cavity.”


Ye Susu’s little face was instantly deflated.

So while they were about to enter the house, she attempted to change the cub’s mind with her eyes but the cub was already busy doing his work.

Without saying a word he dutifully took out his little clothes from the living room cupboard and stacked them in a pile on the chair.

One of the things he seemed to treasure was a small car that he carefully holds on his palm. He picked it up from the cabinet and carefully stuffed into his small school bag.

And even Ye Susu’s book of <<Breakfast>> was put away in his bag.

Apparently, he felt that he still needed the picture books.

In less than ten minutes he was able to organize everything, he was even done sorting out all his stuff.

“I’m done with my things.”

Ye Susu looked dumbfounded.

The cub was much better at housework that she was.

All she could think of after coming was to eat dried fish and now seeing her cub doing this, she didn’t have the face to continue pleading.

“Mommy I’ll go ahead and take a shower first.”

Ye Xun then peeked a glance at her.

She was standing the up the whole time and didn’t say anything as she kept staring at him.

After she heard her cub, only did Ye Susu return to her senses.

“….want me to help?”

Ye Xun blushed, and puffed out his chest as he shook his head.

Ye Susu gave an “oh”.

The little cub then took his things and quickly slipped into the bathroom.

She wasn’t able to eat dried fish again.

Ye Susu mournfully went to the kitchen to get half of the dried small fish then put them on the bowl and waited for them to cool down.

Then—ruthlessly put it on the container.


She endured, okay!

A noble cat like herself would never steal a food behind of the cub.

She gulped then went back to the room and began to organize the cooking books, one piece of clothing that was according to the buyers order.

Ye Susu had been busy packing the clothes and items that was sold out, she even stuff the old invoice as evidence of how much she had paid for the items.

“Aw I wasted too much tonight…..”

Since she became a human she had been working for almost an hour before she finally finished everything and called a courier.

When she was all done, she went to the bathroom to check on her cub only to find that the little cub had not only finished washing but also washed his own clothes and even hanged wet on the shelf next to the sink.

Ye Susu hold her head.

What could she do for her cub if he was too capable?

She sighed and walked out of the bathroom to see her little cub who was now blow-drying his hair, he was already wearing her old cotton pajamas with sleeves and pants cut short that was improvised as he nestled in the hallway.

Her heart suddenly pained.

She could still have a little princess dress of her own when she was a cute kitten herself given by shi guan1.

If the shi guan dared to cut down the old fabric for her to wear, she would absolutely tear up her favorite leather sofa.

“Baby what are you doing? It’s already late, isn’t it time for you to go to bed?”


Ye Xun took out the last pair of Ye Susu’s small white shoes from the shoe cabinet and neatly placed them in the shoe box. He piled them next to each other before patting the dust on his small hands.

The little cub already stood up by himself, not waiting for Ye Susu to come and pick him.

He stood on his tiptoes, and took out the little sky blue pillow and quilt that were in the cupboard next to him and pitter patter.

Standing in the doorway of the room, he gave her a timid look.


Ye Susu remembered about the previous conversation between her shi guan and her. So she also immediately repeated.

“Ahem.. good night oh, tomorrow you also have to be cute ah.”

And patted the dull hair on his head.

Just like how her shi guan did it to her.

Ye Xun’s eyes flashed suddenly.

But soon rebuked himself as he turned around and gave Ye Susu a look at his butt and with his little bare feet as he ran into the bedroom seemingly shy with his little red ears.

Ye Susu: “?”

Inside the bedroom.

Ye Xun stepped on his slippers and walked to the bed with small quilt in his arms.

He looked back to see Ye Susu closing the door and saw her make up table next to the camera with dimmed lights, and breathed with relief. He carefully put the pillow in his hand on the bed and opened his short legs as he climbed up he then gently lay down obediently on the left edge of the big bed.

He closed his eyes and just started counting the number he learned in kindergarten.

But a scene from the day flashed through his mind.

Ye Susu’s smile, Ye Susu’s gentle words, Ye Susu helping him put on his shoe covers, Ye Susu apologizing with him again.

A moment later Ye Xun opened his grape-black eyes again and rolled over on his side to sit up.

With the moonlight lighting up the room, he lifted his little hand on the tip of his nose for a gentle sniff.

It didn’t take long for him to pout his cheeks in frustration.

The fragrance of Ye Susu’s body could no longer be smelled.

When he showered, he was very careful that he did not even used body wash.

But the smell was still washed off.

She usually doesn’t want to get closed to him while they were outside, but when they went to that uncle’s house she held his hand for a long time.

The last time she was close to him was they spent their new year at grandmas’.

She seemed happy that time, teaching him numbers while counting the New Year’s money he received.

On the evening train ride home, she took his hand for the second time.

Ye Xun lowered his head and hugged his knees, rubbing the quilt with the tip of his nose.

When she was in a good mood, she would allow him to be close to him.

If wishing on the moon works, then he wanted his mommy to be in a good mood every day.

The little alarm clock next to the bed, sounded seconds after his deeps thought.

He shivered in cold air, and busied himself as he shrink under the covers and laid down again.


For that to happened let’s start going to bed earlier starting today.

That night he decided that in the future, he would get up early and do a little work for his mommy.

Thinking that her mood, perhaps would be as good as it was today.

With this in his mind, Ye Xun closed his eyes tightly never daring to open them anymore.

Soon his breathing became smooth.

While Ye Susu who had turned to the living room tried to minimize the sound of her hands and feet as much as possible.

She stood on tiptoe and walked with the pads of her front paws, the same as her cat step quietly afraid to wake up Ye Xun again.


shi guan1– shovel officer


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