Chapter 48

Shen Yan’s tone was slow as she leisurely said.

“I’ll take this money and I won’t be pretentious with you but I hope you’ll be more straightforward too Madam Meng.”

She Yan stood up after saying that and casually throw the 30 million check back, it slowly floated in mid-air and slowly fell on the table making Li Cuiyu’s expression change slightly.

Immediately afterwards, Li Cuiyu heard Shen Yan continue.

“You take this 30 million and let your son stay away from me. I don’t have him in my heart anymore.”

Li Cuiyu tilted her chin and looked at Shen Yan.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!”

With a puff Shen Yan laughed as she said with full of sarcasm.

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s good or bad so what can I do? Madam Meng just to tell you the more Meng Yi’an hate me the more guilt he will feel when he learns the truth, and the more he will make amends. This has nothing to do whether he like me, Shen Yan or not.”

This was Shen Yan’s bargaining chip on Li Cuiyu’s side. In her last life, Li Cuiyu hated Shen Yan. When Shen Yan had no place on Meng Yi’an’s heart then she would have no valued with Li Cuiyu.

However in this case, Li Cuiyu could not do anything to Shen Yan because she could not let Meng Yi’an know the truth about why Shen Yan leaved him in the first place.

She picked up her coat and put in on her shoulder, she then hold the corner of the coat with her hand and said.

“What happened in the beginning is not important to me anymore but if you want to do something then Madam Meng that thing will become important to me.”

Shen Yan walked out but not long after before she could get out of the café, Li Cuiyu said.

“Who do you think you are talking about bargaining chips with me?!”

Shen Yan didn’t even turned around and leisurely continued walking forward.

It was useless to talk, she had bargaining chip after all.

“Shen Yan!”

“Madam Meng better not do something that hurt the enemy eight hundred times and end up hurting yourself a thousand instead.”

It doesn’t really matter if Shen Yan took the 30 million today but taking that money was like admitting that the things she did in her last life were things that could be solved with 30 million.

If so, how ridiculous it would be?

Then it would looked like she end up like that in her previous life because she did not take the money in her previous, if that was not ridiculous then what would that be called?

Li Cuiyu took the check and tore it into pieces, she then looked at Shen Yan who was waiting for a taxi outside through the glass window and said.

“Okay, I will let you come over and then beg me to leave Meng Yi’an.”

At first she was really confused, but then she come up with this idea. Just like before if Shen Yan and Meng Yi’an didn’t have an interaction it would not be a good thing.

This could be a good move.

Li Cuiyu didn’t not expect that Shen Yan who was willing to do everything for Meng Yi’an could now say she didn’t have Meng Yi’an in her heart.

Could it be that Shen Yan didn’t let Meng Yi’an completely hate her this time because of what Meng Yi’an did, so she no longer has feelings for Meng Yi’an otherwise how could she be so free and carefree?

What Li Cuiyu could never thought was the fact that Shen Yan was reborn.

When going back to the Meng family, Li Cuiyu did not say a word on the way. After arriving at the mansion and she didn’t even speak to the aunt who helped her with her coat just like she usually does.

Aunt Qian of the Meng family had taken care of Li Cuiyu for many years so she asked directly.

“Madam, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s Shen Yan. I just don’t know if what happen was good or bad, after asking her to take the 30 million nothing exactly happened in fact she took the money but after that she give it back to me saying let Yi’an stay away from her in the future! She isn’t looking at her status at all!”

After exasperatedly saying, Li Cuiyu took a sip of the tea.

“She also told me not to do something that would hurt the enemy eight hundred time and end up hurting myself one thousand times.”

Aunt Qian didn’t expect that this was what Li Cuiyu was bothered about, she hurriedly blinked to Li Cuiyu who immediately understood her and shut her mouth.

She asked in whisper.

“Is he at home?”


Just as the two people finished talking, Meng Heng came down from the stairs.

“What hurting the enemy eight hundred times and losing one thousand time ah? And what Shen Yan? What is going on?”

Li Cuiyu hurriedly said.

“It’s Shen Yan and it’s Yi An. That girl has been pestering Yi An so I went to give her money to leave Yi’an alone but she….she bullied me.”

Meng Heng was wearing a casual clothes looking like gentleman.

“I thought you just had something to say to Shen Yan? Also Yi’an know what he was doing, do not worry.”

Li Cuiyu hmmed and did not speak.

When Meng Heng has gone back, Li Cuiyu then asked Aunt Qian.

“What to do ah? She really thinks I can’t do anything with her so she has no fear.”

“But Madam you really couldn’t dare to touch her.”

Li Cuiyu: “……”

After a long time, Li Cuiyu said.

“Aunt Qian can you not be so blunt next time.”

“Yes Madam.”

Not a moment later, Meng Heng came downstairs again.

“If you are free these days, you can go to the antique store auction with me to see if we can find the painting. It has handed down by our Meng family and was painted by our ancestor but when the old man started his business he needed money so he sell it. Now he has been thinking of that painting.”

The Meng family went ups and down before they could stand where they were now. Back then, at Old Patriarch time he badly needed a money and could only sell their ancestral painting.

Originally he wanted to buy it back after making money but when he went to the person who he sold the painting it was already sold to someone else.

For other’s that painting was just an antique with the seal of a famous person on it but for the Meng family it was handed down by their ancestor.

Li Cuiyu had different impression on this, how could they find this painting? After all Old Patriarch has been looking for it since he has stabilized the foundation of the Meng family but up until now it hasn’t been found.

How could they just find it by going to antiques shops and auction houses several times?

But although this was what she thinks, Li Cuiyu still obeyed and said yes.

When Meng Heng once again went back, she said her inner thoughts.

“Forget it, I could go to the auction house and see any gift for the old man.”

Old Patriarch’s was about to celebrate his birthday, before that Li Cuiyu wanted to buy something as her gift but now that Meng Heng asked her to go to the antique stores and auctions if luckily find the painting of the Meng family she could give this as a gift.

Going back to their topic, Li Cuiyu still feel anxious. She really did made a bad move, so now she could not even move Shen Yan as one of her chess piece.

“Aunt Qian, you said Shen Yan….”

Speaking up to this, she paused.

“Madam, Shen Yan has her bargaining chip against you, so even if you are angry you can’t do anything to Shen Yan.”

“Go busy yourself…”

“Yes madam.”


Shen Yan went back to her hotel and since Cheng You canceled her contract Shen Yan was now the only person living in the room. She washed up and intended to go to sleep but before she lay on her bed, Zhou Ruo called Shen Yan.

“Today Wang Peng.. hahahah.. Whenever I think of Wang Pen I just want to laugh.”

Today was the day Wang Peng greeted the employee at their company with “good morning” and “you work hard”, several people looked at Wang Peng as he was mentally handicapped.

Zhou Ruo called Shen Yan not only because of this matter but also because Shen Yan’s participation in Xianlu audition casting.

“Today Zheng Rou is also in the company, I saw that she had some dark circles under her eyes so I asked her if she didn’t sleep well. You know what she said?”

“She said that Wang Peng asked her to copy the Xianlu novel! They were really serious! I think you also need to memorize the whole text to win against Zhou Rou ah.”

Shen Yan: “…..”

What was her agent thinking? Memorize the whole text?

Is she crazy?

“Sister Zhou I haven’t finished reading it yet I’ll read it first then wait for the day before Xianlu starts and contact me again.”

After saying that Shen Yan quickly hung up the phone.

Copy everything.

Her agent’s idea makes people overwhelmed.

How long would it take her to memorize everything down?

At this moment Wang Peng who came to Zhou Ruo’s office to look for Zhou Rou had a strange expression, he then hurriedly ran to find Zheng Ruo.

Zheng Rou was still writing Xianlu with her dark circles under her eyes when she saw her agent coming over. She asked.

“Is it time to go back?”

She was waiting for Wang Peng to finished his work and then send her back.

“No more writing, no more writing.”

Instantly Zheng Rou’s expression brightened up, she was even more excited than when she was eating chicken legs.

“I don’t have to write?”

“That’s not exactly right, I mean you memorize it!”

Gulping Zheng Rou stammered.


“Just now Zhou Ruo called Shen Yan and told Shen Yan to memorize the novel, I think since Shen Yan could memorize then you can also do it although I think it’s kinda impossible…. But we cannot lose ah.”

“Besides even if you are eliminated, when the host ask you, just answer that you work hard and even memorize the whole novel!”

The more Wang Peng thought about it, the more he felt it was more reasonable.


“You can memorize the scenes that other likes to read. I’m much better than Zhou Ruo so I won’t let you memorize everything.”



This was her own agent, he was just doing it for her own good also her agent has a point.

Besides, doesn’t Shen Yan also need to memorize it?

With this in mind, Zheng Rou felt better and gritted her teeth as she said.


Wang Peng said.

“Good, memorize it well when I am not busy I will write a script for you and if you get eliminated you read everything according to the script I made and if you win still read according to the script.”


Shen Yan lay on her bed as she looked at the stock, this time the stock of Chen’s was almost stabilized and would not rise much as before so it was time to sold them but it was not enough for her to be a shareholder of that company.

After thinking for a long time, Shen Yan laughed.

How could she forget, antiques!

Shen Yan remembered that she happened to see an antique market where the auctioneer bought their items then auctioned it. She remembered that it was a vase, which Shen Yan later saw at an auction and one of the hot search in Weibo.

She could go and check if she could buy then that could be good but it she couldn’t buy it then forget it.

But since she has no time recently, Shen Yan could only wait for a few days to go.

Shen Yan had more shots for a few more scenes on the set of Life Together, just in time for Shen Yan’s character to die before the Xianlu audition casting.

After the shoot, Zhou Ruo came to pick up Shen Yan one day ahead of time and returned to the city. Recently the artist Zhou Ruo were managing said that she was intending to promote Shen Yan, just like Zheng Shuhao who she was managing that was already famous.

They all envy Shen Yan but couldn’t say anything, after all they don’t have Shen Yan’s strength.

Shen Yan has no friends and was not familiar with the Life Together crew, besides Zhang Xiao who occasionally say a few words to Shen Yan, so goes straight back to the hotel and pack her things.

Though for Shen Yan the only reason Zhang Xiao was a little closer to her was because of what she witness between her and Meng Yi’an.

And for the staff of Life Together, although the actors know that she it was her last scene today they do not need to curry favor so they didn’t take the initiative to send her off and since they only have acting relationship.

When Shen Yan got into the nanny car, she asked.

“Where will be the show recorded tomorrow?”

“Still the same place where they recorded last time, I just do know what will be topic or what you are going to compete this time.”

Speaking of this, Zhou Ruo smiled.

“The program team is a little interesting, they really wouldn’t say anything and want to make the contestant play live.”



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