Chapter 34

Xue Jiayue have a good figure, her skin was fair and tender. She looked beautiful and attractive especially after taking a bath, even loose pajamas couldn’t hide her good figure.

Right at this moment, two pair of eyes were looking on different direction as the awkwardness envelops their surroundings. Even when they accidentally met each other eyes, they would immediately move away from their line of sight.

It was late at night, as the time was ticking away the moonlight shined through the open window.

After the tossing, they were both tired and sleepy and would like to find a place to lie flat and fall asleep.

If nothing had happened earlier, maybe the two people could still discuss how to sleep but now—it was hard to say anything.

Finally it was Xu Yanwen who broke the silence between the two and said.

“You take a nap.”

He was referring to let Xue Jiayue sleep on the bed.

Xue Jiayue glanced at him and the corners of her mouth twitched just before she could speak, Xu Yanwen had already made his decision.

“I’ll just lay on the chair next to me for a while.”

Xu Yanwen walked over and sat in the lounge chair place by the window, intending to just settle down for a while.

When Xue Jiayue saw him like this, she couldn’t say anything else and just moved her slender legs to go over and lie down on the bed silently.

With her brain still in disarray, Xue Jiayue lay on the bed. She thought she would not be able to sleep but unexpectedly since she was so tired that she quickly soon asleep and dreamed.

Inside the dream was very chaotic and messy, Xue Jiayue had been sleeping drowsily and hazily felt as if someone was stroking her forehead and whispering something to her but she didn’t hear it.

When she woke up, Xue Jiayue did not remember what she had dreamed, her head was vaguely aching and blank.

She sat up from the bed just in time to see the person on the opposite side, the tall and long legged Xu Yanwen.

He was still sitting against the lounge chair, his eyes were closed and seemingly asleep.

This night was difficult for him, it was also not easy for him and even if there were much easier way he would not and did not do it.

Xue Jiayue got up from the bed, walked over and wanted to ask Xu Yanwen to lie down on the bed.

After getting closer, Xue Jiayue only found that Xu Yanwen’s face was not looking good. She quickly reached out and pushed him.

“Xu Yanwen….”

Xu Yanwen slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her, his voice was hoarse as he said.

“You’re awake.”

“You go to bed and sleep.”

It was too hard for Xue Jiayue to see him sitting on the lounge chair like this.

Xu Yanwen answered “yes”, then stood up. He only took two steps when he fell on the ground with a thud.

“Xu Yanwen!”

Xue Jiayue was startled and hurriedly went up to help him up.

“Are you okay?”

Xue Jiayue asked with concern.

“My head is a little dizzy.”

Xu Yanwen propped his hand on his forehead and frowned uncomfortably.

Xue Jiayue looked at his face and it was not looking good, remembering that he was drenched in cold water for a long time.

She reached out to touch his forehead, it was too hot that she could fried eggs.

“You have a fever.”

Xue Jiayue picked up his arm and said.

“I’ll help you go to bed and lie down.”


Xu Yanwen got up by with Xue Jiayue’s help, they walked towards the bed and sat down. He said to Xua Jiayue.

“Thank you.”

“You sleep for a while.”

It was hard for Xue Jiayue to see him sick.

Xu Yanwen nodded, got up and took off his jacket to lie down on the bed.

Xue Jiayue saw him closed his eyes and frowned slightly and knew that the fever was high so she got up and went to the bathroom, took the handkerchief to wet and twist to dry before putting the it on his forehead to make him feel better.

After doing this, Xue Jiayue went to the door again and tried to hold the door handle see if she could open the door, and did not expect it opened.

When the door opened, Xue Jiayue was still stunned. When was the door opened? Dared to toss her and Xu Yanwen in the room all night to be tormented?

Thinking of the nights’ even, she felt uncomfortable.

Xue Jiayue felt stuffy and really uncomfortable!

After a while, Xue Jiayue went to see Elder Xu and told him that Xu Yanwen was sick and had a fever that seemed serious.

When Elder Xu heard this, he followed worriedly and hurriedly called someone to call Dr. Yang to come over and take a look.

The phone call was made and Dr. Yang said he would come in half an hour.



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