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Chapter 9 (2)

The other end.

Jiang Yue dialed out a number.


Dialed again, the line was still busy.

As for Gu Xueyi’s end, after hanging up the call from Jan Changming, soon picked up a new call.

“Hello, Madam Yan I am President Yan’s secretary and I received a news that Mr. Jian will be visiting the Yan family tomorrow night. If it’s convenient, please bring me to attend with you, madam.”

Gu Xueyi immediately realized that the identity of this Mr. Jian Changming was obviously not very ordinary.

Her understanding of this world was not enough after all. Gu Xueyi did not intend to be trusting but did not hesitate to comply with the secretary’s request.

But these two phone calls seems to be just the beginning. The phone that had just been put down rang again immediately afterwards.


This time a gentle female voice came from the other end of the line which should be around 40 or 50 years old. She paused and said.

“It’s mom.”

It turns out that the original owner had parents.

Gu Xueyi only then with difficulty pulled out from the memory about the original owner, of this cannon fodder girl’s parents’ brief introduction—

Gu Xuemin who started out selling teaching material later opened a branch factory in charge of women’s clothing export business, and later established his own brand. The Gu family was finally among the ranks of the ‘rich’.

Zhang Xin, Gu Xueming’s second wife, married Gu Xueming right after graduating from college. Unemployed.

Gu Xueyi silently digested the information while answering the other end of the phone.


Hearing Gu Xueyi’s voice, the person on the other end seems to get some kind of encouragement and immediately smiled softly, asking.

“Mr. Jian is going to visit tomorrow, isn’t he? You are alone at the Yan villa, your father is worried that you can’t hold up the scene that’s why he asked me to call and asked if you need mom and dad to come and stay by your side. You shouldn’t worry….”

“No need.”

Before the other line could finished speaking she was cut off.

“Don’t be too willful, how can you handle it alone?”

“We are family, so why bother say those things?”

“Did President Yan’s secretary contact you as well? I think we can do it, that secretary doesn’t have to come. President Yan disappeared recently and his secretaries are all very busy….”

While talking on the phone, they didn’t even mention Yan Chao’s name directly.


Gu Xueyi hung up the phone directly.

She was born in a general family, and her upbringing was different from that of other noble ladies. Her parents and uncles demand that all the children in the family, male and female have the ability to carry out decisively, firm and unshakable will and has it’s own thinking.

Because once they lose these, if one day they go to the battlefield they could shake the morale of the army, lose the battle, lose the city and harmed people….

And now, Gu Xueyi was not prepared to waste time fighting a war of words with the original owner’s parents.

Hanging up the phone come most succinctly and powerfully.

After that, Mother Gu made a few more phone calls, all which hung up by Gu Xueyi.

Just at this time, the voice of the maid outside the door sounded.

“The fourth young master is back.”

Gu Xueyi pushed the phone away and paid no further attention.

The maid at the side understood and consciously took over for Gu Xueyi, responsible for hanging up those ‘unnecessary’ phone calls.

The face of Yan Wenbo couldn’t be distinguish between happiness and anger. He walked slowly still carrying the thermos in his hand, as soon as his eyes glance at Gu Xueyi’s appearance his steps stopped abruptly.

She was dressed with more touch of gentleness and girly as if she had just come out of a painting.

Seems like a completely different person than the once carrying the belt the other day. But it was the same person as the one who bought the food.

Yan Wenbo licked his lips and suppressing the instinct that he couldn’t help but want to look.

He turned his head anxiously but soon sensed a different atmosphere in the villa.

“Is something wrong?”

Instead of answering his question, Gu Xueyi asked rhetorically.

“Did you eat everything?”

Yan Wenbo: “….”

Yan Wenbo’s fingers clenched tighter.


“Oh then have the chef make you a little less next time.”

The conversation between the two seemed calm and homely as if it was really just an ordinary, caring inquiry between family members.

The inverted thorns on Yan Wenbo’s body seemed to have smoothed again.

Even that invisible anxiety was relieved.

Yan Wenbo instinctively carried the thermos and headed upstairs, waiting to step up a few steps before he tensed his face and clenched his fingers saying.

“….the pork meat balls are good.”

“Thank You.”

The latter sound was so soft it was almost inaudible.

Gu Xueyi did not feel that there was anything special about such action.

She would have let food be sent there just as much if Yan Wenjia was also in school.

This was the rule that the Gu family and the later Sheng family had. They were strict with their children’s studies and disposition but it doesn’t mean that in such big family there was no warmth at all. On the contrary, they were very caring.

Gu Xueyi’s grandfather once said, if the clan’s children could not even care about family affection the future not to mention great loyalty and righteousness? When they go to war, his afraid they would be selfish, cold-blooded deserter or stupid generals.

So, the Gu family including the Sheng family would always care from the trivial things so that the children of the clan could feel the care and attention of the family.

Gu Xueyi casually asked one of the maids.

“In which room is Yan Wenjia?”

“Second floor, turn left then the room at the end.”

Gu Xueyi nodded her head, remembered it by heart and then slowly walked upstairs.


The next day, the plane Jian Changming flight landed at the airport.

Both Cao Jiaye and Jian Rui went and waited to the airport to pick them up.

“Uncle is going to the Yang’s house? Is it because of the disappearance of Yan Wenjia?”

Jian Rui took the initiative to go forward and take over the luggage.

“Yan Wenjia is not missing.”

Jiang Changming said indifferently.

“Huh? Is that so? Wasn’t there a lot of commotion on the set?”

Jian Changming has no intention to explain more.

Jian Rui was familiar with his nature, and does not ask more questions.

And just turned to another topic.

“Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve seen Gu Xueyi yet.”

Jian Changming said lightly.

“Not a pleasant person.”


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