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Chapter 9 (1)

The shopping mall near the film and television site was not large and the price level varies. Gu Xueyi entered the store and picked the clothes near the door and did not go further.

The mannequin model was wearing long gingerbread-colored dress with purple wave collar around the neckline.

Gu Xueyi raised her hand and touched the fabric.

The fabric was very soft.

She turned her head to the salesperson.

“Just this one, wrap it up.”

The salesperson froze in place.

It was the first time she met someone who brought so many people with and just bought one clothes.

Yes, she knew that next door was the film and television site. But those who have brought so many assistant and bodyguards with them won’t come here at all. Those people prefer to drive dozens of kilometers away to sweep the goods with high quality.

“You are not selling it?’

“….We are, we are, we are!”

Gu Xueyi had just learned how to swipe her card and withdrew cash from her bank card. In order to be more proficient in using these skills, she turned her head and asks.

“Can I swipe my card?”


Gu Xueyi also did not ask the price, and quickly finished swiping her card and quickly completed the payment and signature. She then took the clothes and the newly purchased disposable underwear to the small hotel next door.

After taking a hot shower and changing out her wet clothes, Gu Xueyi felt more comfortable.

It seems that next time, she must not jump into the water hastily, wet clothes were uncomfortable.

Gu Xueyi frowned slightly and walked out.

This was the first time she has walked outside the streets since she came to this era.

She silently took in everything around her, drawing on the knowledge that belong to this era. Along the way….Lee’s Hot and Spicy, 72 Convenience Store, Mamma’s Hot and Sour, Italian Ice Cream…..

In the distant other half of the earth.

The phone keeps vibrating and new text messages keep coming in.

[Your card number ending with **** October 12 15:30 quick payment spending 12.00 yuan…..]

[…..Quick Pay Out 33.00 yuan]

String after string of fragmented numbers.

The dimness of the surrounding was illuminated by the cellphone light again and again.

The man with a shaved head wearing a bulletproof vest, stared at the phone screen and carefully analyze.


Someone next to him kicked him.

“You talk nonsense. Who can steal the boss’s card?”

“Then what else could it be?”

“….Who the hell knows.”

A hand slanted out from behind a simple cloth curtain, was distinctly thin, the wrist was white, and the shape of the veins on it was clearly visible.

He grabbed the phone, browsed through it silently and then casually tossed it aside.

Half an hour later, Gu Xueyi finished walking through the street.

She thought it was so interesting and wanted to get out more in the future. She was more and more able to feel the beauty of this world.

The people following behind her, instead looked a bit trance at the cone she was holding.

The strawberry-flavored tip on top was extraordinary powdery.

When Gu Xueyi lowered her head to bite, the her collar was blown by the wind and rolled up, even her hair was flying. The overwhelming aura brought by the strong wind faded in an instant just like a wind passing by as if she was like a girl again.

When Yan Wenjia took off his costume and came out, what he saw was this scene.

She hasn’t left yet?

Yan Wenjia’s steps lurched.

Gu Xueyi vaguely sensed something.

She was too sensitive to human gaze.

Gu Xueyi looked up to meet Yan Wenjia’s gaze.

“Have you finished shooting today?”

“Finished shooting!”

Director Li hurriedly said from the side.

If Wenjia could cooperate like this every say, the film would definitely move forward at a very fast pace!

Yan Wenjia moved his lips.

He was finished shooting, but she didn’t even looked at it. Yan Wenjia has never worked so hard before and as a result, he ended up selling himself to the blind.

“Then get in the car.”

Gu Xueyi did not pause at all.

Yan Wenjia did refute a sound and just stride towards the Cadillac parked outside the set, then pulled open the door and sat inside.

Everyone who witness this was stunned.

When Gu Xueyi visited the site, they began to think that she was coming to find Jiang Meng for trouble but instead she came to find Yan Wenjia! So question was, what was the relationship between Gu Xueyi and Yan Wenjia?

She just went to get the person back but when they arrived, they were both wet.

Yan Wenjia was unlikely to be Gu Xueyi’s younger brother, right?

No, they don’t look alike at all.

They were inwardly speechless.

This Yan family couldn’t be cuckolding each other, right?

Gu Xueyi wanted to understand Yan Wenjia more. Yan Wenjia also wanted to know what happened to the Yan family, and how was it Gu Xueyi’s turn to find him? And why does Gu Xueyi changed so much……….

Two people with different motive, but the purpose was the same. They arrived that the Yan villa unharmed all the way.

“Mr. Jian has returned to the capital.”

The maid bowed and said.

Mr. Jian?

What Mr. Jian?

Gu Xueyi was not was able to search for relevant and detailed information from the original owner’s memory. Even when she recalled the plot of the book, this character seems to be rarely mention.

Gu Xueyi turned her head to look at Yan Wenjia.

Yan Wenjia slightly avoided her gaze and answered lightly.

“It seems to be my elder brother’s friend.”

Gu Xueyi nodded her head and mentally had a certain perception of this person’s position.

Although Yan Wenjia was rarely home, his room in the Yan family was always there. He went straight upstairs.

Gu Xueyi swept a glance, and did not make a sound to stop him.

Soon, a call was made to the Yan family’s villa.

Gu Xueyi picked up, and polite female voice came over the other end of the line.

“Hello, this is Mr. Jian Changming’s secretary, Xue Lin. Tomorrow night Mr. Jian will bring Ms. Jan Rui to visit your house, would it be convenient for you?”

After a slight hesitation, Gu Xueyi made a quick judgement.


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