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Chapter 47

Zhang Xiao knows about Shen Yan and Chen Yu, she thinks that Shen Yan was a good person and wanted to help them if they couldn’t solve the problem. This could also be giving her a favor and thank her for her goodness.

And she who was scolded by the director sat next to Shen Yan but did not inquire on what happened and just handed Shen Yan a bottle of water then went back to her nanny car.

Shen Yan on the other hand was thinking about the plot, Chen Lan would soon appear. The heroine was probably close to making her debut and then meeting Meng Yi’an, by then the plot was about to be unfold.

With this thinking Shen Yan feels that she Xianlu opportunity may be more important to her than before, because no one would do anything to her career by then.

At Meng’s Group.

“Madam, President Meng has gone to a meeting and probably will not be back for another half hour.”

Assistant Wu told Li Cuiyu in a sincere tone while following her behind.

“Would you like some coffee?”

Li Cuiyu’s family background was not bad to be compared to the Meng Group, before she got married she was already the daughter of a rich family.

After she got married, she was now the rich family’s daughter-in-law and wife therefore she always look elegant, and with her high heels she even appear to be more beautiful and youthful.


After answering Assitant Wu, she happened to stand at the door of Meng Yi’an’s office. Assistant Wu hurriedly open the door and immediately ran back to make coffee for Li Cuiyu .

Li Cuiyu sat down on the sofa and saw on the coffee table the tablet control, she casually took it and turn on the TV to catch up on shows while waiting for Meng Yi’an and once she pressed the buttons, Li Cuiyu’s expression slightly changed.

Meng Yi’an is watching Shen Yan in the show?

Li Cuiyu was not interested in the entertainment circle, and she doesn’t use her weibo that much so she doesn’t know Shen Yan participated in the audition draft of Xianlu and even got into hot search because she rank first in the competition.

After putting the tablet back, Li Cuiyu frowned she doesn’t really care if Shen Yan participates in any programs or how she does in the entertainment industry what she cared was if Meng Yi’an still liked Shen Yan.

As he was thinking about it when Assitant Wu came in with the coffee. He smiled and said.

“Madam your coffee is ready.”

She just nodded and did not speak.

Meng Yi’an need to find a wife who could help him, not a wife who he needed his help. Just like how he and Meng Yi’an father was, they were now living well together. She wanted Meng Yi’an and his sister to have this kind of life as well.

Previously, Li Cuiyu’s intention was to let Meng Yi’an mistakenly think that Shen Yan wanted to get back because Meng Yi’an was now someone influential, with this Meng Yi’an would hate Shen Yan, but now it seems that Meng Yi’an was more interested in her than before.

Li Cuiyu asked.

“Has you president Meng been busy lately?”

Assistant Wu said with a smile.

“Still those schedule, he was still quite busy anyway it’s all about work.”

He understands who pays his salary, so of course he won’t say anything to Li Cuiyu.

Li Cuiyu waited for Meng Yi’an’s office for a while before the latter came back.

Meng Yi’an threw his glasses on the table and pinched his nose before saying.

“I was in a meeting.”

Li Cuiyu smiled not minding how long she waited and said.

“I’ve come to see you. You’ve lost some weight, visit home and have dinner with us these days. Since you are busy I’ll go back first.”

Meng Yi’an said.

“Okay, I’ll have Assistant Wu send you back.”

“No need, the driver is downstairs.”

When Li Cuiyu went out, Meng Yi’an sat down and his eyes narrowed slightly he thought Li Cuiyu came to see him for a blind date but she didn’t mention anything this time.

On the other hand, after Li Cuiyu got into her car her face sank immediately. She took her phone and found Shen Yan’s number and dialed it directly.

Shen Yan looked at the name on the phone and was flabbergasted seeing Li Cuiyu calling her.

In her previous life, Li Cuiyu said she would give Shen Yan and Meng Yi’a a test. If Meng Yi’an would get back together with her without knowing that Shen Yan was in trouble that’s why she left Meng Yi’an then Li Cuiyu would agree to let Meng Yi’an marry her.

But if she told Meng Yi’an the reason why she leaved him, then Meng family would not accept Shen Yan.

It was because of Li Cuiyu that Shen Yan has become a profit-oriented person in Meng Yi’an’s heart.

After thinking about it, Shen Yan answered the call.


“Do you have time to chat about you and Yi’an?”

Three hours later.

Inside a café near the filming site, Shen Yan stirred her coffee with a spoon as she tried to see what Li Cuiyu wanted to do again.

Although Li Cuiyu hated Shen Yan, she was still on time. Shen Yan thought that she might have a stop watched with her as she entered the café at the last second of their appointed time.

Before sitting down, Li Cuiyu put a check on top of the table in front of Shen Yan, she swept a glance and it was 30 million.

Li Cuiyu said as she sat down.

“Yi’an doesn’t have you in his heart anymore, so my previous agreement with you ends here. But since you were with Yi’an when he was in trouble, this check if for you.”

Shen Yan’s expression didn’t change throughout the whole ordeal.

“What else?”

“Don’t have any interaction with Yi’an in the future.”

What worries Li Cuiyu right now was Meng Yi’an would really want to be with Shen Yan.

Thirty million…

Shen Yan lowered her eyes and gave a smile, she then reached out and took the check on the table as she propped up her elbow on the table and her index finger and middle finger holds the check. Her eyes were also sparkling like a startlight.

“Madam Meng, are you done? Then it’s my time to say what I think.”



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