Chapter 12

Qin Zhang was so frightened that he sweated bullet, and wasn’t able to resist taking a bottle of water to slow down his fast beating heart.

“Tang Tang you are awesome, and calmer than me. That scared me to death just now, I feel like I can’t eat tomorrow.”

The naïve also nodded.

“En-en, you’re so smart. I couldn’t react at all.”

Yan Zhen also knew that his temper was too bad, and awkwardly apologized.

“I’m sorry for what happened before.”

“…..It’s okay. It’s just I’ve also seen some movies before and have a little impression.”

Tang Tang was a little guilty with their praise.

The description of the zombies and what to do with those zombie were all came from the system.

“The perfume may be dry out soon, we have to be ready to sprinkle new ones at any time.”

Tang Tang was afraid to hear any more compliments from them and hurriedly pull away from the topic.

Jiang Zhu then said.

“I’ll be on duty tonight, you all go and rest first.”

After that, he dragged Tang Tang’s wrist and pulled her to his bed. He himself went back to the chair at the table and sat down.

Now it was important to maintain physical strength, and the proposal to take turns on duty was quickly accepted. In addition to Jiang Zhu, the rest of the people ran back to rest.

Because there was no electricity, the original light that were lightning the whole room were now all turned off leaving only a small flashlight glowing a warm light.

But Tang Tang still couldn’t sleep.

If she wanted to leave tomorrow, should she just say so? Or should she stay silent and just open the door and walk away? Shouldn’t she put her equipment on first and then observe if there were any zombies outside the door? Otherwise, what if once the door opens zombies would come in.

She thought about it and turned over.

There was a clean and comforting smell coming out from the quilt.

Just as she smelled this comforting smell she suddenly heard a few strange sounds coming from below and immediately sat up in fright.

What happened??

A zombie came in!?

No way?

She didn’t hear the sound of the door and window being broken open, did she?

Tang Tang was immediately awake, too awake that she couldn’t help but sit down.

She turned on the light on her phone and with the light from the small flashlight below, she lowered her head to look.

In the end she did not find any zombie but instead saw Jiang Zhu lying on the table as if suffering from some pain. The strange sound she heard before could be the other party inadvertently leaked out when holding back.


What’s happening?

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Tang was not the only one who notice this situation, Yan Zhen who was also awake noticed the strange sound at this moment and heard the movement on Tang Tang’s side who was already climbing down of the bed as he asked.

As soon as the words were out his mouth, two other equally strange voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“Bang Bang! Clang! Aaargh! Bang!”

Tang Tang also heard it.

At that moment, he also hurriedly got off the bed.

The two took out large flashlights and searched for them one by one, sound by sound.

After looking every crook and cranny only to find that the sound were actually made by the people inside the room!

Jiang Zhu who was on duty was still conscious though he was lying on the table now, and was obviously uncomfortable.

The other two were different.

The two people who went to sleep did not seem to know what they were going through. They were just lying on the bed, curled up on their faces probably because they were in pain. Their head were full of sweat and they kept on hammering their head with their fist as they were going to knock their heads open.

Tang Tang was so scared that she couldn’t speak.

“Run, run!”

At this time, Jiang Zhu who had been holding back the severe pain, spoke up.

He stretched out a hand to tug Tang Tang’s sleeve and pushed her hard.


“Jiang Zhu? What’s wrong with you guys? You all….”

When Yan Zhen hear him talking he hurriedly ask.

Asking halfway through he suddenly paused and thought of a bad conclusion.

“No, it won’t… guys….won’t……”

He swallowed hard and couldn’t continue talking.

Jiang Zhu guessed what he meant, but he didn’t know what was wrong with him. He just felt severe pain in his head and his body was getting very hot like he was in fire but freezing at the same time. And by just moving a little bit he could feel a pain like he was dying.

He suspected that he might also turning into a mutant zombie.

“It’s possible, you guys go! Run!”

When he said this, he stopped and grabbed the fruit knife Tang Tang had bought before.

“No, don’t go out! Kill, kill me! Quick!”

The only two people who were awake and sane were shocked that they were completely speechless.

Tang Tang and Yan Zhen looked at each other.

There were both panic in each other’s eyes.

But then quickly calmed down.

The reason why Tang Tang calmed down was because she knows that Jiang Zhu was the male lead. How could the male lead turned into a zombie right at the beginning?

Then there was one possibility for this situation now.

The three of them were not turning into zombies but was awakening!

Tang Tang hurriedly recalled from the system about the symptoms awakening which was surprisingly very consistent with them!

She was immediately relieved.

When she was thinking about how to tell this news to Yan Zhen, she suddenly notice that Yan Zhen had taken the fruit knife in Jiang Zhu’s hand.


What is he doing!

Tang Tang almost thought that Yan Zhen was going to do what Jiang Zhu said but found that he took the knife and turned to ran into his bed. He directly pulled his quilt and raised his hand with the knife cutting several strips of cloth in a few swishes.

He tied those strips of cloth together.

Tang Tang looked at it him for a while and had a rough guess.

“Are you going to tie the three of them up?”


Yan Zhen said without looking at her.

Tang Tang thought about it and think that it could be a good temporary solution.

After all, it was highly likely that three of them were really awakening their psychic abilities and there was no way she could tell him directly.

Let alone whether Yan Zhen believe her or not, just from the fact why she knows all of these were already hard to explain.



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